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Advice needed

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by idontlikemondays, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. So my girlfreind has decided against getting a motorbike and is getting a scooter instead. fair enough!
    problem is she assumes that since i know a bit about bikes, i must therefore know abit about scooters (wrong)

    a couple of questions. firstly how hard is it to do your own maintinance on a scooter? (since ill be the one doing it) looking on scooters for sale some people are talking about replacing pistons and rings after only 10000kms??? this must be for a 2 stroke right? and so how many ks on a 4 stroke is alot of kays? she'll be doing about 100kms of commuting on it daily, so engine longevity is important.

    secondly which brands are from where? bug and bowell seem to represent good value for money, but im guessing they are chinese? do chinese scoots have the same quality control issues that chinese bikes do?

    anything else to be wary of or considerations to make?

    many thanks in advance!
  2. Not chinese, Taiwanese, which makes a BIG difference.

    For 100km per day, she'll need a 250cc. No Bugs, 1 Bolwell but not many around secondhand yet (relatively new model). If buying used, look for a Yamaha Majesty, Honda Forza / Foresight, or Suzuki Burgman 250.
  3. Problem with the ones Hotcam mentioned is that they may be a bit big. Particularly if it's her first venture on 2 wheels, she won't want anything that intimidating (the Honda Forza is a monster of a thing considering it's only 250cc!!). I didn't know the Bergman came in a 250, but I assume it's the same body as the 400, & it's big too!

    I've got an Aprilia Sportcity 200cc. It's powerful enough for the freeway, so she won't outgrow it anytime soon, & it's near enough to the ground for her not to feel too intimidated (unless she's really short). Nice big wheels too!

    With maintenance on it, I can't really say. I've never owned a motor vehicle before & I can't be bothered learning now, so I just get the regular servicing done at Scooter Central. I've had it nearly 18 months, & done 13000kms on it, & no troubles yet (touch wood).
  4. Hey idontlikemondays your too young to have a girlfriend :LOL:
  5. :LOL:
    you know us kids these days, growing up way too fast!
  6. The Piaggio Beverly 250ie is number one comparing with any other 250cc out there (without counting the x8 of course)

    How heavy it is, well, she do need to go and try herself, weight and height will be a major issue on what scooter she will end up with, so she do need to try them..She might found all the 250cc too big and end up with a 150cc.

    Back in the days (!) i used to open up a p200e for lunch and close it for dinner :shock: Same as a gear bike....BUT the scooters these days are a compact thing that i wouldn't dare touch.. it will be the dealership for the length of the warranty and then local mechanic..( that takes you off the hook :grin: ).

    All the common stories of replacing rings etc are for 50cc, where you try to make a 50km/h become 70 km/h.. In that case, you pick my sb50, and you just pull the black cable from the cdi and job is done (lol)
    I don't think you would be doing anything to a 150cc+.. you don't need to..

    Engine longevity. it depends more on the engine cc than if it is a scooter or not. Besides that, the same as a bike. If you buy a cbrrrr250 made in 1990, you would expect engine tech of the 90s' = less years than an engine made in 2007. The Beverly 400 has service interval of 10,000km!!!( the 250 has 6000). That tells you that the manufacturer expects the engine to last for at least 10 services=100,000

    Bolwell has a 4 year 40,000km warranty!!!. That is something to think about.....

    I would fix a price for my budget, pick 3-4 bikes from google , here or mags and go and try them out. You'll see, it will be love not logic when the final decision is made!!!
  7. thanks for the advice supernego! you sure make some of us on sports bikes feel a little...eh inadequate in the twisties!
    yeah i was thinking the more cc the more durable the engine would be. im trying to steer her towards a bolwell. and she likes the look of em anyway! they seem real good value, and the warrenty is pretty bloody good. she doesnt have the money for an italian scoot, and she doesnt want a 250cc, cause she reckons that would defeat the purpose of getting something light and nimble. so hopefully itll be a bolwell 150 or so. thanks for the pointers on mech and maint. and i dont think i'll be totally off the hook
    "why wont she start this morning?!?!?!"

    hell im looking forward to it, she reckons i should take it when she gets it down to road warriors in my one piece!! :LOL: :LOL:
    thanks agian mate!
  8. :LOL: you better make sure she is not wearing high hills on the scoot!! :LOL:
    the good thing about warranty is that if it doesn't start the mornings, you take it to the dealer and ask him to fix it!!! So don't do my mistake an buy it from a dealer 10 km away from home. Cause there is nothing better that taking it to him and say" i bought it from you, now FIX IT" :p :p

    When i was about to get my x8, i was in between x8 majesty and x9. It all came down to the test ride, my partner simply told my, get the x8. Apparently the pillion seat hight and width was the best for her + the extra storage under the seat. So thats the one i got and i'm really happy about it.
  9. The other one I gave serious consiferation to is the Bug Espresso. It's 150cc, reasonably priced, & has nice big wheels.
    Haven't heard a single bad report about them!

    I have a friend with a Bug Orion (200cc), & she's very happy with it!

    I don't know anyone who owns a Bolwell, but the reviews on them are always very favourable. They didn't have the range that the have now 18 months ago, so I didn't test ride any of them.
    Aussie Scooters has a 'Review your ride' section, & there are reviews of several Bolwell scoots in there. It's at http://www.aussiescooters.com/forum/index.php?board=2.0
  10. Plus it comes with a cappacino machine, full hi fi stereo, table setting and fully equipped kitchen and lounge and still goes like the bomb :LOL: :LOL:

    Ever thought of the MADASS thingamejigs

    Will (municeto) has one and it looks like so much fun!!!
  11. You forgot the beach chair!!!
    That's on a beverly400, but it still counts
  12. hey mate. i would recommend the vespa et4 150cc, or the newer lx 150. reliable, very comfy to ride and just made really well compared to the chinese competition. should be able to pick up a second hand one for around the same price as a new chinese scoot.
    there are a few easy mods you can do to the vespas to improve the acceleration and top speed if you needed to.
  13. you cant beat a vespa
  14. well, she put down a deposit on a Bug espresso 150 (the cream coloured one :sick: ) yesterday!
    thanks again to everyone for the advice, it was appreciated by both us!
    (more so me cause i dont have to give her a lift to uni every morning now :LOL: )
  15. Hi

    Have you considered the Piaggio MP3? It looks awesome - I saw one up Mt Glorious the other day.

    Try googling or youtuning Piaggio MP3!