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Advice on a trip to Tassie

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Mithrel, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Looking to do a 3-4 day trip around Tassie over the easter long weekend. Friend and myself have just gotten new ZX14's and we're looking to take them out for a nice ride.

    Any places we should definately take in (including tourist spots) or places we should avoid?

    Also some advice or experiences on the Spirit of Tasmania would be great.
  2. Heya Mithrel,

    Firstly.. Nice ride, mate. Love the 14's.

    I just did 8 days in Tassie in Feb, on a ZZR250. I did a full write up in the touring section.

    Linky: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=32589

    Have a look, and note the tip: Book a cabin! :grin:

  3. Hot!

    OK, there are tonnes of boring spots, but I highly recommend staying near Port Arthur and doing the ghost-tour there at night.

    I think most of your entertainment will come from the roads :)

    PM Jafu - he did Tassie fairly recently and could probably recommend some twisty bits.

    I went on a family holiday years ago, and thus do not feel suitably qualified to speak from my 'back-seat-of-Camry' experience about the best roads for a new 1400 to tackle :)
  4. Just ride and ride, but stay away from the highway in the middle and all will be fun. Every bloody road over there is good, just head down east coast on Day1 to Hobart, then South coast Day 2 Hobart to Southport etc, then head up the West coast for the last 2 days on the way back to Devonport.

    Boat is good if you have a sleeping cabin, just drink heaps before you hit the cabin at night and you will wake up in Devonport.
  5. someone say shed?
  6. East coast,strahn to hobart,cradle mountain and just about anywhere else except main h/way down the guts.And as for port aurthur spend your time on the roads much better :grin:
  7. 4 days??!!

    Devonport to Bicheno via Scottsdale, St Mary's and Elephant pass. O'night in Bicheno.

    Scottsdale to Portarthur, Portathur to Hobart via Richmond, Grasstree hill (or whatever it's called), the cygnet loop and other diversions. O'night in Hobart.

    Hobart to Strahan via various diversions, o'night in strahan.

    Strahan to Devonport via Cradle mountain and Burnie... get on the boat... collapse.

    That would see you lapping the map counter clockwise... Good luck!
  8. And even better tip is to book a bottom bunk. Yes it can be done, just tell em you can't climb the ladder
  9. Good advice here from Robsalvv...
    Though you can get off the boat and ride straight to Hobart via Launceston, Scottsdale, St Helens, and down the coast through Bicheno, Swansea and into hobart for your first night...bit under 500kms.
    Party with us at Joes, then spend the day riding around the south, Cygnet loop, Southport etc
    Next day head West to Q'town etc, and then north back to the boat...would be a hectic, tiring.... yet blast, of a short trip!! :grin: :grin:
    Let us know when you will be in Hobart.. :)
  10. Might cross your path. I am getting on the boat on 27 Mar and spending 2 weeks riding there. Never been there before and I am going to let the V-Strom loose on some of the tamer wilderness tracks. No big plan at the moment, I reckon about 4 days riding in a row before a rest day, and will use a nice town about every three days as a hub to go out and explore the local area. Although it is a little more restrictive on the southwest side, I reckon if I cut the island into quarters, pick a town in the middle of each quarter and spend about three days riding each quarter, I should do pretty well in seeing a good proportion of it.

    Oh, yeah. I have never done the trip on the boat but for a night sailing, have to book a cabin, otherwise you lose a day at the other end. I figured a two-day ride from Sydney to Melbourne via Brown Mt, Bonang Hwy and ride straight onto the boat. Sleep in a cabin that night ready for a full days riding as soon as I get off the boat.
  11. Book a cabin, but if you must take a seat (economy purposes). Wait till the ships crew and bar staff have finished for the night, bout 11.30 Then take advantage of the longer lounges around the bars etc on Deck 7
    It worked for my return trip. I learned on the first trip :grin:
  12. I have some great advise.

    Don't bloody crash 3 days into a 10 fay trip ;)
  13. Yes as the top bunk swivels upwards, a stern kick will see the dood/doodette in the top bunk plastered to the roof :rofl:

    Trust me, "Fatal" is still recalling the *thud* :rofl:
  14. mwaaaaah mwaaaaah haaaaa mwaaaaaah - it wouldn't be a trip to Tas without a pissup at Joes now would it!!??
  15. If you can fit it in, I'd suggest riding the Lake Leake Road. It's fun.