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Advice needed: Moving on from a scooter, which of these bikes would be good?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ZombieM, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    New to here and looking for some advice.

    I've been riding a Piaggio Fly 150 scooter for about a year and a half and got my unrestricted licence in Feb, I'm older so only had to have my Ps for a year. And so while I have over a year's riding experience as a commuter in heavy traffic on the scooter I only have about four to six hours worth of experience on a geared bike, a 250.

    The Fly 150 has been great for zipping around the city, I'm a very confident rider on it, but now I'm looking to buy a geared bike and have something bigger that I can daily commute on as well as do some distance on. No huge travels, just over night sort of thing on weekends.

    I've been thinking of getting the unrestricted version of the 2015 Kawasaki Versys 650 but am also thinking of the 650 V-Strom and the BMW F700GS. I like the more upright sitting position.

    However a friend has put it in my head that these bikes are under powered and that in a couple months I will regret my choice. He has suggested the Kawasaki Z800 and Yamaha MT-09 as an option.

    The Z800 and MT-09 look great but I'm not sure if its something thats gonna be useful trying to learn geared bike riding on and to daily commute on, but also I'm now worried that maybe the Versys etc will be underpowered?

    Does anyone have any advice on which of these bikes is a good bike to not only do daily commutes on and get away on over weekends but also make the move from a 150 scooter to geared motorbike riding. Or have any other bikes to suggest?

    Whatever bike I buy I will want it serve me well for about two years before moving on. Budget wise these bikes look good.

    Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated as right now I'm pretty confused.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. I have a gladius, which has the same engine as the v-strom 650.
    They aren't super fast but they aren't underpowered either, maybe you should check out the 1000 versions of the v-strom and versys, or check out the gsr750.
  3. I spent 6 years on a 200 scooter and went to the Er6n. Been on it for about 3 years and the power is fine for me. The upright seating position is pretty good for transition from a scooter. If you are the type of person to buy a scooter than I doubt you are the type of person who will get bored of a bigger bike quickly.

    Going to a geared bike won't take too long to adjust to if you drive a manual car. Should only take a few days.
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  4. Mate go and ride all of them. That should help take out anything you absolutely don't like. Then its just a case of choosing the one you like most - you ideally want to fall in love with something, you know, get on it for a spin, feels awesome, something clicks, and you just know its the one for you. Enjoy!!
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  5. Please start off small if you are new to clutches. Popping the MT09 clutch would not end well. :arghh:
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  6. It depends who you ride with. The moment I started chasing proper sportsbikes was the day I started wanting more power, hedonistic shift is a bastard.
  7. I'd agree with this entirely. Dropping the clutch on a 250/300 isn't too bad if you do, on something much larger it will be a problem.

    Also, buy the bike YOU want, not want your mates 'think'.
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  8. Also check out http://cycle-ergo.com/ for approximate sizing, even before you go and sit on any for real.
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  9. If you're not doing track days you don't really need more than a 650. Maybe your friend doesn't ride very well and needs the extra power to go fast? Have a look at the Street Triple. Its more refined than the versys or v strom. Loses a bit in acceleration to the bigger bikes but makes up for it in the corners. You won't have a problem riding whatever you choose. (I went from a scooter to an er6n to a street triple)
  10. Don't sell the scooter! No one bike does it all. Once you drop the need for "good commuting" you will get a much better bike for your weekend scratching (if only better mirrors!). Are you happy to leave you brand new bike 5cm away from the beaten up commuter scooters when parking?

    I'm tempted to get a scooter to continue commuting on if I ever get around to upgrading my bike.
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  11. Thanks for the advice guys. It's pretty much backing up what I'm already thinking, which is good to hear.

    I'm going to do a day of test riding tomorrow and on Saturday so hopefully by the end of it I'll know which one feels right for me and can talk the guy/girl into giving me a decent price and just go for it.

    I will be holding on to the scooter. It's not sexy but I love zipping around on that thing.
  12. Ride everything. Buy the one you like the most.
  13. Don't forget to include the Honda CB500X in your deliberations, very similar seating position to the other two. I ended up choosing the V-strom because I thought it felt better under me plus at the time of buying I could get a new V-strom for only $500 more than the CB500X. I was considering the Kawasaki Versys also but the local dealer never had one in stock to try even sitting on and I also heard the engine wasn't as docile (from my Q Ride instructor), that combined with not liking the really high tail on the Versys. I haven't had the V-strom long it's still in running in mode but even revving to 5000 RPM it easily leaves most cars for dead. In the end I totally agree with b12mick, buy the one YOU like most.
  14. Buying a bike is so personal, it depends on so many factors.

    Firstly those bikes you mentioned are at least 60 - 100 kilos heavier than your current ride. This does affect slow riding , also all those bikes you mentioned will power wheelie in 2nd gear not to mention the ability to crack 100kph in less than 4 seconds.

    You need to ride them, research them and ask other owners. Lets face it, going from a 150cc to 800cc will need a lot of practice and time, plus you have to be honest with your ability. One last thing is insurance, get quotes before you decide.

    Whatever you decide good luck......

    PS. The Street Triple is an awesome ride.
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  15. This and the height of those bikes. All adventure tourers are tall, which means their centre of gravity is higher, making their weight even harder to control at low speed/standstill. And if you're not too tall yourself, it will be almost impossible for you to place both your feet firmly onto the ground while standing in traffic; you will have to tippy-toe all the time. I'm not saying adventure tourers are bad, I just want to make sure you know what you are after as this seems to be a dramatic change of riding posture. But as other said before me, try to testride or at the very least seat on each one for several minutes to get the first-hand experience of the riding posture, height and weight.

    Oh, one more thing. As you are obviously have no prejudice against scooters, have you considered a Burgman 600 or something similar? Seems like a good choice in your case, unless you are specifically aiming for a geared bike or something with 800+ ccs.
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  16. Good point Siilk.....
  17. Thanks again for all the input guys.

    Bit of an update, if anyone is interested?

    Test rode a few bikes today. Started with an older model Versys (as the dealer I first went to didn't have a new one in stock) and I was pretty impressed with it. I found it easy to ride and it was very comfortable. It seemed to have plenty of power, got to hit the freeway for a bit and doing 90/100km it still had plenty to pull away from traffic.

    Next I tried the Z800. Not for me. Exciting to get on and try but I don't think I could ride it daily, not a comfortable riding position for me.

    Then I tried sitting on a BMW F700GS. Didn't take it out as it just didn't feel right for me. Very high skinny bike I felt.

    I then went to a dealer who has a current Versys I could ride. Pretty much liked it as much as the older one except I had problems getting my large foot under the gear lever, I'm sure that's a easy adjustment though. Also it didn't feel very forgiving in gear selection and did shunt about a bit if I wasn't in the right one.

    After that I tried a MT-09 Tracer. Loved it. Very exciting to ride and a very comfortable bike for me to sit on. It's very powerful and quick off the mark, I didn't ever feel like it was getting away from me but I can totally see how it might. In saying that though I did feel it was a smooth bike to ride and didn't give me any shunts like the Versys. Maybe that's the difference in a parallel twin vs a triple or maybe it's practice and getting use to the bike??

    At this stage I'm debating between the Versys and Tracer. I'm confident I could ride the Versys fine and be very happy with it. As for the Tracer, it was great but I am going to test ride it again on Saturday to see if it's too much bike and if maybe I just got excited being on such a cool bike. I also want to try a V-Strom if I can find someone who has a demo available.

    Getting closer :)
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