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Advice needed for trail bike purchase

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Paige, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. My partner and I have just moved onto a 90 acre property wth a wicked steep gravel driveway- so our Meantreak has to go. We want a road registerable dirt bike that's semi comfortable and has some go (it's a big jump from a 1500!). The only possible glitch is my partners size- she's not a hell of a lot over 5ft....so we want to know what bikes are best for on AND off road play, and are there any in particular that are a little lower than the average?

    Thanks in advance!

    paige and kirrily
  2. Budget? And just the one bike you share and pillion on?

    How much other dirt riding you want to do?

    AFAIK, the DR650 and BMW GS650 have lowering kits. The 650 Strom whilst not as fire trail ready, also has an OK seat height and could be your best bet for pillion.
  3. I'm short and had no problems with a Honda SL250 (road/trail)

    The other bike I had was a Yamaha TTR (LW) 125 (road reg version) which has been discontinued. That was very lightweight and very low seat height.
  4. I've cruised all my local shops today and I have to say that I'm erring very much on the side of the DR650. Good all rounder, good for the vertically challenged, bullet proof and not too exy. There's a 98 with 26 thousand on the clock up in Brissy for 4k, so I might go up and check it out.

    Thanks for the help.

  5. Cant go wrong with a postie bike :LOL:
  6. The DR650 will do all you want and more...dirt touring, commuting, single track, twisties, two up you name it.

    The DR650 doesn't have too much maintenance requirements and can be lowered easily from the factory setting you just need to get the smaller side stand or cut the existing one down to size.

    I have had mine from new for 2 years and it is here to stay.
  7. yeah...I don't think there's another all rounder that compares. I've read about 200 threads in the last few days and I can't find one unfavourable review. There's a really nice yellow 05 model with just on 10k that I'm negotiating on- it's at a good price that will leave me with enough change to get the suspension done, a long range tank, a corbin and some luggage :grin: BRING IT!
  8. id go a postie bike

    used to have one, nice and cheap. easy to fix up.
  9. Hmmmm....I think the step down from a 1500 might be a little jarring. Thnx anyway.