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Advice needed - Short torso and arms

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by v-petn, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Well I'm due to get my full licence in 3 weeks time and need some advice on which bike to upgrade. My budget is limited ($7000). I not a tall guy, 167cm with long legs. This might be a stupid question but does anyone know which bike has the shortest reach from the seat to the handlebar? I have a short torso and arms so I don't feel comfortable stretching out and basically look like i'm laying on the tank.

    Below are the bikes I really like:
    02 - 03 R1
    03 - 05 R6
    05 gsxr750
    03 - 04 zx6r

    I've taken my friends 05 zx6r for a ride and besides from it feeling like riding a tank, it did feel comfortable enough without me stretching too much.

    In 3 weeks time I will go to the dealers and take them all for a test ride. But for now, can any one help me out? If I've missed any bikes, please let me know.
  2. hire a litre bike for a day. spend 8 hours on the main jet, hey presto -> longer arms.

    maybe look at comfort kits or maybe something other than a RR. believe it or not some bikes are more fun to ride around than RR's and a hell of allot more comfy
  3. Yeah I've thought of other types of bikes like crusiers and stuff but just doesn't suit me. I previously had a zzr250 and while it was comfy on longer rides, i didn't really enjoy riding it... I sold that and got a cbr250rr... I prefer the sports bike..
  4. You can get risers to raise the bars - there's a Blackbird on here somewhere with 300mm risers!

    It's not really a question that anyone can answer with raw measurements, it just comes down to how it feels to you. I've always found GSXRs are a good fit for me, though from your list I think you might struggle to find a good 05 750 for $7000.

    Enjoy the hunt!
  5. im about same height as you and i own a 03 R6, Not the most comfy bike for commuting but i can still reach that. Strangly enough when i rode a GSX 1000R K6 it felt tiny in actual size, I can flat foot the ground both foot and reach the handles no problems what so ever, give it a try maybe you'll like it just sit on one and you'll konw what I mean. I rode my friends 08 600Hornet and its the most comfy thing ever its so upright yet still has the power to get you out of trouble and best yet is you can turn on a dime since its upright position has good arm lenght but was just a tad slightly too high for me had to tip toe to reverse.

    You don't want to get lower links and dog bones and stuff it would just ruin the geometry of the bike on what its designed for easy flickability. Just leave it as stock as much as possible on angle setup but you can change the rest.
  6. With short arms you're much better off riding a standard styled bike... something like a Z750 would suit.

    If you really want to ride a sports styled bike then maybe have a look at a CBR400 or VFR400 as they are physically smaller bikes.
  7. Give this ago::p

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  8. lol i love it