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Advice on a first big bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bluey, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Finally the time has come for me to get my first big bike, after much waiting to get the cash together I've finally got about $6000 to spend on a bike.
    I guess I'm making this post because I can't decide, and I guess I'm kinda hoping someone will let me take their precious baby for a spin :grin:
    Anyway, I love the idea of a bike like the KTM 950, or the KLR 650, something that's pretty capable for almost everything, I can take it almost anywhere, and they're fairly simple so I can possably start doing my own maintainence. The only thing is I can't really see myself taking it offroad (or down firetrails) much nowdays.
    My other thoughts lean towards a sports touring bike like the SV650, it's won't do offroad too well (nuts, there goes the hooning around pine plantations), but it's much more suitable for the road, I can do distances more comfortably, and I can use the sporty aspect if I feel like it.
    One of my problems is I'd like a bike I can fit on easily, being about 184cm I found the GPX250 I had a little small. I want to avoid that on my next bike.

    I suppose you could sum it up as I want a bike for $6000 or less (prefer $5000 or less, but I should be able to streach), between about 600cc and 750cc (I reckon that's a good balance, I'd love a 750), that I can use for some serious distances if I want but will also handle city riding. I'm not too worried about being able to drag the latest in ricer technology off at the lights, although it's good for a laugh leaving them sobbing in your dust.
    That's about it really. If I think of anything else I'll add it in here, and probably chuck another post in the thread (postcount++ :wink: ). And before anyone suggests it, I'll be turning up for a coffee night in the near future if I can.
  2. If you want the best of both worlds road/trail occassionally,for that budget,ever considered a 2nd hand Yamaha TDM850
  3. I'd agree with the TDM, otherwise you may be able to find a V-Strom 650 for that price (if you reeaaaaallly look hard enough).

    Go the TDM
  4. Hadn't even heard of it, but I've had a bit of a dig with google and it sounds good.

    Anyone else got some more suggestions?

    Edit: I had a look on bikepoint and autotrader for ads, the only one in my price range was at spot-on motorcycles in elizabeth st.
  5. I'd be careful of them, friend of mine bought a bike and got them to state warranty period for peace of mind. As it happened there was a problem with the bike and they didn't honour the warranty. I also get the impression a lot of their bikes are hand offs from the other bike shops when a trade-in mighten be quite up to their standard for putting on the floor.
  6. Yep, go with the TDM850 considering your size and waht you after sound slike a perfect match. There are a few around in Melbourne, lastr time I looked.

    A few things to keep in mind:
    -The clunky gear box is normal
    -The mild oil useage is also normal

    If well maintained they will do a LOT of K's some have done 240000, so don't be put off by a high KM bike.

    I think the TDM are the most underated bikes around, funny enough they sell like hot cakes in some places but never took off in OZ, go figure !!

    Not sure about your chances on a KTM for $5K thought !


  7. I would go for a VFR750... they are a tad expensive for their age... but than they never die...
  8. go the klr very good buying for 5g should be able to get a late model low k one.they are a nice bike had one b4 my xr but now bikeless.......
  9. Nah mate, go for something that has top-class handling like a GSX1100 or a Z1000 - and yes I've owned both types of bikes and enjoyed them :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. Have a long sit or evena test ride on all the ones you can get ya bum on!
    I was in the same situation a few months back and was leaning towards an SV-650 until I sat on one for a while and it didn't suit me as much as I'd thought.....TDM was OK but the only one I could see wasn't that flash, to be honest. KLR650 was pretty good for me as was the Pegaso, the new KLE500's are OK as well. I ended up with a BMW F650 and am happy with it. Its not a race/sports bike as such but it suits me. Only problem being, is that nowI want something bigger!
    Dont rush it and do try before you buy.
    cheers :grin:
  11. Yep, a test ride is going to be a must before I put any money down. At the moment I'm really trying to see what people reckon and if there's anyone out there willing to give me a blat on their baby.
    From what people have said I'll definitly be having a look at the TDM.
  12. kawasaki zx9r :grin: :grin: The do just about anything bike :grin:
  13. Woah....necropost :grin:

    Yeah, anyway, I took a KLR650 for a blat around the city today. It just didn't do "it" for me, so it's back to the hunt.
    What I did like was:
    - Chuck it in 2nd and go. Awsome. Grunty down low. Loved that.
    - Felt comfortable on it, roomy, I didn't get cramped into a miniscule ball.
    - Wheelie machine :grin:

    Didn't like:

    - Hands? I don't feel no hands...
    - Clutch felt like I was hauling something extra instead of just working the clutch.

    Not really much else I didn't like about it, but it just didn't do it for me in the end.

    So...any more suggestions? I'm thinking something in the V-twin line now, sports touring type beastie maybe. Maybe a liter class one for that bit of extra grunt :?: Budget is still 6 grand, so that's kinda ruled out stuff like the suzuki SV.
  14. Old TRX 850, not a heap around, might be a bit cramped for you? Great twin to ride, narrow and light, sounds wicked with aftermarkets. Might be gettin a bit old now though
  15. I've had a few people suggest them, I'll definitly have a look. I'm so tempted to get one of the screamer 600cc bikes, but I'd like to keep my licence. :?
  16. Bikesales.com.au have got some interesting stuff..

    A KTM Duke II for $6,900 (OK a little over your price but it's only 20,000k)

    A TDM 850 at A1 motorcycles for $5,500

    for a couple of examples...

    Basically what people have said here... Ride as many as you can and don't exclude anything till you've ridden it. If you have a fixed idea in your head before you look the chances are you'll miss out on something that really does suit you...


    Edited to fix strange link problem ... :oops:
    (thanks kinfungl)
  17. TonyE, double check your links...
  18. If you like the SV650, then you will also like the DL650 Vstrom.
    Same GREAT! engine, will cruise nicely at speed, and will also handle a bit of dirt road or pine plantation riding.
    Better than the TDM, IMHO.