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Advice needed for a learner

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by stu123, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. hey guys how's it going? ok so i'm a complete and utter noob when it comes to bikes so i thought i had better ask for the advice of some of you experienced riders.

    I just got my L's and am very keen to get myself a learner legal bike. I am looking at getting one of the following:

    Honda VT250 Spada
    Honda VTR250
    Honda CB250 (this is the same as the hornet 250 right?)

    Kawasaki ZR250 Balius

    Suzuki GS500

    I;m sure you guys get asked this every day but any advice on which bikes are better and why would be very highly appreciated.

    im hoping to spend less than $3,500 but would probably go up to 4 if i really had to.
  2. Yes we do get asked everyday. If you run a search you'll find comparisons of each and every bike and alot more info than we will answer here.
  3. i might have a VTR250 for you.
  4. mate if you;re serious about it drop me a PM with all the details and we can talk business
  5. i cant pm ya yet mate you need 20 posts. end story is i have a mate who has stated intentions to buy it, but if he doesnt in the next week we can talk business.
  6. CB250F is the 250 Hornet, the CB250 is a very different bike.

    With that budget your best buy would be the VTR or Spada.
    You'd struggle to find any of the others listed in good condition for that price.
  7. If you're new to bikes and you like the nakeds go the VTR250.
    If you have some experience go the GS500
  8. Hey, i'm an L plater myself...i got a Spada and its been great so far...have ridden a cb250 for my test and the Spada feels heaps better, try to have a ride of a few and see what one feels better for yourslef....don't worry to much about power unless your doing lots of highway travelling...hope this helps!
  9. thanks guys, idontlikemondays just let me know when you decide about selling the bike, like i said i;m extremely interested, but i'm going to be looking at bikes this week so the sooner the better
  10. say i can get a 98 model kawasaki ZR250 balius for the same price as an 89 Honda Spada with similar k's which one do u guys rekon i should get?
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  12. I just picked up a nice example of a 2000 GSF250v Bandit. Excellent bike. I love it. I paid $4000 for it, so it should fit into your budget.
  13. i'm so pumped i just bought my SPADA today, took it for a nice test ride but can;t wait to really take it out tomorrow ( and by take it out i mean drive around my quiet little suburb :p )
  14. Stellar choice.

    Where in Sydney are you?

    If you're anywhere near the CBD / inner west and want some carpark practice, or a tail end charlie to keep cars off your ass while you get comfy, gimme a shout.

    Madness...? THIS... IS... SPADA!