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Advice {moved to bike reviews away from general pls use forums correctly thanks}

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RIDERCHIC, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I have recently obtained my Motorcycle Learners Permit (and loving every minute I get on the road at this stage).

    I wanted to buy a CBR250 as my first bike - realistically I know nothing about them but it was a decision made purely on looks - my brother wouldnt let me and now he has me riding a CT110 - AKA Postie Bike......

    Whilst this is heaps of fun and a great starting point for me, I have been on this for 10 days now and am looking for something to get the adrenalin going a little harder - in saying this I do have 3 kids that I don't want orphaned either.

    What would be a good suggestion for a bike for, yes a girl....I am not big, weighing in at about 69kgs and about 5'7" so I dont want something too heavy. Definately like something sporty. Not wanting to spend more than around $5k....I know if I ask my brothers opinion I will be told "stay off the road and get a dirt bike" so I am seeking advise from alternate sources....

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Re: Advice

    My advice is to tell your brother to butt out! You're a grown woman; you can ride whatever the heck you want to.

    Buy the bike you want.
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  3. Re: Advice

    go to your local bike shops and sit on everything. That'll give you a start.
  4. Re: Advice

    Get a Sachs MadAss 125 (y)
  5. Re: Advice

    Why not get the CBR 250 you were originally going to?
    Three things to think about:
    1. the bike won't orphan your children, but your lack of skill and knowledge can
    2. all bikes are heavy, weight becomes irrelevant when you start moving
    3. you're not going to stick with your learner bike, so don't worry too much about what it looks like - make sure it feels right for you and think about resale value.
  6. Re: Advice

    gpx 250 ...can pick one up in good condition for around 3-4k

    alternatively you can opt for the zzr 250...it does look larger and more initimidating but once you drop a 150 size tyre on the rear you won't know yourself when you've got all that extra rubber to play with compared to the pencil thin tyre's on your honda.

    and of course with you having learnt so far on the ct110 you might find yourself looking for a naked bike in which case i'd advise the honda vtr 250.

    all three of these bike's can be purchased in reasonable condition for between 2 to 4 thousand dollar's.

    now that's done...and kid's aside - welcome...are you hot? ...pictures?
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  7. Re: Advice

    if the 110 isn't doing it for her i doubt the 125 will Lee =P
  8. Re: Advice

    CBR250 is a great learners and first bike.
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  9. Re: Advice

    I'd go a cbr250rr buzzbox.
  10. Re: Advice

    Hey, just puttin' it out there ... you have to admit it does get the adrenaline pumping ... ;)
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  11. Re: Advice

    small trail bike..... ie TTR230 or XT225

    Upright seated position, with a good veiw.
    Light weight
    Easy to handle/steer
    Can take in a bit of dirt to compliment your tar riding.
  12. Re: Advice

    Sportsbikes or sporty-looking?
  13. Re: Advice

    just tell her to get a rs125 already - you know you want to.

    (maintenance aside it is a good bike.)
  14. Re: Advice


    She clearly said she wanted to get her adrenaline going harder..

  15. Re: Advice

    :p it's faster than a postie bike....

  16. I'd consider a CT110 to be far more dangerous on the road than a CBR250. Going slow is not an advantage when other vehicles can quite literally drive over the top of you.

    So find yourself a CBR, or better yet a Ninja 250, and enjoy :).
  17. Well thanks for the help... I think... I might stick to the cbr in this case. And in reply to the are you hot... Well my husband thinks so... But I guess he has to be a bit biased... Pics to come when I get a real bike.... But if you see a postie running around the streets of Sutherland shire with a pink and Black joe rocket jacket... That's me... You can decide for yourself hot or not. At the end of the day I don't care if I look hot, I am having some fun for a change.

    Ps I has been told to go hyosung 650 but after reading the posts about these I think the cbr is the safer option.
  18. Re: Advice

    Really want a sports bike ...
  19. I have had the postie up to 80km/hr but it had the shit shaking out of it... I literally rang its neck to get there... For suburban riding it is fine and it was great to get a little road confidence on but yeah... I am ready for something more.
  20. Re: Advice

    I was waiting for you to say that. :p I WASN'T EVEN GOING TO SUGGEST IT! I was asking because we all went down the path of saying we want a "sports" bike and actually getting a new Ninja or something like that.

    Others correct me if I'm wrong but the choice of actual titty-revving LAMS baby sports bikes is relatively limited and you'll be largely looking at bikes from the 90s. CBR250RRRRRRRR, ZX2R, FZR250, RVF400, etc. Of the newer bikes I think the R125 and RS4 125 are supposed to be baby sports bikes? (Stuffed if I know how a 125 does it, I'm not educated) BUT they are both well over budget.

    Go the new CBR250 if you like. As long as you get an aftermarket exhaust... look at that stock one! 8-[