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Advice needed fitting bag to bike seat..

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by fred_kroft, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I want to fit the top half of my old Dri-rider tank
    bag to the back seat of my Superduke.

    The Superduke seat has 4 little luggs you can pull
    out. I want to some how secure the tank back to them.
    (Nb/ The bag lugs match the seat lugs ;).

    Here is my problem--


    Could anyone suggest any removable/reusable rubber/plastic
    fixtures that won't scratch up my seat/exhaust protector etc ?

    Any help/advice would be greatly apreciated ;)

    Cheers ;)
  2. Zip ties
  3. Hi Peter,

    The problem with cable ties is that you have to cut them off. The keylock
    for my seat is directly under the bag, so I have to be able to access it
    to get the seat off (access alarm, tools etc..).

    ..but yes, the bag was semi-permanent, then I would probably
    use cable ties.

    Also, I'm looking more for a rubber/elastic solution etc.

  4. Is there a couple of small holes in the base-plate of the seat? If there is you could attach a short rubber strap to each of the plastic bag 'buckles' and hook the ends into the holes in that base-plate.
  5. Yep fair enuf. What about a couple of small carabeeners or small locks?
  6. Stanza from OCAU.mc came up with the idea of attaching some press studs to the underside of the pillion seat to attach a bag.

    He did a bit of a write up on it here with some pics and vids.

    You should be able to rig up something similar. Just need to get a hold of some straps.
  7. Just read on an other site that a guy paid around the $200 mark for a rear seat bag so if you are a bit handy and a cheap skate like me I would be trying the ol DIY thing. My 2 cents
  8. Oh why dont you go down to Kathmandu and buy 4 mini Carabiners. Then they clip/unclip with ease.

    Ps check for sharp edges because i wouldnt want the duke scratched :p


    Hope this helps

    PS - If you dont like that idea - give me your duke! and you can catch the train:( :p
  9. Not much of a ditance to be able to pull it tight, you don't want it moving around or sliding backwards.
    Personally, id feed a single occy strap under the bag, through 2 eyes in the bag, then sit the bag on and hook the hooks onto the bikes loops. The end of an occy strap fits through those plastic eyes, that way you just need to unhook the four, and pickup the bag. occys stay with it, if you get some nice short ones, they should pull the bag down tight.
  10. That's a bloody good idea. Cheers. I'll have a look in Bunnings or Mitchells and see
    what takes my fancy.

    Thanks all.
  11. i use two occy straps on my bike in a cross fashion. u'll be suprised the amount of weight they can hold have had backup HDD's from work and 4 litres of bike etc.

    picked some short ones up from supercheap auto for a few dollars have been using them for over one year and they still seem fine but might get some new ones as they are cheap.

    only downfall to tying a bag down with occy straps is you can have delicate stuff in it as they may get damaged/crumbled.

    anyways goodluck