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Advice on a new BBQ

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by V2, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. I'm guessing there are a few BBQing experts on this forum. My BBQ is about cactus so need to get a new one. Two questions

    1. Is Stainless Steel worth twice the cost of mild/enamel steel? I'm not so worried about rust, but my current BBQ is mild steel and not real easy to clean. The grill & plate have black stuff caked on real thick - add to the taste but my wife thinks it unhygienic (and I'm starting to think she may be right?)

    2. I grill a lot - I think it tastes better and should be healthier than frying in its own fat on the plate. I've been cremating a lot of food lately though due to fat dripping off onto the "volcanic rocks" and then it flaring up. I see the new BBQ's have a variety of "things" under the grill. Any thoughts on the "flat metal plate defusers or the "heat bead" defusers?
  2. We've had a Jackeroo 4 burner enamel plated BBQ for nearly 6 years, no rust, plates still good, and has the heat-bead diffuser (square things)- never had a flare-up.

    We always scrape the grill and plate while its still warm with a BBQ cleaner - its got a wire scrubber and a blade so easy to use. Also can't go past the good old paint scraper to clean your BBQ without stripping all the oil off.
  3. I have found that the hard rubbish has sufficed quite adequately for my last 3 BBQ,s :grin: Although I do recommend your more affluent suburbs, as they tend to use them burgar all times, 8-[ and throw them out.
    Our present crustation incarnation I scored of nature strip in Camberwell, and I swear, it look like it had been used no more then 10 times :grin:
  4. I bought a Webber Q BBQ, and that has been the best BBQ I have ever owned, We use it for roasts, baking and normal BBQ duties and we have been impressed with the results, you can use the whole grill surface unlike a lot of BBQ's I've owned which have a good couple of hot spots and the rest is not hot enough.

    Easy to clean, dead simple to maintain.

    It has taken a while to get used to BBQ'ing with the lid down, but we are now used to it.

    Brilliant little unit!
  5. funny thats how i find my bikes :grin:
  6. Enamel:

    Possible to bake the enamel off in an oven/spit style BBQ, and spend 3 months having shit BBQ's while you 'season' the plate suitable for cooking :(
    But if you're careful: fine.


    Met a bloke once who snaffled a half-inch stainless plate he used for his BBQ. Reckoned it was the greatest thing in the world: didn't rust, you could clean it with anything. Tough as.
    Only problem was it took a long time to heat up.
  7. I sold BBQ's as a Summer job for a couple of years, I got to learn a few things, the Stainless Steel plates are good (although expensive), as they are non-porus (ie, you can cook fish one moment, wipe it off and cook beef the next and not mix flavours.

    As for the unhygienic'ness of the old plate, depending on how your's really looks, but after cooking, one should remove large leftover food bits, but the fats should remain to create a protective barrier agains the elements. And when used the next time, should be cleaned thoroughly before food is put back onto the plate, so if its left over fats, tell her its prolonging the life of the BBQ ;)

    As for the underneath of the grill, they recon'd the stainless folded baffles were the bees-knees of the bunch, but i think a little flavour from the rocks isn't a bad thing (ceramics do the same effect but less flavour), all either is aiming to do it vapourise the fats into a 'steam' to pass the meat again for extra flavour, too much fat at once will result in flamage... I try cook ok a low-med heat, and cooks things through properly, while maintaining an even colour (not charcoal :LOL: )

    BTW, you can plate fry food without it basting in its own juices, easy enough to add a couple of mm think rod underneath the plate at one end, will keep the fat running off that angle ;)

    Hope that helped a lil :)
  8. wtf would you know about bbq booga, every time we have one, i cook :LOL: :p

    btw i no sfa about bbq, i just turn em on clean them and cook. :wink:
  9. Mate I'm a bit of a wiz in the kitchen and despite having a very expensive stainless pan I still prefer to cook in my cast iron pan.

    I find meat sticks to the SS, whereas the cast iron is almost non-stick. And the cast iron gives a better flavour.

    I have a cast iron gas BBQ too, but I must say I prefer my webber for most things except steak.

    I couldn't image that enamel would hold up to the wear and tear.
  10. Get a Beefmaster.


    Because then, you will have a Beefmaster. You will be master of the beef.
  11. And the prophecy shall come to pass.
  12. how do you think it handles chicken?
  13. And thats why I'm the manager, and you're the worker :p
  14. The vegetarians can do whatever it is they do.
  15. What about a 200 litre drum master? :)
  16. Answers
    1. The Grill plate should never be cleaned back. It should be scraped down before use, and rinsed with water(when hot). You can clean it back, but you will have lost the natural non-stick, and the natural rust protection. The black layer is hygenic, to a degree. There are not many Bacteria that can survive a quick blast of a Griddle plate, and the subsequent steam off.

    2. Rocks or the diffusers, the effects the same. If your worrying about Charcoaling your food, then keep an eye on it. Have one side on High, and one on low. Seal on high then shift it to low to finish. If your getting a lot of flame. Find a new butcher, as your old one is giving you shot(read: Fatty) meat.

    As for the pretty surface option, up to you. Stainless steel does rust... its just easier to clean off.
  17. BTW I'm after a couple of these (whole, not halved)... anyone that can hook me up for free, or near free? :grin: