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advice needed on servicing

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by zillar5, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Hi, I'm a newby here just got my ZX250RC a couple of months ago .. and my Ls last friday !! loving it to say the least.

    The bikes done 9000km and i need to get it serviced .. i know its a tough question but what is the rough going rate for bike servicing ? i got quoted approx $250, does this sound expensive ? i know its depends on the type of oil etc. but i didn't expect it to be more than a car ?

    Also any thoughts on whos good near Berwick 3805 area ?

    thanks in advance !
  2. That price is about right for basic service (Thats about what i'm paying :? )

    oh and welcome :D
  3. welcome zillar5, to our fun little forum, and to the wonderful world of motorcycling. Repeat after me 'I will keep the rubber side downwards'.


    Expect to pay between 200 and 300 for a bike service; it's one of the inevitabilities of owning a bike.

    Make sure you get an itemised account, and also to ask the wrench to flag with you work that will need doing at the next service, and the one beyond, and the cost, so you can be prepared for that expense.
  4. Not if you do the work yourself, certainly nothing on a basic service that should be too difficult for most people to have a go at. Oh and welcome to the forums Zillar5.
  5. Hey c'mon jd, of course it's cheaper if you do it yourself. But that wasn't what was asked.......
  6. Try pete the pom ... send him a pm. Even if he quotes you the same amount you know you will be getting more for your money - and a well known, trusted mechanic.
  7. True, which means that paying 200-300 bucks for a service is not an "inevitability of owning a bike" but a choice.
  8. I wass guessing that since zillar had asked about the cost of getting a mechanic to service the bike, that doing it him/herself was not an option.

    Anyhoo, I know what you mean

    (I could do my own services, but I pay someone else, my choice)
  9. That's okay, I could pay someone else to do my servicing but I prefer to do it myself .
  10. Welcome,

    there are some shops an Pakenham, Yamaha dealer on bald hill road and wrecker in purton rd who also services and repairs. I have dealt with both and am happy.

    good luck and may see you around
  11. Pete the pom is well worth the trip.....and the peace of mind of a trusted mechanic serviced the bike.
    DONT GO NEAR PETER STEVENS. They add bits without telling you.!
  12. Thankyou all for your responses !

    hornet600, "i will keep the rubber side downwards"

    I took Karly (the kwaka) to Petes Pitstop he came highly recommended. I started having withdrawals as soon as i dropped it off !

    jd, i will take the time to do my own services, I just bought it so dont want to take any risks :)

    Sttokie, how do i get in contact with pete the pom ?

    Thanks again everybody !