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advice on 2nd hand 02 gixxer 7

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by raffiki, Jun 27, 2005.

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  2. Things to watch out for hmmm, lemme think.
    Firstly I suppose that like any gixxer, there's a good chance the rider before you was into all the good stuff, wheelies, burnouts, 200k + sweepers.
    There should not be a problem with that as long as they serviced it well and didn't crash it hard anywhere. Be very dilligent about service records and find out how the bike was looked after. For example I replace the oil in my stunt bike (gsxr1000) twice as often as the service schedule because of the beating it gets and about 8 months or so ago I took it to a dyno shoot out done by dynobike in moorabbin and won $200 (1st) for HP and how linear it's delivery was. Not bad for a bike that sits bouncing off the rev limiter during burnouts and had 30,000+ k's at the time.
    I think not changing your oil often and treating the bike "nice" is way worse then keeping it serviced and riding hard. I digress.
    With the 750 there isn't as much fear as with the 600's & 1000's that it was a race bike in it's previous life.
    Look closely behind the front fairing stay at the headlight tabs as these tend to break after lots of wheelies or a crash (look for glue/plastic repair etc)
    Check the forks thouroughly for leaks and see how they are seated in the tripples, if there are movement marks on the upper tubes, good chance they were replaced/repaired after a crash as most people don't remove their forks.
    The engines on these are tough as nails and not too noisy so look out for a clunky one cos it's not normal like some other bikes. Cam chains on these can sometimes cause problems but not as much as the previous models.
    Ask to remove the lower fairing cos you'll be amazed at some of the damage people will try and hide behind the fairings.

    Not sure what else I can think of, I have ridden and owned a few gixxers and know heaps of people with them, plus I read a lot on the gixxer forums (www.gixxer.com) and can't really note any "major" things to look out for. Maybe someone who's a mechanic might be able to tell you if they have any common bugs but I'd say there wouldn't be many. The main thing in my opinion would be to make sure it wasn't crashed hard and wasn't neglected in the oil and service deptartment.

    Oh yeah, any GSXR will change your riding like no other sportsbike, you will break more laws and people will think your an asshole, and you know what? You'll love every minute of it!!
    :LOL: :LOL: