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Advice on beginner bike please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GemmaG, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Hi All
    I am new to netrider (and to riding) and do not yet own a bike. I have my L's and am going for my first lesson next week :)
    I am interested in mostly trail riding, and perhaps riding to work every now and then so I am planning to get a bike to meet these needs.
    Im only 165cm tall and 45kg so am struggling to find one that I can reach the floor while sitting and one that isnt too heavy. I sat on a KLX 150 the other day but I can only just touch the ground on one side when pretty much hanging off the bike while wearing boots.

    I am open to all recommendations for a suitable beginner bike and plan to go have a look at some bike shops this weekend to check out the different types. Any recommendations would be a great help!


  2. A lot of bikes can be lowered so that's something to ask about. If you plan on riding on road you probably want at least 25hp.
  3. I can't offer too much advice as to specific bikes. The only thing I can suggest is obviously sit on EVERYTHING you can until you find one that isn't too tall. Remembering seat width had as much to do with whether you can touch the ground as seat height.

    Not that it's really much help to you, but my wife is 164cm and has managed to comfortably ride the Tiger 800XC - but she's been riding for over a decade so was quite confident in the first place.
  4. Hi Gemma,
    As you are a light weight and want to do a bit of trail riding, I'd take a look at the Yamaha XT225 or the Yamaha XT250, both would meet your needs.
    Remember, don't spend to much coin on your first bike as your chances of dropping it a few times is pretty high and doubly high if you plan to trail ride.

    Just remembered the Kawasaki Sherpa 250 (KL250), these seem to get a good wrap as well, and will last the distance.
  5. For your weight I feel a 125 to 175 range would be fine. I was 120 Kgs, 186cm and rode a 175 2 stroke trail for a few years. It easily went every where I wanted to go, and was quite good on the road as a comuter. It was not overly tall but anything for predominantly off road will tend be. The DT175, then, was more of a compromise.
  6. welcome aboard :) as others have said sit on as many as possible
  7. Honda used to do a neat wee SL230, but I think that they stopped producing them a while back now.

    Dunno how hard it would be to find a decent one, Gemma, but it would probably suit your intended use.
  8. Most trail bikes have long suspension travels to soak up the bumps. They are therefore fairly tall as a rule so if this is the kind of bike you want then you may be snookered. I don't know that much about trail and dirt bikes, but there might be some enduro bike options which might suit. Good luck.
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  10. Gemma, ignore VC's silly postie bike suggestions. Cheers
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    download. They are good trail bikes.

    I dont think the xt has ever been a postie either.

    Is the ttr230 adr approved.? Cant remember

    Exc200 if you dont mind the smell of two stroke

    Er185 also

    Tw200 if you can find one that Deus hasnt hacked.

    I think the freeride is pretty short if you have the cash
  12. Yamaha quotes a seat height of 810mm for the XT250 compared to around 890mm for the offerings of Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki.
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    That's all you need. Too many riders fixate on having two feet on the ground. The advantage is you want a dual sport bike, they can take a nap without any drama. IT just requires you practice a little more coming to a stop before heading out onto the roads.

    Here is a good video to inspire you. And welcome Gemma (y)

  14. Similarly, ignore the Z50.

    They might well be fine for wee kids pottering around a paddock, but, on the road, you really seriously need to know what you are doing.

    Trust me, I had one for nearly thirty years as a road registered bike.
  15. She said that she was only going to ride it on the road seldom

    You guys just want to attack other peoples suggestions and make none yourself
  16. Hi VC, I'm not looking for an argument, but, I have actually suggested an SL230 in this thread.

    As for
    Believe me, with eight inch wheels, a Z50 isn't actually all that good at off-road stuff either.
  17. Suzuki Cycles - Product Lines - Cycles - Products - DR200S - 2015 - DR200S says 845mm but it is still a nice looking bike!

    The ag bikes have lower seats (and gearing) 820 mm for the AG200F | Yamaha Motor Australia

    Main consideration for being short would be to get a reliable electric start IMHO.
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  18. I agree about an electric starter, it's easier for everyone. But there is no reason why you can't use a kickstart whilst off the bike.