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advice needed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Jack_17, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. hello guys

    my zzr250 bike cranks but wont start, i have been looking in the troubleshooting advice and found out that holding the ignition for 20secs then giving a little gas is worth try. After doing this it sounded like it was just about to start i was going to try again but want to know if this is any good for the bike besides flattening the battery.

  2. Have you sorted out the problem with the fuel leaking yet? Did it start after that or is this a continuation of the same drama? Have you returned the fuel tap to 'on'?

    A little bit more description of what does happen will help narrow down the options. Does it start to fire a bit then die, or are you getting nothing at all? If it's flooded try holding the trottle on full then keep it there as you hit the ignition. :)
  3. yes its the same situation (some friend was gonna have a look at it last night but forgot to).

    After holding the ignition for about 15sec it starts to fire but when i give a little gas it dies out and yes fuel is turned on. I proberly should mention that when i switch the fuel tap to PRI petrol starts leaking. I tried to find out where its coming from but screwed a screw when trying to take fairing off. and holding throtle on full while its flooded?

  4. I really think you need to get someone to have a look at it for you, or take it back to the shop. If it's the same problem, you'll only get the same answer as the last thread. If none of that advise helped, it's time to give it to an expert to play with. :wink:
  5. It will do that! The primer function is there to allow the bike to start quickly once the main tank has run out of fuel and you need to start in a hurry (i.e. in traffic). It shouldn't be used for any other purpose!

    Sounds like the bike is badly flooded to me.

    Most likely scenario: Keep turining the bike over until it will run on 1 cylinder under its own power. The second cylinder won't take long to start firing. *Don't use any throttle!*. If it has a choke, make sure it is turned off. Your battery may not last this long, so best to have jumper leads standing by. I would bet that this will get it going again.

    Worst case scenario: carbs will need to be drained.
  6. what would that cost?(im very poor) :)
  7. Try the most likely scenario first! If it still won't fire up by the time you have run the battery flat a couple of times, you could remove the spark plugs and check to see that they aren't too wet.

    How much will it cost? Do the above first....

    On my Bandit 250 it also had a PRI function on th tap, and I learned the hard way not to leave it on: when I got to the bike there was a pool of fuel beneath it, and it took forever to fire up.
  8. problem solved :)
    turns out the battery was crap. i switched my battery with my mums zzr250 and it kicked over. turns out the battery wasnt knew after all infact in was a pile of shit.