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Advice needed for my first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Antiwarclan, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Just got my L-permit last week and searching for my first bike now. I would prefer cruiser over sport bike. Searching in bikesales.com.au and found the following results, please share your review and experience for those cruisers.

    - Yamaha V-Star 250
    - Honda VT250C (V25 Custom)
    - Suzuki Intruder
    - Hyosung Aquila

    I'm looking for 250 at the moment as i'm new and will ride it for few years then upgrade to larger size. Some info bout myself. I'm 176cm (height) and 76kg (weight). I have test drive anyone of it yet and planning to do so this coming weekend. Is there any reliable dealer that you guys can recommend?

    Please share your review and experience. Thank you so much.
  2. it would be nice if first time posters would introduce themselves...

    it's becoming more common, or so it feels anyways, they just come on and demand respect and help.

    maybe i'm just pms'ing, but it's pissing me off.
  3. think your just pm'sing
  4. Your having big ride withdrawals Holly lol. Feeling a little caged in.

    To the op. Mate there is not a bad bike on the market today. Cough cough (Hyosung) Ha ha just kidding.
    Get a leg over (take them all for a ride) and see for yourself which one you connect with. Which feels best when your on it, and makes you smile when you look at it. That's the best bike for you.
  5. I'd go a step further and suggest getting any type of cheap bike to start with... as your skills improve, your taste will adjust and you'll have more knowledge of what you do and don't like so you can upgrade/change.
  6. i think i'm just over people who come on here and demand respect and ask questions straight up. i find it rude.
  7. Thanks for the info guys.

    Alright, just a short intro bout me. My name chris from melbourne. I love bikes especially HD therefore I am getting a smaller cruiser to get more experience and hopefully i will be able to upgrade to HD in few years time.
  8. Welcome Chris from Melbourne :)

    sorry about my rant. i'm usually a joker... just been in a crabby mood lately. all good!

    i've got a couple of mates on the intruder and they love it to bits, one of them has just upgraded and thought it was a great learner bike.

    out of that list, most appealing to me is the honda :)

    not much help, but i feel the hondas are just the smoothest ride and what not :)
  9. See Holly, now you've gone and upset a future HD rider. No wonder they wont nod to us!!

    Welcome to NR Antiwarclan. There are plenty of cruiser riders on the forums, I'm sure they'd be happy to give you some advice. Might be worth checking out the bigger 650's when you're doing your research as well. Just my opinion. I'm not sure if you'll find the 250 lacking in 3 months time. Ask around, there are people who ride them and might know these things.
  10. pretty much. I see the whole introduce yourself first rubbish as a load of crap.
  11. Dunno that I'd put it quite like Lilley, but, in general, if someone asks for advice that I feel qualified to provide and I'm in a helpful mood, I'll generally provide it quite happily regardless of their post count. Maybe the asker just wants information but doesn't want to engage in the wider social community. That's fair enough I reckon, as long as they ask nicely. I didn't dive into this one 'cos I know almost nothing about baby cruisers and don't really see the point unless you're exceptionally short legged but each to their own.

    As for demanding respect, I didn't see any evidence of that on the part of the OP in this thread, although I accept that it may have occurred on other occasions when I haven't seen it or I've just tuned it out.
  12. Thanks for the input!! I have managed to set couple of appointments for this weekend and i'm trying out Suzuki intruder and Honda V25 Custom and trying to slot in a test drive for V-Star as well. Hopefully all goes well!
  13. Let us know how it goes.
  14. OK - opinion of someone who owns one on your list....

    I have an 06 250 Aquila, and it gets me from A-B without drama. Sure a 650 would have suited me better (6' and the wrong side of 100kg) but my intention was always to upgrade within 12 months to a HD so i didnt see the point of shelling out $6-8K when I got the 250 for less than $4k.....money saved went straight into the HD fund.

    Done about 5000km on it since November, including 4 rides of 500km+ and found it comfortable and easy to handle. You do have to plan overtaking maneuvers ahead of time due to the lower power of the 250 but Ive found it will sit on $1.20 on the fwy for extended periods and (for a cruiser) handles the twisties OK. Used it for the commute on the Monash a few times without drama as well.

    It helps if you're not in a hurry - if you want warp speed go for a bigger sports bike, but then if you wanted to go fast you wouldnt belooking at cruisers to begin with...

    As others have said, try a heap and see what works for you.
  15. Do yourself an favour and get yourself a CR500
  16. Thanks for the input Cougs. Will arrange a test drive for aguila as well.

    Thanks for the input Rashpocket.

    Just my opinion, i don't really like the look of sport bikes tho. No offence to others. Yeah try to get one below $4K so that the extra can be contributed to the HD fund. Can't wait for saturday tho! eager to tried those cruisers and see how it goes. Will post my experience soon. Thanks guys

    Also does anyone here tried or owned a Kymco Venus 250cc? from my research Kymco seems to be a reputable bike manufacturer but most of their products are in scooter range so not sure bout the cruiser tho! Again please share your experience and review. Thanks.
  17. You mean the Venox?

    Had a bit of a look at the Kymco stuff and the quality certainly seems good, certainly much better than some of the Chinese bikes I've seen (Kymco is Taiwanese). The fact they're supplying engines to BMW and manufacturing their own carbs. certainly suggests they do know what they're doing. Only thing that bugged me about the Venox is the fake engine covers which try and make the engine look bigger than it is (but fool no-one the moment the engine starts). Specs. for the engine do look good though in that it is a 4-valve, watercooled engine, so has a lot more power than some of the less sophisticated singles and twins used in other cruisers.
  18. Taiwanese made engineering gear is generally pretty good. I own a 30 yo Taiwanese lathe and the fit and finish are up to European standards and well above the supposedly "much improved" current Chinese offerings.

    So, I suppose I'm saying, I wouldn't shy away from a product from an established Taiwanese manufacturer.
  19. Hi All,

    Just got back from the test drive of Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha. Both Suzuki & Honda seems promising and i'm very keen on the Suzuki as the Honda has 39,000km on the clock, but the overall experience was good and it changed gear pretty smooth. I have read some of the advice in the forum about how to inspect a bike and so far the chain, spocket and brakes are working well. The suzuki was owned by a female so it seems to be well maintained.

    The yamaha was great, it has solid sound and everything was good however the attitude of the seller was the downfall as he was rude!

    I got a question about the km done by the bike, do you think that one can modify the numbers in the Odometer as those car dealers reported on today tonight?

    Anyway, still has a suzuki inspection tomorrow and it pretty much wrap up my long weekend here in Melb.

    Anyone has any input? please share. Thanks mate.
  20. I find this claim odd :-s