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VIC Advice needed on insurance repair

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by MotorBoat_MyGoat, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Yo,
    Long story short my bike has been in repair for the past 3 months. I had a really silly accident when it was typical Melbourne cold/wet and I was rather tired. Bad combination, but it happens.

    Insurer: Swann.
    Repairer: I would name them but in interest of being fair I will only name them after the outcome. (*)

    Approximate repairs:
    -Right side fairings.
    -Front light (right).
    -Replacement tank (+respray of the tank itself) & fuel pump.
    -Grip protector.
    -Right side indicator.

    That's it, pretty simple fix given it's a MY13 R6 ~ They have been roughly the same structurally since 08'. Now, I had to pay my excess (fair enough) but I call my insurer about once a week to get an update and all I was getting told was "We can't give a date because they are waiting on parts".

    They HAD the parts but then discovered they needed a bracket (The people who inspected the bike on behalf of Swann missed that).

    ....Okay fair enough...So now it's time that is being wasted, and nobody is telling me anything. You don't order a part and get told "it will be there when it gets there" yet they refuse to give me a time frame, and being a night shift worker it has been a f*$%ing pain in the arse getting to/from work.

    Do I have any options left here? I have had to hold in my temper when I was being BS'ed by the telephone peoples. Any advice would be appreciated on how to handle this, given it has been my first insurance claim/repair.

  2. Yo,

    I wouldn't think parts for a late model run of the mill bike would be all that difficult to source. Freight from Japan to here will almost certainly be sea freight, and if you ordered a part that was on the boat and the boat just left the Jap port, it could be a few weeks before that boat gets here with the parts.

    If that is the only hold up, I would be pressuring them to air freight one in given the time frame and fact their loss adjuster missed it for replacement at the time of inspection, or you can source it perhaps from the USA yourself and ask them to discount your excess by the same amount they pay for the part.

    You really don't have much in the way of redress at this point, as it seems they are trying to carry out the repair, and parts availability is beyond their reasonable control.
    If you know the part number or description of the part, try sourcing it here yourself, see if it is in stock at Yamaha. That will tell you if parts are really the issue.
  3. If its a US$2 part, go to partshark.com order and pay for it yourself and it will be here in a week. Give it to them and ask them politely to stop vacillating, and get your bike back.
  4. If it were a complicated fix I wouldn't be pestering them so much, but they have proved to be beyond incompetent.

    A - The assessors missed a few parts, and ofcourse this costs me yet more time.
    B - Swann forwarded me the repair list and confused it with an unclaimed accessories list, asking me for immediate payment. Beyond f*#king incompetent.

    @mike8863@mike8863 I would mate but that defeats the purpose of full comp, however at this rate I am starting to doubt it's worth.

    @TWEET@TWEET I asked about where the parts are sourced from (obvious guess being Japan) but they have told me they can't be sure. I would call the repairer directly but they are as useless as a cotton candy dildo.
  5. Bout time to talk to the insurance ombudsman. Just make a casual enquirey.
  6. I have, but you have to call up your insurer to let them know you are filing a complaint before you actually file it to give them a chance to redeem themselves. :wtf:
  7. I'm in the car repair industry.
    In defence of the assessor, his job is to assess the damage ensuring it's consistent with the claim and the repair methods are appropriate.
    In defence of the repairer, vehicles are usually not stripped down for quoting purposes, hence why small incidental parts can easily be missed.
    When you order parts ex-overseas, you are never given an exact date of delivery, probably because they can then be held accountable.
    In hindsight, you should have ticked the box and paid the premium for a replacement vehicle in the unfortunate event of a claim.

    As has been said, your complaint must be lodged with the insurers IDR department, then the ombudsman. In your case, neither can resolve the issue.