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Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by phedus, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Im coming off my RE license in about 3 months.

    I currently ride a little 1991 GPX 250 I got for $2500.00. I have some prior riding experience on 2 stroke and 4 stroke dirt bikes and been on the road the last 9 months nearly every day commuting and riding around the mountains here in QLD north-side of Brisbane. (Mee, Glorius, Nebo etc).

    I looking for a bike that I can commute on regularly if I want and take round the twisties and maybe tracks if I want.

    Bikes ive been looking into.

    sv650 (ridden)
    sv650s (ridden)
    street triple and tt600

    My budget will be 10k tops at the moment.

    This will be my first big road bike but at the same time Im more then ready for more power.

    Should I be looking at the 600's more so than the 1000's.

    Can i have as much fun on a naked as to a sport on the mountain tracks?

    Would love to hear from you all and also some recommendations you got.


  2. Not much difference in handling between sport and naked,
    If you drop a naked, very little damage,
    If you drop a full faired bike, More than likely a complete write off,
  3. What about the bar positioning? This is probably one of my biggest concerns over distances - and wind deflection also.
  4. I reckon you'll be wanting a 600 sports. Doesn't matter which brand. Very civilised for commuting, awesome power when you wind out the revs and the best handling you can get from a bike. I believe naked bikes are actually more fun through the twisty mountain roads, however if I hadn't cut my teeth on 600 sporties I probably wouldn't be having as much fun now. Good luck with your purchase.
  5. Bars, you put on to suit your self and your riding habits,
    I have 12 inch risers on mine, I do a lot of long miles, very comfy for me,
    I also have a double bubble for the wind,
    Its an individual thing,
  6. I've had an ER6-n for about 3 years and still love it. With decent tyres it can run with most bikes at road speeds if you work it hard (well maybe not a well ridden sport bike) and is a good little tourer. 400k+ in a day isn't a drama.
  7. Anyone riding a street tripple? Or any triumph for that matter? Whats service costs like compared to others. Always been told that are exy.
  8. Thanks for the replies so far too !
  9. nakeds help keep you honest, because you feel the speed more.
  10. Good point, thanks.
  11. My brother runs a street triple r and loves it. Servicing costs more however is only every 10,000ks so every 30K I service 5 times to his 3 so I think it balances out. Plus I think the StripleR is probably the most bike for your money so it's definitely worth a look
  12. Daytona 675 owner here, huge amounts of torque make it a breeze for no-brainer commuting...

    10k service intervals (opposed to the usual 6k for Japanese steeds), $350 odd for a minor service; $700~$900 for a major (dependent upon whether the values need adjusting). Those prices are from a Triumph dealer, prices can be found lower if you look around.
  13. great advice - thanks!
  14. I bought one a few months ago. Absolutely fantastic bike. I haven't really noticed that servicing is that much more expensive, although it has only been in for one service so far.
  15. I heard the stripple R's back brake is fairly touchy - anyone had this issue?
  16. Is anyone here riding a Triumph Sprint RS? few of these for sale on bikesales - around 5-8k mark. Would love any reviews you guys can give. Also a lot have around 30 - 50k km's on them - Can you tell me what intervals major services are by any chance?