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advice needed for rego, greenslip and insurance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WeeBubba, May 16, 2011.

  1. hi all

    my rego, greenslip and insurance is all up for renewal. im with nrma. this totals out at like $900.

    thing is I get off my P plates in 3 months. being a pom im unsure of how thsi works. so im wondering, if I sell the GS in 3 months and get another bike, will I be able to recover or transfer the CTP and insurance payment? or will i be up for another $900 in 3 months time? if so am seriously considering selling the GS now and using the bus for 3 months. cheers for any advice with this
  2. if you sell the bike you will get a pro-rata refund of your insurance, and of your registration. Not sure about your green slip.....
  3. thanks for that

    i just rang nrma and they said ctp stays with the bike, BUT i can get a 6 month rego and CTP instead which is halving the cost. whereas the fully comp part is refundable/transferrable as you say
  4. If you sell the bike without cancelling anything the remaining registration and greenslip will transfer automatically to the new owner (any comprehensive insurance etc you have you should cancel yourself with your provider for a refund on the unused portion)

    If you cancel the registration and greenslip before sale you will recieve a refund on the unused portion, but then you have to sell the bike as unregistered (as its now unregistered)
  5. This is correct.
  6. FYI

    i used the online greenslip comparer calculator. it ended up saving me 50 bucks on a 6 month CTP. GIO turned out to be much cheaper than nrma for me
  7. great website that (saves me $150 every year as there is always one company much cheaper than the rest, this seems to change alot tho so keep inmind GIO might not be the cheapest next time round it pays to recheck)
  8. does that mean, if selling, it would be unregistered?

    i can vouch for the insurance. sold my bike recently and rang up insurance co. to be refunded a piddly amount.

    crap part was it wasn't too long after paying ctp, rego...though, a longer rego was incentive for a quicker sale(to the buyer obviously). that's life...
  9. err, I may have misled there, I was thinking of my recent experience with a written off car. of course, the new owner transfers the registration and pays the transfer fee, so registration would not be refunded

    my sorry :oops:
  10. if you sell it registered - The remaining registration and CTP greenslip auto transfers to the new owner. You do NOT get a refund (its no longer your registration or CTP its the new owners) You may auto recieve a refund on the comprehensive insurance assuming that the company involved is alerted to the sale (dont count on this happening though)

    If you want to cash in the Rego and CTP you can, but this must be done before you sell the bike (else its no longer your rego and CTP to cancel and they wont do it)

    If you do cancel them before you sell, the bike is no longer registered and must be sold as a unregistered bike (makes it harder to sell)

    Comprehensive insurance wont automatically transfer to new owners (or at least is no longer valid) as its insured for your particulars, location its garaged and your previous riding history (speeding tickets etc) not some unknown buyer.

    If you sell make sure you cancel your comprehensive insurance yourself, else transfer it to another bike (which might make your premiums etc change and you will have to provide all the new bikes details)