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Advice on ABS Suzuki bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by stepandy, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    Been riding GS500 F for about 2 years now and I am looking to upgrade.
    I am quite keen on something with ABS.
    Reason... I now have to commute every day to CBD in peak traffic. I found that car drivers on the way to CBD are more prone to sudden braking and if I leave enough space in front of the cars there is always someone trying to cut in. I find that GS500F does lack in braking capability and I know how to pulse brake.
    Anyhow... I am looking to get something with ABS. In Suzuki range there is 3 options: SV650SA, V Strom650 and Bandit 1250A.

    So, which one?

    I went to my local Suzuki dealer and I and fell that SV 650 is too forward, they didn't have V Stroms in stock and they let me sit on a Bandit.
    My thoughts, Bandit is heavy on paper, built for cruising and is most expensive option.
    SV 650 could be fun, is lighter and is easer on fuel compared to Bandit.
    Don't have any thoughts about V Strom.

    Any advice is appreciated.
  2. Hey Andy.

    I don't know why you're considering a bigass heavy bandit for alot of cbd riding, not the right decision if thats your intended usage.

    Both the SV and the DL are far more suited. Personally I'd say go for the SV unless you're interested in some light adventure riding or highway touring, as it is superior on the road IMO.

    You looking at the SV650s or the SV650? The s might be a little sporty for city only.. but I take mine into the city every day with no issues at all, but often on the way home my back wishes I had the naked version for the higher bars. Ride both and decide whats best for you.
  3. If you're commuting in Bris the Bandit wont be a problem and much more comfortable on any tour than the SV.
    In absolute stop start work you will feel the bandit if you are less than average size but honestly its 240kg wet and there are a lot of heavier bikes commuted on than that.
    You wont need to change gears to often either.
    The only down side is you can only get the B1250 ABS in grey.

    PM for more info and ignore peeps who have not ridden one :wink:
  4. Indeed. Australia always gets "if you want this really good option we'll only let you have the really 'meh' colour" thing for motorcycles.
  5. Next time you're in the area let me have a try :D All I know is that every big cc bike is an absolute pig in stop and start traffic, especially when its hot and especially if its faired.
  6. :LOL: Which makes more sense than your original reply phiz.
    Kg for Kg you would be correct but its the "other use" for one bike garages where any bike is a compromise.

    OP Bandits carry their weight very well. I suggest you throw your leg over one and the new CB1000 as well.
  7. I would have thought that Suzuki might have brought out an ABS version of the GSX650F by now.
  8. The SV650A has conventional clamped tube type handlebars so its an easy job to fit higher or differently shaped ones or risers if they are still too low.
  9. Thanks for the advice.
    I am leaning towards sv650sa with higher handlebars.
    However, 1250 bandit sounds like a lot of bike for not much more money.
    I found new sv for $9000 and bandit for 11,000 (both abs)
    My concern is that bandit will use a lot more juice in daily traffic compared to sv.
    Decisions, decisions
  10. You'll get mid 5's/100km out of the Bandit commuting and low 5's touring.
    I'm not sure how that compares to the SV but over a year it wont ad up to much of a difference and you'll have the benefit of a bike that can be hustled in twisties and a great vibe free long distance sports tourer when it's needed.
  11. Placed a deposit on Bandit.

  12. Congrats. I should be on commission :)
  13. Congrats, the new naked bandit looks great. Enjoy!
  14. Picked up the Bandit on Saturday (two days ago).
    First impressions: wow!
    The bike is very comfortable, very powerful, very fast and easy to handle in the traffic.
    However, I would say, do not choose it as your first bike. Being a heavy bike, 240 kg or so, it is not easy to handle in situations like parking.
    It is surprisingly nimble in traffic.
    One thing that surprised my is the amount of heat the engine is generating. On GS500, I didn't feel any heat what so ever whereas Bandit is a heat generating power plant.

    Brakes are great. Gearbox is great. One thing though, putting into 1st, it does it with a bit of a clunk.
    But otherwise ... I love it
  15. Congrats!
    but of course you know!

  16. Will post it shortly


  17. Don't pussyfoot around with the shifter mate. Be firm and precise and first is not a problem.
    As for the heat you'll feel it when the fan kicks in but that should be all. In fact on a cool morning in traffic the warm sensation on your lower legs and knees feels like you have gone back to 2 years old! :LOL: :LOL:
    And don't touch the exhaust can for at least 30 mins after riding.....................