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Advice needed for purchasing 1st bike please!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Guest, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. hello ya'll

    ive been a member here since late last year but
    havent been back here for few months as i've been

    i got my learners in jan 05 just b4 i left & havent ridden
    a bike since :oops:

    next w/end im going out to buy a new 250cc

    need your advice on which bike u reckon i should get
    bc i know f*ckall about bikes :LOL:

    looking at getting either of the following 250cc's :

    Yamaha FZR250R
    Kawasaki ZXR
    Kawasaki ZX2C250
    Honda CBR250R

    Any advice is appreciated.. & good 2B back here as well!
  2. What are you looking for in the bike? Commuter, tourer? Do you want something with a bit of zip? Do you want a cruiser/sports bike etc?

    Personally speaking I reckon avoid the CB250 as they're gutless but i'm no 250cc expert either. Have a mate that may be selling an FZR, ridden it myself, goes well, blody uncomfortable for any distance riding though (IMO).
  3. Dirt bike with Rego, may as well make the most of having to put up with being limited to a 250.
  4. As long as you are prepared to put up with the deficiencies of a dirt bike in road riding conditions (marginal tyres, less-than ideal brakes) buying a dirt bike is actually a good move. You can learn pretty much all you want and need to know about the road and can also ride off road and hone your sliding/anticipation skills there.

    If you're not keen on that, then look at a road 250 that you can live with; ie reasonably comfortable around town and on a trip. There's nothing worse around town than the exaggerated superbike riding position. It's a pain just about everywhere.

    My 2 cent's woth.
  5. There is nothing wrong with dirt bike tyres on the road, in fact dirtbikes handle the road very well, the extra diameter in rim size being one advantage.
    As far as brakes go, modern dirt bikes have great brakes.
  6. Well personally I'd go for either an RS250 or a Hornet but each to their own....
  7. Also what's your budget? some of those road bike will be expensive to insure with full comp and being a learner.
  8. I wouldn't by a new 250. Get an old RZ, RGV or KR two-stroke.
  9. I rode a fzr250 for 3 years (first bike) and found it to be great. For me it was more comfortable than teh honda and kawasaki, and I also liked it because it was not as common. One problem with the fzr250 is that they are all grey imports and thus parts and insurance are issues (and if you are a DIY type person there is no manual in english).

    The ones that you mention are probably the most powerful 4-stroke 250's out there, but in all honesty it is the rider who makes the difference - I would put my money on a good rider on a less powerful bike (within reason) than an ok rider on a more powerful bike. As such find the one you feel most comfortable on as it will probably be the one that will 'encourage' you to become better.

    Best advice is to sit on (and try if you are willing) as many bikes as you can. Also look at the zzr's, acrosses, etc. as you never know what will suit you best.
  10. Did you have a browse (or search) through the Bike Reviews forum? I'm sure each of the bikes you mentioned is discussd in there.
  11. No matter what you buy make sure you have it inspected by one of the companys around that check bikes over. Well worth the money.
  12. after being here for a few months now i can see how most people ignore these posts now :D

    sorry for when i asked guys :D

    but ye search tool theres heaps of stuff on the bikes you mentioned
  13. all good bikes, look at comfort, condition, price and looks IN THAT ORDER! dont get suckered in to spending more than you need to because a bike has a little bling on it, buy whats comfy and checks out mechanically. if you dont know much about bikes, get someone to help out. dont assume that a dealer is going to be better, they can stuff you around. and make sure you get an RWC, can be VERY painful if you dont....
  14. oh yeah, and theres about 1/5 of bees dick the difference between these models performance wise, grab what suits, not what someone tells you is faster :roll:
  15. Oh damn, is that where I went wrong. I just looked for colour and fashion. Then I checked out the price, found it to be good condition and bought it :roll: As to comfort...I thought it was like a brand new shoe, your seat moulds to your arse :p :p :p
  16. If you want a fully faired sports 250 then buy one, but be aware that they have horrendous comprehensive insurance premiums unless you have years of no claims bonus for a cars.

    Naked bikes like the VT250 and Hornet 250 are generally lots cheaper to insure...
  17. I've got a nice zzr250 for sale here :)
  18. Any one that floats your boat, most of all it's got to appeal to you.
  19. first bike -

    make sure it's reliable, but spend as little as you can (and make sure the insurance is reasonable) as you'll probably want to upgrade after getting your licence (unless you have a real hornbag 250).

    Also your first bike invariably gets in the wars, so not outlaying too much can be a prudent decision.

    If money isn't too much of a problem, go for whatever catches your eye, and get it looked at by a greasemonkey before purchase if possible.

    Be patient too, don't buy the first one you come across.

  20. more just to get to & from work which is just a few k's