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Advice on boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nerdofsteel, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Netrider folks,

    I'm very new to this (still waiting for my first bike to come back from it's roadworthy so that I can call it mine) and I'm still amassing my first complete set of gear.

    I have a fair idea of what helmet I'm buying, thanks largely to NR, and likewise for gloves & pants (draggins). I have a jacket already, but I am stuck with regard to boots.

    Right now I like the Thomas Cook X-Dayrider boots: they seem to have all the armor I'm worried about (shin and ankle) and they're cheap (~$155). I like that they don't look like space-suit boots, like the higher-end boots do.

    ...but I keep getting warned off plain-looking boots under the $200 mark by eager shop-assistants who want me to try on their favourite brand of space-suit-boots. The expensive boots always feel great, look horrible, and cost a bomb.

    Oh, yeah, the point. Ooops. :grin:

    1. Has anyone tried the Dayriders, in what ways, if any, do they suck?

    2. Can anyone recommend a beginners boot for under $200, and why?

    3. Why should my boots look like space armor and cost as much as my bike? Convince me.

  2. I like the RJays Tour AM Boots. I have the ladies one, but I believe they are much of a muchness. I *think* that RJays aren't a favourite brand, but don't really know why :?

    Anyhoo, they are $199, non space boots (Also not a fan of space boots or suits or anything else!), 100% leather, waterproof, windproof (no cold tootsies on winter mornings), have hard bits in all the right places, and have the little pad thing that protects them from the gear lever. They are also quite comfy to walk around in too.

    Am too lazy to look, but am sure they would be on the RJays website :)
  3. Oh, and if you are buying all your gear at once, don't be afraid to ask for a discount! I bought my pants, helmet, gloves & boots all at once (and they knew I had purchased my jacket a week before from the same store) and scored a 20% discount, bringing the boots down to $160 \:D/
  4. Yup, they are, but NR won't let me post URLs yet. Poot!

    I think I've seen them, although not tried them on yet. They look a lot like the dayrider boots, but if they're the ones I'm thinking of, they don't seem to include a gusset over the zipper. This makes me doubt their waterproofness.
  5. hahaha welcome to retail! :LOL:

    OK I got he A* gortex boots because I ride in winter and rain. Waterproof was a major issue for me. Cost $249 and they are great.

    But I am getting a pair of BMW sneaker boots fo more casual work.

    Depends on how much and when you are going to ride, th TC have a good rep.
  6. They have a folded leather bit under the zip, if that makes sense? Like when you open the zip, there is leather behind it that folds in on itself. Oh, and there is also a leather 'flap' that velcros shut over the zipper, but that in itself would only help to keep the water out, not be entirely waterproof on it's own methinks.

    I have only ridden in them in the rain once and my feet stayed 100% dry.... it wasn't a heavy downpour, but it was heavier than a drizzle also :)
  7. Sounds like a gusset, if I've understood the term rightly.

    Obviously I haven't seen these. Oooh!

    In case it's not obvious, I am every shop assistant's worst nightmare: I tend to try on every possible example of the thing I'm buying, from every shop in a five mile radius, twice, then decide I wanted something else anyway.[/quote]
  8. I tend to be every shop assitant's wet dream - I just buy what they tell me too, especially when it came to bike gear where I really didn't know what I was looking for :oops:

    Though at the end of the day, I ended up with a very expensive helmet, $400 pants, $500 jacket all which were her suggestions (wonder if they work on commission :? ), so the fact that she suggested the $200 boots made me figure that they can't be too crappy, otherwise she would have suggested something more expensive.
  9. well i've got the TC "space boots" the RACE. and i love them at first i could bearly change gear, but now i am use to them they are great value for 220. my only winge is that the zips can be a little fiddly. i survived the eden trip with only slightly wet feet.. they where the lest of my worries..

    the one thing i have leant when buying gear is to go one size smaller than you think as it will strech and to much space = air and cold.. in winter any way.

    good luck with the RWC and happy trails
  10. I bought Falco boots before ever taking the controls of a bike and after doing minor drops during training, fairly major crash on 1st bike, then bit of a slide on next bike, and a lotta kms... they're still going well!

    They're supposed to be waterproof, which they were for a while, but I get a smidge damp in heavy rain now. They have the basic armour, yet still boots I can wear with my work pants when I can't be stuffed changing shoes at work. They cost me $170.

    So yeah, they're not the same protection an race boots, but they've done well with what I've put them through.
  11. I have a pair of Falco's too and reckon they're pretty good :)
  12. I wear some more plain looking Rossi boots and they were recommended to me by the shop assistant.

    They were pretty hard before but now they are very confortable. They copped a bit of abuse in december when the car knocked me over but they still go strong.

    Here is the model


  13. There is a set of boots called xelement. Good value and under $200

    starider sell them online.
  14. Make sure they have good ankle and calf protection. As mentioned the Falco boot could be the boot for you on your budget.
  15. +1

    Had mine a couple of weeks, very comfy on and off the bike, and may I say they look miles better in the flesh (non-shiny). I actually wore these for a whole weekend with no discomfort at all.
  16. thomas cook have a seconds outlet at brandsmart in nunawading. its a lottery but they have bike boots there.
    there are good boots under $200. we bought agvsport and motodry touring boots for our first boots.
  17. I have a pair of Dririder Nordic boots:


    I find them really comfortable and they have the ankle and shin protection and i dont look like a mong in them with jeans / pants.
  18. I have a pair of the Dririder Nordic boots as well they are ok but are nowhere near as good as my Alpine* GSP3 that only cost $249 from PS on special. The GSP3 is made better and is alot warmer they are even ok in summer.
  19. The dririder Tourer boots look quite nice for $199.95

  20. semi hijack; is there any reason why a road rider cant wear motocross boots?