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Advice on 2011 Ninja250R pricing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by blade5, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. A dealership has offered me the 2011 Ninja 250R at $7700 on road. I would appreciate advice from anyone as to whether this is a good price.

  2. Have you tried any other dealerships thats about all the advice i can offer you as i have no idea what there worth
  3. There is basically one dealership in Canberra, so I haven't really been able to shop around. I figured there might be a few people on here who have negotiated with dealers.
  4. Just because someone got one for a certain price doesnt mean anything, there could be a factory rebate on it for them but not for you. You need to work out what is available now.

    Just give the Sydney dealers a call and ask them what they can do.

    Though personally i would buy local, just pay the money, there is not a huge lot in these cheap bikes so you might save a 100 here or there but then you have to get parts from these guys so....
  5. Sorry Balde5, Canberra is just too small for competition. Have you looked for second hand bikes? 7K is fairly steep, plus you'll need to factor in insurance, helmet and gear etc.
  6. i wouldn't bother... you can get one thats a year old and you won't have to cop the $2k loss when you come to sell it in a year.

    On topic though: seems about right... When I was looking into brand new ninjas $7900 was the best a dealer could do for me. You might get a 2010 plated one for a bit cheaper... Still a brand new bike, just last years model. Which is incidentally the very same as this years model.
  7. I got a brand new 2011 250R for $7000 - provided I bought my gear from them at the same time. Not special edition though, just black. All the standards though, 6 months rego, That was Team Moto Kawasaki Bowen Hills, Brisbane.

    It pays to shop around. Cheapest I could find was $7200 from their biggest competitor - Pro Kawasaki. Basically went to Team Moto, told them that's what they could do it for and they said they'd match it. Talked them down a little more from that and it was a deal.
  8. Not a bad price really. I would have a look at second hand though, the market is completely flooded with these things and you shouldn't have much trouble turning up a bargain.