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Advice Needed - Tall Guy Wants to Buy 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Aussie Digger, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Well after a large number of years off a bike - it's time to get back on one.

    Here's the rub: I need to do my license so I need a 250cc jobby BUT i'm a 6ft 2' guy weighing 13 stone.

    So I have 2 x questions for you:

    1.) Ideally I would like a road bike. What 250cc bikes do tall guys buy. I'm worried that I'll look a right tool on a small bike. Maybe a dual bike could be the go :?:

    2.) Ideally I would like the bike to have some 'go' in it.
    No point buying a bike that doesn't have the power to pull your foreskin back :shock:

    I figured on spending 4k (or less)

    OK I know I'm probably asking the world.... :?

    Thanks in advance.

    Aussie Digger
  2. dude !
    Look for something bigger !

    You'll get confused to being this dudes side kick . . . . :eek:


    I think the biggest 250 out there is the Honda Hornet.
    But you need to go grey-import for one of them.

    Why not look for a motard like bike ?
    I'm sure used DRZ400s are in your price bracket.
  3. Yeah, would love to get a bigger bike initally but the law doesn't provide for that.....pfft

    That could well be me in that piccy too....the clown on the red bike LOL

    So it's 12 months on a 250cc.

    Thanks for the tip on the Hornet.

    Any more suggestions out there?

  4. ooops, sorry, forgot about the Vic 250cc rule.
  5. yep......gutted mate...gutted
  6. hornets nowhere near the biggest, but it is a shitload better than the fully faired options. pretty sure the comet is about as big as it gets without going dirt squirter, and the later bandit can be made just as tall with a fairly easy mod.
  7. Thanks for that Coconuts....good stuff
  8. I know somebody that is 6 foot something and weighs heaps and rides a rs250, that isnt the biggest of bikes. He just seems to run his legs along the side of the bike.
    Quite a sight though.
  9. im 5ft 10' , 61Kg with a CBR250RR

    and its is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to small

    the power is there, but, at times you dawf the bike and gets rather uncomfortable.
  10. 1)kawasaki elimnitaor is a longish bike
    2)hyosung gtr 250's are on the tallish side
    3)virago's arent too bad for long legs also

    Dont forget to up the rear shock a bit for when your feet are down
  11. Any views on the Hyosung 250? Good, bad or indifferent? I looked at one of these at the weekend but didn't know the brand so I guessed that they may not be any good....

    Cheers for all the information everyone, defo helps me :)

  12. Gyday Aussie Digger and welcome to the forum.

    I’ve heard mixed reports on the little Hyosung 250. Pretty much along the lines of “poor build quality and crappy brakes”. Mind you, don’t believe everything you read on the internet :grin: I personally love the look of them but unfortunately haven’t had the chance to throw my leg over one so my opinion lacks merit.

    At 6ft 2’ you’re going to find all the fully faired crotch rockets (cbr250, zx2r, fzr250 ect all a bit small. I’m 5ft 11’ and I feel very uncomfortable on those bikes after a little while.

    The VTR250 is a good bike for the bigger guys because of its upright riding position and good ground clearance. The little bandits are also a bike that feel/look a lot bigger then they really are. A cruiser style bike like the virago 250 is another option but they tend to be a bit slower then the more “sporty” 250’s

    Most of your 250 trail bikes will be plenty big enough and very cheap to service/look after which is a plus if you only intend on having the bike for 12 months.

    Best answer to this problem is to get out and sit or even better; ride as many bikes as you can until you find one that fits you nicely.

    Anyway, it 2.40am and I’m sleep deprived (damn you uni!! :evil:) and I can’t think of anymore bikes. Cheerio!
  13. Not a bad learner bike you can even get the full faired version but i dont think its in your price range!?
    GS500 is a great bike as well!
  14. Hi Aussie Digger, Im 6 ft 4 and I ride a VTR and find Its not too bad.

    Its one of the bigger 250s around, you might pick up for 4k probably closer to 5k, though its worth the stretch.

    Very good and reliable bike and you wont lose anything on the resale in 12 months.

    welcome to the forum. :)
  15. i learnt on the honda vtr 250 and i am about 185cm and 93kg.
    the vtr was comfy and fitted me well (unlike the spada - knees around my ears). knees fitted the tank nice, power was there (but as with most 250's lacks top end speed) but still a great bike.
  16. You could alwayd try the Hyosung Comet 250 or 650 (naked) there pretty good for the taller rider....
  17. Hi Everyone,

    You guys rock, thanks for the warm wlecome and I really appreciate your information and tips.
    Based on what I have read here and on other bike review sites I think it'll be a toss up between the Hyosung and the VTR with price being the determining factor.

    I figure $4k on the bike and $1k on helmet, gloves and protective jacket.

    OK the next question I have (sorry about all the questions):

    Who are the relieable bike retailers (used) in Melbourne? Or which retailers or stay away from.

  18. One bike that hasnt been suggested yet - Kwaka ZZR 250. I'm 6 foot 2 as well and it's fine for me. It's got fairings, but it's not a real crotch rocket riding position, so its's a lot more comfortable for the taller gentleman.
  19. hey im 6.2 man and i had a honda hornet 250, cbr motor, big brakes, and it uses heaps of cb600 hornet parts, pegs blinkers air filter etc so no dramas with parts, they look more like a big bike and wont look small on you and they use proper sport tyre sizes with a 180 rear on em fantastic bike
  20. I ended up going for a Hyosung GT 250 Comet after trying out the baby blade and even the zzr 250 felt too tiny for me, felt as though my knees were dragging on the ground. But im only 5'9, kinda tall for a girl but compared to guys in thr 6 foot range they seem to cope fine. it comes down to what your gonna feel comfy on. Best to sit on as many as possible before making a definate decision.
    Also check some bike places out or the place u plan to purchase the bike from as they may have a learners package or offer you a discount on some gear considering you are buying a bike from them... worth haggling for...
    best of luck.