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Advice needed: Gear change on GPX250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by chops, May 25, 2006.

  1. I've got a GPX250 and recently the chain came off and it spat the front sprocket. I've replaced the front sprocket, plate & bolts, the chain & adjusted everything up.

    Now, I can only change from neutral up into second and back again. I can't get it down into first, it just won't budge, and it won't change up any higher than 3rd. I'm guessing the chain mishap has caused some damage to the gearbox.

    Is there anything I can check that's not too tricky? I'm not the most mechnically minded, and I live in a very remote area, so there're no bike mechanics for a few hunderd kms!
  2. You are changing gears while running and moving?
    My ZZR has refused to do anything other than go to second while it had a flat battery and had to push start.
  3. I'm not qualified to comment... but it sounds terminal.

    Get yourself a GPX workshop manual... that will be a start.


  4. chain too tight?
    how much play do you have?
  5. Chops...remote? No mechs for hundreds of miles..bloody hell mate where are you?

    Ok..give me a number you can be reached at during the day. I'll get me bike mech mate to give you a ring and he may be able to give you a good idea of the problem.

    You'll have to post the number here mate, you cannot do Private Messages until you have made 10 posts or more.
  6. Thanks, that would be appreciated.

    Daytime number is 08 xxxx xxxx
  7. Ok Chops and I had a conversation this morning.

    My mech mate reckons it's best case scenario the gear selector.
    Worse case, damage deeper into the gearbox.

    Chops has a manual and is going to have a go at a look-see and possible repair.

    If there's anyone who knows gearboxs who lives anywhere near Ayers Rock that would be a help.

    He is not near Alice Springs.

    It's my thought that a car mechanic would be able to help with a repair because let's face it, a manual gearbox is a manual gearbox.
  8. Not so. Bike gearboxes differ greatly from car gearboxes.
    Could the chain have damaged the gear selector rod? I know on the old Z's, if a chain lets go it can bend/damage the selector shaft. Could be with some delicate bending it may work. I can't see a chain letting go damaging a gearbox, over reving an engine maybe.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. The gear selector rod is what we're talking about.

    Re car mechs; I don't have a car so I don't know, but are you telling me that a bike gearbox is so completly different from a manual car, that a car mech, who can refer to the bikes workshop manual would be clueless?
  10. .....hate to put a damper on things but, I had a very similar problem (different model bike though) and a car mechanic had a look etc. and diagnosed it totally wrong and I wasted money!
    I finally took it to a bike mechanic and the end result, ......motor and gearbox removed from bike and split the cases to find the problem.
    Gear selector was ok but one of the bearings was shot!
    ...Good Luck!
  11. I'll not mention car mechs again then.

    Strange hey...one would think a good mechanic could picture different drive/gearbox systems and how they work, especially if he had a manual to refer to.