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Advice on a cheap bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by xbeejx, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. I am getting back into bikes after a few years of celibacy, money is very limited but I need something that is going to perform pretty well for general commuter duties.
    I am thinking an old Thumper may be a good buy?
    Are there any I really need to avoid and any that are particually good? It wont see off road duties at all.
    Or maybe an old Supersports? I am really not sure, but I dont want to spend more than $2k if possible.

  2. $2k is pretty tight for something reliable. For simple and reliable, an 80's Kawasaki Z would be the go, or even a GPz will fit within the budget. A 750 version of either is no slouch and they are reasonably modern as far as brakes and handling go.
    Not too much that's newer and faired is going to happen at this time of year in that price range. A supesports bike in that price range will likely have you walking a fair bit I imagine.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. a reliable commuter at that price is a scooter (honda lead about $2000 + orc new )
  4. I've got the same problem - university student wanting a bike, but very limited cash flow. I decided to save $500 and buy basic safety gear with that [helmet/jacket/gloves on season clearance sale]. Now I'm saving around the 2k mark for a bike.

    Options are limited, but it does help if you know people. My brother for example, is looking at getting a CBR250RR with 30k on the clock and refurbished xyz for just over that from a friend. Generally though, have a look in the trading post and on eBay for an idea of pricing.

    I don't know what capacity you are after, but you can definitely pick up some bikes for around 2k like this, this and this. Check local dealers as well, I've seen some great bikes I would've bought if I had the cash and a full licence.

    Cheers - boingk
  5. A used dirt bike may worth looking into?
  6. I see what you're saying re older bikes - unreliable service history, replacement dash, lying sellers etc but I'd like to think that, even these days, mates can be trusted. Also neither myself nor my brother are daft, which helps.

    I get your point, yes, but I think the way you said it was a bit harsh and unwarranted.

    To the OP - another idea is to get a bike that needs some TLC and work on it to bring it up to standard, if you have the time and know-how. I'm considering this as an option. Apart from saving a few bucks, you really get to know the machine you're riding and will become familiar with it in a way that others may well not.

    - boingk
  7. Sorry if you think that. I was just saying firstly that it's likely that the CBR has travelled more Ks than that and then secondly to the OP I was suggesting it could be worth looking into used dirt bikes.

    The odometer on the CBR only goes to 99,999 so unless your mate bought it new he wouldn't be lying to you, he simply would not know the true Ks either. The fact that a lot are grey imports with many owners further makes it harder to determine - more so than other makes.

    Any offensive content was inferred by you not written by me. Perhaps I should have been less economical with my words to avoid the confusion and for that I apologise.

  8. karmart at stmarys have a good 90's model xr250 for $3000 with rego. Looks alright. Might be worth checking out.
  9. CB250, SR250, etc.... Or are you wanting bigger than 250? $800 SR250 bored out to 300cc ($800)? :)

    Picked up a GR650 this year, in excellent condition, for $1500. Since then have met a prior owner, pechance in my (SR500) Club (I turned up on it and it was instantly recognised by both he and others!). A mechanic, he had taken the motor apart and informed me that it is A1 internally! See if you can get one of these perhaps.

    I agree with the Thumper approach to cheap motorcycling, as opposed to multiple sets of everything.
  10. Good luck :D
    Your going to need to find a super bargain.
    Have you got some gear yet? Helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, pants....you could rather easily drop 2k right there...
  11. *Shoves unit into full reverse-overdrive*

    Morbo28 - my fault totally, sorry to fire up like that, just thought you were having a go at me...which it turns out you weren't at all. Whoops :oops: Sorry man.

    karl2ltgc - yeah, exactly why I bought my jacket, helmet and gloves first. Otherwise I know as soon as I got a bike I woulda just bought a cheap open-face and hooned off into the distance :shock:
  12. Helmet, full-face: $100 - $200.
    Jacket, armoured, eBay: $100 (my very good jacket was $50 used)
    Pants: eBay or shop: $100
    Gloves: $30
    Boots: army boots

    Yes, budget equipment like that is adequate.
  13. Since buying my bike. I have spent $1640, for things like protective gear, licencing costs and extras.

    18k km service coming up will be about $350, tires i don't need to replace soon, but i know they cost about $180 for the rear and $140 for the front.

    Also rego is coming up in dec and i'm going to get some 3rd party property insurance.

    boingk , i know what it is like being a cash straped uni student.

    I think when buying a bike you need to remember "on going costs"

    I had my first car when i was in uni. Pretty much all my $$$ went into running my baby. ...*sigh* i loved my old car... alot of good memories...

    By the way i ride a zzr, which is a relatively in expensive bike to run. So if your thinking cbr250rr servicing costs will be higher.

    However i'm not saying don't buy the bike you want, just consider the overall cost. Back in the day, i wouldn't eat when going out with friends, just so i could pay for petrol. ...but was it worth it ...darn straight it was! :grin:
  14. That's actually a little overdressed.
  15. ^^ Well, you know and I know that around here I speak of full-face helmets,

    but I know that you are envious of my $35 pudding basin helmet! (Damn I look the goods!)
  16. I've got the same budget and I was hoping to get back on a bike for this summer.

    It's the wrong time of year, there is nothing around for cheap. Most bikes on the market seem to be advertised at least $1000 over value.

    Generally for your budget you'll be looking at average 250cc machines, or older, larger machines that need work. Rego is a lot cheaper the smaller you go, an important consideration. $3000 brings you a much larger choice of machinery.