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Advice on a Dual-Sport for a Rookie

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Wallsy, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. G'day all

    As a complete rookie except for a couple of ag bike rides at mates' farms I'm looking for some advice...

    I'm living in Sydney and love the idea of jumping on a bike with a mate or two and going bush to hit the trails. A trailer is not really feasible which has lead me in the dual-sport direction and a bike which can be registered.

    I've looked into a number of second-hand bikes and at this stage am leaning towards the Honda CRF230F. So the first question is what do you reckon? Does this bike fit the bill, and if not what's a good alternative?

    Secondly, is it possible to ever buy a bike from a random bloke at redbook prices??? The only ones I find advertised are a good 25% more and the redbook figures appear completely unrealistic. Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. I think red book may be what dealers are prepared to pay for tradins so it doesnt show you real world value for a private sale.(thats a guess someone else can clarify).

    As far as the CRF230F goes it all depends what you want to do personally Id go something a little bigger like a DRZ400
  3. I'm guessing that you'll get tired of the power of the 230 (or lack of) but you could open up the airbox, use an aftermarket muffler and rejet to improve performance. I have an old XT250 which has an oversized piston and aftermarket exhaust (with hole in the baffle) and I am starting to get sick of the lack of power on the road. It has a lot more power than stock and still lacks power sometimes, though it is only a 250 (260 or 270 with oversized piston). I suppose I could change the gearing, but then I'd lose the low gearing for single trail. I also love the dual-sport scene, but I think I'll be upgrading soon, though I don't want to get rid of my little 250. It depends on the usage you need. If you're gonna ride just up the road to get to the dirt, then go for the 230, which is a great bike. I'm looking to keep the 250 and set it up just for the dirt, and stay legal with rego, insurance, and get an XR650 and motard it for the road.

    Sorry, too much about me.

    For a novice, the 230 would suit you if you don't frequently ride over say 80kmh. Mine is quite good on 90 (P plates), though feels like you have to constantly push it to keep up with traffic.
  4. I've recently moved from Vic where the limit is 260cc and assumed it was the same. Looking at the RTA webiste I see it's up to 600 with an approved list of bikes, including the DRZ400 so that's definitely moved up the list. It seems to be well reviewed also.

    So let's pose the same question with DRZ400 in place of CRF230F...
  5. Gotta ask yourself, realistically, what ratio of road to trail will you be doing? The reason being that you can get either the DRZ400E or DRZ400SM.

    You can have: E with knobbies, and it's a ripper bike for the bush, dodgy on the road.
    E with sportsmen tyres, decent on road and off road.
    SM with something like the Avon Distanzias, decent off road, great on road.

    The DRZ is a great bike though. It won't tear your arms off with the power, but it's much more confidence inspiring than the competition oriented bikes, and is bullet proof to boot.