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Advice on 3 models I am considering CBR600f VFR800f GSX750f

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by generalyuehfei, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. Hi all

    The wife says to me in our crappy Pulsar yesterday, "you should buy a bike again" :shock: . Well you don't have to tell me twice! Since that conversation, I have visited a few shops to see the range avail, read the forum topics 8) etc... Now aside from taking a test ride I have decided on the following, (my budget being approx <13k inc, helmet, gloves, jacket and a pipe if I can fit it in.)

    1) CBR600f - newish model - they a running out new ones from 12,990 ride away although this reaches my budget, hence I figure I can pick up an 03/04 model with maybe some access's
    2) 00-01 model VFR800f (not really fussed on the >02 model pipes and overall look compared with earlier ones and out of price range anyway), Is this EFI or Carby?
    3) new Suzuki GSX750f only because it is 10,500 ride away at the moment but the Honda's look so much sportier. How does this rate performance wise.

    Looking for a sporty looking bike with enough grunt to keep me happy whilst riding alone, and comfortable enough for the pillion passenger (who has not changed her mind yet, woo hooo!) - so we must keep her happy. It has been some time since I have been on a 2 wheeler as when I got married the 250rr was sold for the ring on her finger!!!! That bike wasn;t great for pillion riding, and looking for some added comfort, hence the model choices. Other things to consider,
    * I'm not much of a risk taker in corners (due to experience) and
    * if I go second hand, can afford upgrades if not already included.
    * would like <20,000 kms
    * I will take bike for a ride b4 signing and would not hesitate pulling the plug if I don't like the ride.
    * I am 80kgs and 5'9, misses is 55kgs

    Regards, Nick and thanks in advance
  2. I'm incredibly biased so take this how you will but I'd take a VFR800 over either the CBR600F or a GSX750F any day. The CBR is perhaps a bit sportier but still fairly similar in purpose so being a "bigger is better" sort of guy I'd go for the 781cc VFR. The Suzuki is so well priced because the technology is fairly old in comparison and frankly bloody ugly with its weirdo lights and fairings.

    This was the briefest reply I could manage but I might wax lyrical tomorrow when I'm more awake. Oh and the VFR is EFI and a unique V4 to boot. 8)
  3. And if you're going to be carrying a pillion, the VFR is a better bet too.
  4. yeh I'd agree with the guys, bigger is better for passengers

    I used to have a yzf600r, which is extremely similar to the cbr600f, and
    I thought it was geared more towards speed then lugging around passengers
    and luggage etc.

    I wouldnt be too worried about EFI/carby either, unless you're planning on
    doing some performance tuning etc
  5. hmmmm when i upgrade i'm going to be looking at yzf600's and r6's, the main reason i'd go the yzf is the comfy pillion seat, the r6 seat looks like a bit of a joke :oops:

    did your pillion's find it uncomfortable on the yzf?
  6. Now where's the fun in that? Isn't it half the fun of riding a sports bike to give a girl a helmet and say 'hop on', at which point she looks at you and say 'on what?' :twisted: :twisted: :D :D :D
  7. As a current very happy owner and rider of a '05 GSX F 750 I can recommend this machine.
    I find it stable, capable of running with the pack (200Kph +). Its comfortable to ride all day, pillion is comfortable if a little slippery I'm told by my son and daughter.
    Bloody economical on fuel (important these days) 300k's to the tank riding fairly hard, about 250K's round town, depending on how hard you twist the wrist.
    Downside, hmmm, '05 only comes in silver

    Had mine from new and love it to death :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Recommend you give it a spin
  8. Thankyou for the quick responses, that's fantastic! so ok,

    * the cbr600f is out of the race as the VFR as rightly stated is all that and a bit more.
    * I cracked up at the comment about the Suzuki coz that's exactly how I felt when I looked at it although it did have potential to grow on me considering it was brand new - interesting enough, the dealer actually gave the same advice about the technology - so points to the dealer as that is honesty
    * but if I can get some balls to buy 2nd hand - and I say that coz I know a lot about what to look for in cars hence confident although really nothing on bikes. There was a link to a complete guide on a topic in this forum although it went to a website that claimed they have had all their IP stolen or something (I don't want to spawn a conversation about this as it sounds very serious).

    Now for the important questions on the VFR
    1) We are expecting delivery of a new Monaro in November and I woke up in a sweat last night dreaming that my misses took me in a straight line race. That won't happen - will it? :evil:
    2) What are the original colours that were released in 00, 01 years? So far I have seen yellow, blue and red.
    3) Anyone have or know where I can get the brochure on this bike for those years?
    4) As I am looking for <20,000kms, what sort of tyre wear is expected during this travel, ie, what is considered harsh wear? and how long do tyres last over moderate use?
    5) What was the original tyre make and model on the bike in 00/01?
    6) Which mods should I steer clear of?
    7) Where is the engine, chassis numbers located?
    8) I plan on servicing the bike myself, as I do my cars, where can I get the maintenance book for bike? Might purchase it now so I can understand the machine completely when looking at 2nd hand ones.
    9) What are common problems on that model to look for? and if so, are they easily fixed - I can then use that issue/problem as a good bargaining tool although knowing it can be fixed relatively cheaply.

    Thankyou for your responses and suggestions thus far... Nick
  9. HELL NO!! :shock:

    and mine ran like a dream with my GF on the back (me - 85kg, her 50kg), probably did it easier than my ZX7R does (but that might have a lot to do with the comfort factor). the cat is the comfiest bike i've ever ridden and it was a GREAT step up from the 250. anyone thats ridden one pretty much has the same opinion of them: Very capable bikes, great handling, power and comfort just not the most exciting thing in the world. but once they sell it, they regret it :(

    if i was to go another 600, it'd be that again. pick of the lot IMO. but i now think the 750 is a much better size.....
  10. I don't know what is so "old technology" about the Suzi.

    I think one of it's positives is that it has one of the all time great engines, without all the gimmicky gadgets.

    I too don't like the looks, but don't underrate it just because it hasn't changed much over the years. Thats one of it's positives.
  11. I am getting conflicting info re the models of VFR. I was of the assumption that 01 and below were non vtec.

    1) there is one for sale that was bought in apr01 and he advises that it is the vtec model with the integrated braking features???
    2) Cycle city salesperson said that vtec was only introduced in 04 models and above???

    If in fact the 01 is when the vtec range was introduced, are their any known issues with the first of a new model that was fixed in later series?

    Regards, Nick
  12. Crappy pulsar?

  13. hahahaha.... how did i know you were going to say that..... :LOL:
  14. You can buy a Suzuki SV1000 for $10,990 which will blow the others out of the water for grunt off the line (and who can use top end speed with the speed cameras these days anyway). Cheaper insurance because it has no fairing, more comfortable riding position too, not to mention that wonderful twin cylinder sound. A good second hand alternative would be the VTR1000F (the update model with the larger tank).

    As for the idea of a pillion and a 600 unless your pillion is sub 70kg I'd give it a miss....
  15. And Honda are doing 900 Hornets for $11,990 ride away at the moment and that includes a year's free membership in the Honda Rider's Club
    Just a thought (I'd buy one if I could..........)
  16. Give the guy a break, eh?? This is the second thread in a week where someone has come on wanting advice about VFR's because they've decided to buy one and most posts consist of telling him that he should be buying some other bike instead.

    The man is obviously a classy guy with impeccable taste and discernment and just wants some confirmation of details.

    *ducks for cover again*
  17. Yah, I saw one of those at the local Honda dealer... excellent value also, and the lower seat means they fit shorter riders a bit better the the SV1000.
  18. For that budget you'd also be in the ballpark for a Fazer 1000 a few years old but with low k's. Plenty of grunt, reasonable handling, excellent for pillion and touring and no slouch in the twisties.

    Sorry RC36, but my experience of a pre-VTEC VFR 800 (which I was prepared to like having read the reviews) was that it was poised, showed the usual good Honda build quality, but had wooden brakes, a flat spot in the rev range and a revvy motor.
  19. Now that is the best description of the pre-VTEC VFR800 I've seen written down! I'd only add that the post VTEC ones exchange the flat spot for 'odd power delivery' and 'surging'.
  20. Wooden brakes? Shit pads most likely, mine are fine. A good flush is useful too. Being a linked system a bit of air in one line could possibly affect the whole. Really though the brakes are fine. If you want to try shit brakes riding a VTR1000 that has standard lines, God awful things.

    As for a flat spot, there can be one around 4500-5000ish but it's hardly "flat" just a small blip until the real torque builds. Below that there isn't much anyway. It's noticable with an aftermarket can and filter but throw a PCII at it and the curve evens out nicely.

    Bullshit, the guy is touching himself inappropriately, ignore him.

    Pre VTECs (anything prior to the 2002 model) came with BT01somthings I think but the best tyre for it now would be the BT-020. You can try others but I found these can last well over 15,000 (by then they are totally shagged :wink: )

    You wont have any problems with Monaros, or Porches either for that matter. Someone always wants to "show" the biker how hot their tin can is, silly foolish people. Most 250s get off the line quicker than a car and a sportish bike will slap them around like little bitches. This goes for some of these twins too, want to get off the line hard? Twist it a bit more.

    Colour-wise the 98-2001 model came in red, blue, yellow, silver and some phucked up anniversary colours that look like the wrong panels have been put on - same bike but looks like vomit.

    The one big problem with the VFR is the regulator/rectifier, they shit themselves after about 30,000. The replacement one is bigger and dispels heat better and has worked fine for the 45,000 odd kays mine has on it. There really aren't too many dramas with this bike.

    If I think of anything more I'll post later.

    Go the VFR, join the Elite 8) .