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Advice - new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Manz, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Anyone had a major crash? Looking for fellow riders who can give me some advice.

    I'm looking to find out more about how riders got back on the bike, etc after having a major crash.

    How'd you deal with it mentally?... Physically getting back on seems to be the easy part.

    My mate had a major crash a few months ago and I can't seem to bring myself to get back on the bike.

    It took a good 5 years to move from cars to bikes and now I feel if I don't get back on soon I may never ride again.
  2. Several of your (much the same) threads have been moved to Holding because they contravene (or are heading towards contravening) the Terms and Conditions of the forum, specifically this;

    The terms and conditions in the first post have been updated with the following addition ...

    * DON'T post a topic about a bike accident unless someone involved in the accident is personally known to you, or you yourself was involved.

    This means topics with, as example, "I saw a bike smashed on xxx, anyone know or have more details?" or posting of newspaper articles are not permissible.

    Please desist.

    I am leaving this post long enough for you to read my message, then it, too will be removed.

    Thank you for your co-operation.
  3. Huh? Seems he's just seeking some help for recovering from a crash, not speculating on specific crashes?
  4. Hornet i dont thikn hes asking about crashes...but what to do to get back on...
    ive never had a biggy yet so cant exactly comment.

    Maybe go abouts first off starting by sitting on the bike. geting outta the comfort zone. (put on the gear)

    next would be moving the bike. leave the engine off. walk it around while sitting on it.

    then sit on it with the engine on.

    when comfortable, take the bike around the backstreets. not too far from your place at first.

    slowly work yourself up to normal riding. any stage you start to feel you are freaking out. stop. park. get off the bike. take off your helmet and take a breather. i dont know how difficult or what state your in, so i cant say how long it will take. for some they can jsut jump back on no problems at all. others it takes alot longer.

    I can say for myself, after by brothers few slides, ive had trouble getting on my bike, every time i see tram tracks or a lil wet road i get nervous.

    when your on the bike, think of the good things about biking. try not to think of the bad things. hope this helps.