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Advice on 2 strike engines / road bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lemontree, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am long time reader of these forums but first time poster.

    I am about to purchase my first bike (Honda NSR 150). I am only 170cm/63kg and wanted something light and easy so I figured the NSR 150 would be suitable.

    However, much to my excitement I found out that 2 strokers need more attention to maintenance compared to 4 stroke engines. I heard that you must mix oil and petrol together?

    Which leads me to the question: How do you do this on the NSR?

    If I understand correctly, I must mix engine oil and petroleum in the same tank? One for lubrication, the other for fuel?

    I am picking up the bike next week after I get my Ls. I want to know as much info about mixing oils (and the mechanics of it) before I ride the bike home.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    don't you hate the fact that "I" and "O" are so close together on the keyboard? :LOL:


    I rode an NSR-150 SP Pro-Arm around for a couple of weeks, and it was great fun at times. I didn't buy one though, and instead went for a more practical CB 400 Super Four.

    The fuel economy is pretty dependant on your driving style. If you ride the NSR around at low revs - no power - it's not too bad, but all the power comes in a tiny range at the top of the tach. This is where the fun comes in. It's all gears and high revs, which I decided would get tiring for a town bike as there was no low-end stuff. The economy was ok, I was running about 250 bt/ week for a small commute (60 baht in 100cc wave). You need to change the 2T oil about once every two fill-ups (small seperate tank), which adds to the cost.

    As for reliabilty, I dunno, but strokers are very cheap to fix and rebuild here, and you see plenty of old ones whizzing around. And, for £400 who's complaining?

    from a Thai tourist webiste, seems to indicate a separate oil tank, and I suspect when he says 'change' the oil he means top it up, or add oil.....
  3. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    The NSR will have a separate oil tank. No production bike has used petroil (mixed petrol and oil) lube since shortly after the Berlin Wall came down.
  4. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    hehe could you fix it up all mighty mod?

    hmm that's an interesting point... I've read form numerous websites stating that you must mix both in the same tank?



    '• You have to mix two stroke engine oil with gas, and depending on your consumption, this might be expensive'

    I wonder what type of NSR that rider was using in Thailand which has a separate oil reserve?
  5. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    kdx uses pre mix its good in a way you can choose your own ratios
  6. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    Just like PatB said it has a different tank for the oil.
    From memory the oil last for about 5-6 full tanks before topping up again... also there's a light that warns you when the oil level gets low...
    they're great fun bike i used to owned one until a RAV4 rode it off
    also would recomment to get a tyga full exhaust system it make a big big different
  7. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    Ok now these two posts are contradicting to what I want to find out :-s

    So according to gregb, there is aftermarket premix liquids for bikes that do require petrol and oil mix? Unless there are 2 different models of the NSR150SP.

    I guess I will only find out when I inspect the bike next week. Thanks for the help so far, folks.

    Any other NSR150 owners who care to share?
  8. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    There is no premix sold anywhere (afaik), for the KDX he would be making the mix in his sheds with a measuring cylinder, 25ml of oil to 1L of petrol or so. Ask anyone who operates a whipper snipper, they'll tell you.
  9. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    I see. So essentially the 2 stroke NSR150 has a lawn mower engine in it which requires a mix of oil and petroleum. Confusions!
  10. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    For the record most motocross bikes still use premixed fuel, people like to choose their own fuel/oil ratios I suppose. As for maintenance 2 stroke bikes need new pistons and piston rings ever 20,000 km or so, which costs about $200 if you do it yourself with quality parts. Although this sounds like a hassle, it's not as bad as replacing cam chains, adjusting and maintaining 16 valves etc. etc. However two stroke street bikes are a pain to ride because
    a) they stink, and make you stink like two stoke oil
    b) they smoke heavily
    c) they sound like chainsaws, and are very loud
    d) very little power except in the high rev 'powerband'
    e) the exhaust port is only sealed when the piston is sliding past, so fuel is wasted
    f) they stink
    g) NSR150s are kick start I think?? Which is fun the first time but if you have clapped out rings, you'll be kicking it over till you're hot and sweaty and hate everything.

    I'm not an expert, but I've ridden a few two strokes and this is just my experience

    EDIT: premixing fuel is easy, you just mix it up in jerry cans at the servo and fill the bike up at home, no need to guess. Also two strokes dont have dedicated lubrication systems, which is why they consume oil with the fuel. Also the NSR has a seperate oil tank which injects oil into the carbs before it enters the cylinder so you don't need to worry about that
  11. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines


    "The fuel economy is pretty dependant on your driving style. If you ride the NSR around at low revs - no power - it's not too bad"

    Isn't low rev's where all the power/leaking fuel being WASTED? I was always told to keep it in the powerband for maximum fuel mileage where the vacuum effect created in the powerband sucks wasted fuel back in as well as keeping the engine temperature hot enough to properly combust the oil so you aren't fouling plugs.
  12. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    As a former 150-SP owner I can definitely confirm that a standard NSR150-SP has an oil tank that you top up with two stroke oil. There is a mechanically driven oil pump that will do the mixing for you. I can't remember where it is exactly, but it is separate to the fuel tank.

    Do a search here in this forum and you will find a massive wealth of knowledge (one topic over 50 pages) from folks that owned the 150-SP.
  13. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    Maybe it goes from "not too bad" when riding around at low revs to quite good when wringing it around
  14. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    Thanks for the clarification. I was just unsure from all the info I have read and it makes things easier when an owner of the bike confirms.

    According to the owner's manual, yes, the oil tank is separate and is located underneath the seat :) So like I guess the mixing is all done for you? Speaking of which, compared to a CBR250, does the NSR150 need a oil change? I read that all you need is to fill up the oil tank and you're set?

    I wish the forum had a search function for thread titles. Is there someone who knows a thread that has NSR 150s in it?
  15. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    use the advanced feature of the search function. Sometimes you have to be patient and find the stuff yourself instead of someone else doing all the hard work for you.

    You do have to change the transmission oil, and your gearbox needs some sort of lubrication :)
  16. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    come on Stink? i love the smell of a good 2stroke oil some shielas stink but i recon uwould ride them
  17. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    Not trying to be rude, but unless you are capable of rebuilding a 2-stroke engine or are rich, stay away from them for road going purposes. The need rebuilding on a regular basis and between reamed by mechanics and reamed by the parts suppliers, it's just not worth it.
  18. Re: Advice on 2 strike engines

    This comment is very telling. You need to get some technical info into that brain.

    Have a look at these links and come back with some understanding which should answer your question.


  19. Re: Advice for 2 stroke oil

    There should be 2 tanks, one for oil and one for petrol. If not, carry a measuring cup with you and for every litre of petrol you put in the tank put the recommended amount of 2 stroke oil in and sloosh it around a bit. You'll need to carry a bottle of oil with you.