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Advice on a DSLR camera

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VC, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Can someone make a recommendation on a good dSLR camera to purchase?

    I want to spend less than $2K total but have something that will last, can be improved on with a range of accessories if I get deeper into it... (am already fairly enthuasistic about photography but have been limited to my now 'old skool' Canon A70).

    Am thinking of the Canon 350D twin lens kit or the enthusiast kit. Any tips on those?

    I've also heard that the new Canon range is due out next month? (in accordance with their usual product cycle). Anyone know anything about this?

  2. a couple of weeks ago myer (melbourne) had a D70 starter kit for $1500
  3. My dad has a Nikon D70. They're freaking awesome. I hear that the Canon 350S is just as/almost as good
  4. Canon 350D ... awesome...

    Get the body only which will set you back for around $1000.

    And then get a good lens to start with. Canon 17-85mm IS Lens.. around $700. You will love it.. Or even get a Tamron f2.8 28-75mm lens to go with the body..

    The rest... get a good flash, plenty of memory and a good bag.
  5. Does anyone know of a good digital camera that will take the pre digital Nikon lenses? I bought this great Nikon SLR a few years ago, just before the good digital SLR's came out, and I have lenses I'd like to carry over.
    I spent like $2k on this thing, and now they sell on Ebay for like $60!!!! :evil:
    With mini labs dissapearing at the rate of 1 a day, it's getting frustrating!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. olympus e1 could be the way to go
    awesome photos super high quality ccd iwth incredible colour response
    cheap. very robust

    the biggest downside is the 5mpixel limit.

    three examples((my girlfriends photos -she isnt a pro):



    other examples :


    from what I've seen this is an amazing camera. It also has excellent peripherals (lenes) but don't diso**** the 5Mpx problem if you ever want ot head more professional wihh your photos the you will have to start again(who new setup) because none of the olympus lenses (for the E1)can be used on cameras greater than 5mpx.
    I guess professional means you plan on blowing photos up beyond A3
  7. Great pictures... but just a quick note... don't expect great pictures like these will turn out the next day you play with you new camera... it take times and practise... like riding.. hehehe.. :D
  8. I have a Nikon F80 with a few lenses and filters ect and they fit fine on all the new Nikon digitals.

    If you are really interested in photography setting up a B&W lab in your house is not that expensive.
  9. Another forum I visit has a few amateur digital photographers on there, and the D70 is their camera of choice.

    Everyone's either got one, or wants one :)
  10. I know with the Canon EF range lenses, that fitted analog EOS range fit their digital camera range aswell.
    I thought Nikon was the same , ie the analog lense fitted the digital range but don't quote me. Anyone else able to answer this?
  11. I'd hold out a few months and find out whats going on, china have claimed theres a new Canon 370D with 10.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, 21 point autofocus, 7fps rapid fire, DIGIC II processing, CF and SD support, and a 3-inch display

    and there are rumours of an XTi (400D?) with built in IS and Auto Sensor Cleaning

    those might drop the prices of new 350D's and 20D's.

    you'll be happy with a 350D i'm sure, but they're getting very popular very fast, and now that canon have brought out the 30D, and soon these rumoured other ones, maybe step it up a notch and go a 20D.

    or wait and suss out the prices of this 370D and 400D.

  12. Go the D70S....best Sub $2000 DSLR out there!