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Advice needed - which Hornet 900

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gidds, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Have been patiently serving my time on P's on a GS500 but as of a couple of weeks ago I am P-free. Added bonus, the missus has lost the plot and offered to buy me a new (2nd hand) bike for my 30th!!

    Here's the easy bit - I know I want a Hornet 900. Reasons being: I like naked bikes, I want something with enough power and torque to handle lazy riding, virtually no (reasonable) negative comments on them that I could find on this or other sites and, errrr, I like them.

    The bike will be used for weekends away (50% with the better half on board, 50% having fun :grin: ) but no commuting.

    So here's the dilemma. I've looked at (and test ridden) two of 'em so far. One was an almost spotless 2002 model that has <10,000 kms, full service history and feels brand new. The other was an average condition 2005 model with about 25,000 on it which felt terrible due to VERY badly squared tyres. Price-wise, the 2005 was about $6.5k and the 2002 was about $7.5k. Neither bike has more than a couple of months' rego left.

    I've done a fair amount of research and discovered that there have been a few model changes since 2002 (the last being 2005?). A couple of questions:

    - Are the model changes significant enough for me to worry about going for a 2002? (Thinking about resale value more than anything)
    - Is $7500 over-priced for an 02 model?

    I almost parted with deposit cash when I test rode the 02, and walked away thinking I had just tested my new bike. But now I'm thinking I should hang on and see what else comes along.

    One other point to note, the bike won't be garaged. I'm thinking if I buy a mint bike it won't stay mint for long (resale value) whereas a slightly beaten bike won't suffer so much.

    In case you hadn't noticed, resale value is a consideration as I plan to resell the bike in about a year or so - I want to try plenty of different bikes y'see...

    Sorry for the long post. Would appreciate your thoughts, particularly around the differences between an 02 and an 05.

    Cheers all...Gidds
  2. ...... over to you, Loz ....

    {loz is our resident Hornet expert :)}
  3. Yes, since they were available for 11k rideaway for the last year that you could get them. But thats the asking price not the selling price ;)
  4. The 05 had a little bit of suspension adjustment on the forks, I think that was about it in terms of differences. I don't think it's much to worry about, you can change fork oil for $15 if you want more damping, and a few 5c washers will do the same as a preload knob if you're not scared of opening the sucker up.

    It sounds like the 02 you looked at has had a much easier life than the 05. I'd go bargaining on that one and look to get it down to the price of the other one. Which to be honest is an absolute steal for the sheer level of awesomeness the Hornet 9 posesses.

    The other way to look at it, of course, is that for a few hundred bucks you'll be able to bring the 05 one up to the same level of tightness as the other one. A new set of tyres will transform the handling, and if the chain needs replacing that will make the gearbox and powertrain feel awesome too. The motor's pretty much bulletproof, it doesn't matter how that's been treated because it's so understressed in the Hornet state of tune.

    If the bike's been wet much the rear wheel bearings tend to cop a bit of rust because the water isn't able to escape from the poor rear wheel design... So check that rear wheel for smoothness if you can get it off the groud for a look-see.

    Oh, and a centrestand is a very handy addition if either bike has one of those.

    Go get em tiger, you'll love it. They're a beaut bike.
  5. I've just picked up one of these myself, except I got a brand new one (there's still a few around in the Honda dealerships). If you've got the money, they're only another few grand for a brand new one! I love these bikes, they're just...good. :grin:
  6. mate.. seriously.. save for a few more months and buy a new one..
    they are now $9990 plus ORC.. the bargain of the year..
  7. Thanks guys for your opinions and apologies for the delay in responding.

    I'm still undecided. A brand spanker is out of the question due to my complete lack of patience - also I plan to try a different bike every year or so, so the depreciation hit would be too much.

    Loz, thanks for the thoughts and pointers.

    I can't stop coming back to the fact that I really fell in love with the 02 as soon as I saw it, even more so when I rode it!! We'll see what happens in terms of the bargaining...$50 says I lose!

    Cheers again all.
  8. mate.. $7.5K for a 6 yr old bike. . you will lose big time with that come trade-in/private sale time..

    I sold a 2006 with perfect one owner service history, bars, knobs, Remus pipes with 40K on it for $7K.. and that is through a shop.. and the 06 still had factory warranty..

    Christ, we sold our 2007 demo with 7000km's on it for $9K ride away..
    that is only $1500...

  9. Thanks Warna.

    There are a couple of ex-demo's on bikesales etc. Just not so keen on a bike that has probably (ok definitely) been ragged senseless by 100+ joyriders. Or is that nothing to worry about?

    I see what you're saying about it being a 6 year old bike. But it's 7000 kms and virtually mint - it feels like a brand new bike compared to the others I've tested.

  10. our demo had only been ridden by about 10-20 mature riders..
    we dont just let anyone take them out for joyrides.. I wouldn't hesitate buying a demo bike.. infact.. my own bike is an ex-demo

    even though the 02 is only 7000km's.. (which seems dodgy), it's still a six yr old bike mate..

    if you plan on selling within 12 months as you mentioned.. I would not buy that.. infact.. doesnt matter when you were selling it.. I'd still not pay that for a 6yr old model..

    there are heaps of better deals about..




    heaps of MUCH better deals there mate.. the last one being the best IMO..
  12. Warna - the first of those was the 05 I tested. Maybe it was just the squared tyres but it felt...wrong...maybe because I had just come from the other test ride. Also a bit concerned about buying a bike from someone who could allow the tyres to get that bad - especially as the rego is already out.

    Yeah that last one does look like a far better deal but it's in VIC...bugger :(

    Looking at the other 02's on bikesales though, this one has got far fewer k's on it (assuming it's legit, which I think it is as the log book is all stamped up incl kms).

    Actually, should mention - it's an 02 model that was first registered in 03. OK, that makes almost no difference I know...

    Hornit - yes she does but you wouldn't like her......she hates bikes :eek:

    Colour-wise, most of the 05s I've seen are that cherry red. Haven't seen a black one, which is a shame as I think black looks great.

    OK, I think I may be seeing sense...I'd do anything for a bit more patience.
  13. mate.. most dealers can send a bike anywhere around Australia for $300 - $400

    I know the guys at Metro quite well.. I can find out more info on that bike if you want..
  14. I wouldn't stress about an ex-demo - mine, as it turned out, used to be a f*cking press bike. It would have had seven shades of shit thrashed out of it by every low-down bastard journo in the country. And it was still a beauty!
  15. yep... including Wooty most probably :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Appreciate the offer Warna. I would be interested to know more from someone on the inside, but don't go to any trouble - if I'm honest I can't see me taking a flight to VIC for a test ride.

    As gutted as I am that I won't have a new bike in the next 36 hours, I think I'll hold off for now. Maybe I'll keep my eye out for an ex-demo.

    Really appreciate all of your thoughts & advice, especially those who have saved me from my impulses and impatience...
  17. its no problem mate.. a 1 min phone call may reveal all..

    really though.. I wouldnt bother with a test ride - especially if you still have factory warranty remaining and you have ridden that model before.. plus buying form a big dealership does give piece of mind.. and Metro dont sell crap..

    just dont buy something impulsively.. thats the worst mistake you can make and it often ends in tears
  18. What the ?? Really, no test ride? That's crazy talk! (Just kidding)

    Do people really buy bikes without test riding first?
  19. my dad bought his speed triple from WA without a test ride.

    you can always ask one of the VIC netriders if they want to take it for a blast for you.

    I can think of one who might crack a woody if you said 'can you test this Hornet 900 for me' :LOL:
  20. I'd go for a demo! IMHO, you just can't get more bang for buck than that!! Awesome bike at the kind of prices that they are being let go. :grin: