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Advice on a bike bigger bike Yamaha 2006 YZF-R1 / Triumph D675

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by AznCruiser, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Hi NetRiders,

    Well its close to upgrade time again and ive been itching for a bigger 600cc - 1000cc bike, something with more torque and more go, something that wont need shifting twice to do one corner and something with engine braking for a more relaxed ride..............basically a more relaxed type of bike. At the moment im looking at a D675 and a Yamaha R1, both very beautiful beasts.

    First question is how difficult would it be to go from an RS 125 to a bigger bike like a D675 and an R1? who has done this or similar jumps and do you have any advice to give? Ive tried bigger bikes before but never threw it around in anger and certainly not at a track..............something about crashing another mans bike doesnt appeal to me (or crashing for that matter). If a bigger bike isnt advisable then id most likely stick with the lovely two stroke, most likely an RS250. I love the two stroke smell, sound and feel, but just hate all the shifting, the small sweet spot, and being as chicane to bigger bikes.

    How much are lowering kits for R1's and D675 and do they have allot of padding to shave off? Im not a tall dude by any sense of the word so height is very important to me.

    The R1 im looking at is a 2006 50th Anniversary bike.............the yellow and black. Do this bike come with a slipper clutch? and apart from colour, is this bike exactly the same as all other 2006 R1s?

  2. R1 = good

    nothing else to consider
  3. No and yes.

    Personally I don't think it is a good idea to lower bikes (as you stuff the geometry), especially more than you need to. The R1 is one of the tallest (why I bought it as I am 6'2"). Have a look at the GSXRs instead as they are the smallest IIRC. As long as you can touch on one side you are fine.
  4. Thanks VC, in that case I think id skip the R1, i was hoping it had the slipper. Ive ridden these before and wasnt too tall for me, it could be because most of my friends are short asses and already lowered their bikes. I went down to the bike shop during lunch and sitting on a stock standard it does feel a little bit too tall for my liking. I do like the R1/R6 look though, it has a beautiful head and body.

    I still like the D675 and the RS250 (especially with the Tyga bodykit)
  5. hey mate thought i'd chip in as i started on a 125 (cbr - so a lot less power than your RS) and went to a cbr600, and now onto a cbr1k. The jump for me from 125 to 600 was massive. I absolutely loved that bike, it was enough power for me for almost 2 years. Then when i felt like upgrading, I changed the gearing instead as it was due, and gave it a new breath of life. It was so much fun at the track and although i was nowhere near to mastering it, i always enjoyed it and was never scared of the power or being thrown off from a highside.
    Now that i'm on the thou, i still feel like it is hugely excessive, but i love it too much to let it go.
    If you like the look of the gsxr750s, although i havent ridden one, i reckon that engine size is perfect, not too much for someone coming off a small bike and not too little like a 600 may be for some (wasnt for me).
    Also heard nothing but praise for the triple engines...could be your ticket..
    good luck.
  6. yeah im siding with the triple myself, just got to find one cheap enough lol............................i might keep the RS as a track bike since im not even close to getting its best around corners but it just gets blown away on any type of straights..................on the road, i do like the more relaxed riding where you could basically stay in one gear for the D675 and power out even if your on the wrong gear, plus id want to carry pillions around ;) and the RS isnt very suited to that job :(................
  7. Hi again, a new bike has entered the equation.

    I was wondering what you guys think of the Kawasaki ZX10-R? The YZF-R1 has also re entered the equation...................

    After going to Bikebiz yesterday and sitting on the Triumph 675, YZF-R1, and the ZX-10R I actually found the 675 far taller than the other two and the R1 the shortest and most comfortable. It turns out that my friends steeds might have been stock afterall and the odd tall one I sat on the other day the modified one. I actuall sat on a couple just to make sure my feet and senses werent playing tricks on me................

    So...............................I know that the 2006 ZX-10R has a crude slipper clutch which is a plus, its look also seems more current i.e. not as drastic (to me anyway) a leap from the 2006 to the 2009 as it is for the R1, and seems to have better reviews than the R1. So out of a 2006 ZX-10R with 12k and a 2006 YZF-R1 with 100k, both the same price, and both new tyres...................which one would you guys pick and why? Any advice would be appreciated, the Kawa hasnt really factored all that much till now, and I really want to buy the bike before the weekend.................
  8. Buy the black one.
  9. Only green (Kawa) or yellow (Yammy) im afraid, apparently factory colors doesnt include pink or rainbow :p.................

    NK they do sell black though, black should be better for night stalking activities lol................
  10. That "buy before the weekend" statement worries me a little, sure your not rushing things a bit, if you are buying to that sort of deadline you may not get the right bike or deal on said bike..
  11. The price is too good and I am after a sportier bike with more torque and power that can carry pillion as well (so has to be on the low side..........i cant see myself doing a U turn at an incline with a pillion, and on my tippy toes).............

    This is actually the longest ive mauled over a bike/car, I normally just buy things impulsively sometimes.............

    As for the right bike, well im definitely after a sportier bike that I can use in the street, I find 1000cc bikes lower than 600cc, and also use at the track........................this way I could get rid of my cruiser and my Aprilia.
  12. I went from a two-stroke 150 to the D675.

    There was no problems with the change. As you say you can be much more relaxed on the bigger bike, not as frantic. As always, just take the first little while to get familiar with it and don't do anything stupid and you can transition very easily.

    Gluck with it.

  13. Thanks Morbo

    I still love the two stroke but pillion would be difficult with its power delivery and the price for an Aprilia RS250 is still pretty high, considering its age and the market..............and as ive said, its can be pretty frantic sometimes, especially when all you want to do on a quiet weekend is to ride around and to relax and enjoy the freedom. Height wise, the Aprilia 125 and 250 I find to have a taller seating and racier position than the 1000cc bikes.
  14. I went from a 250 to a 900 with no problem. If you are sensible with the throttle then you wont scare yourself. We all have to do the same speed limits regardless of what we ride right? The one thing that took some getting used to was the weight difference.
  15. well said - I went from never owning a bike to having and riding an R1 as my first bike ( yes even during my L plates )
  16. Takamii you one crazy MOFO :)..............lucky youve got fantastic helmets and gloves.
  17. and JEANS LOL

    seriously though I knew the bike was fast so i just behaved and slowly improved my skills

    eg this week take the corner near my house at 50 next week 55 week after that 60 and so on

    just slowly progress and keep in mind always to respect the power the bike has

    I am actually a very sedate rider scared of loosing my license - I do not get more of a thrill doing 200 than i do when I go 120 but improving my corner skills and smoothness etc is what does it for me
  18. Do you mean the power the bike has or the riding position?
    Personally, I'm getting a bit older & can no longer do those 5-600k days on a super sport. (ZX10R, R1 etc.)
    So I decided to go for the 2010 Z1000. Tons of grunt.
    Usually when following other SS bikes through the twisties, I can hear them going up & down through the gears when I can just stay in third & still keep right with them!!!
    Much more comfortable riding position too.
    Just something else to throw into the equation!

    P.S. You're nuts!!! :rofl:

  19. Lol I forgot................and jeans of course :).

    Im pretty much the same, im paranoid of getting booked and loosing my license so dont do warp speeds. I wont know what to do with myself if I couldnt ride for half a year or more.................I think id go bonkers :tantrum:

    Nah ive done the comfy like a cruiser route and it just wasnt my thing. By comfy I mean not scrunched up and not changing gears three times per bend, I like the effortless smooth power when you could just concentrate on getting that bend just right........................

    Im guessing it was a hoon bike.............the R1?
  20. 100k on a R1 compared to 12k on a zx10,is this a rev up ?.
    surely this is a no brainer.