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Advice: Is this bike expensive

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by R spec, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. $5000 for a Spada, and you're getting majorly ripped off. 3.5k at most.
  2. I don't know about prices for GPXs, but I paid $2600 for my 89 Spada with less ks than that, and I know which I'd prefer. Worth keeping on looking long enough to have a better sense of the prices, and there are likely others here who do know.
  3. It doesn't seem to bad and hopefully you will end up making most of it back cos everyone in NSW has to start on a 250.
  4. Sorry to correct you LPCIII :wink: , but under the NSW licencing laws you can have a LAM approved motorcycle.
    Thats why i'm going for the GS500F.
  5. Yeah I know there are some bikes bigger than 250's that are learner legal, but the fact that more often than not people are buy relatively cheap 250's with the thought to upgrade later on. I mean how many Ducati Monster 620's have you seen with L plates on them? :)
  6. Very true LPCIII, 250s are a very popular learner bike, i was looking at a VTR250, but i wanted something a bit bigger to fit me :wink:
    And he'll have an easier time selling it :)
  7. I rekon it's not bad for a bike with only 20,000kms on the clock. Sure, it's old and I'd get it thoroughly checked first, but...
  8. a lil bit much

    there not a bad bike, great lil learner, just get it checked out by a mech, i once worked for kawasaki and its a lil much, push for 1800bucks
  9. so..u think that spada should not cost beyond 3500?
    in what year 90,91,92?? just so that i know:)
    i guess mostly in nsw its a little over priced atm compare to the bikesales price value..well for now that is..
  10. Thx guys.. i guess i will try to bargain the price down and have it check at mech.. finger cross :p

  11. lol you can never trust the milage on 250s. If it goes and doesn't fall apart.. I reckon it should be ok.
  12. haha i guess ure right :p thx for the tip :wink:
  13. Spada's only came out in one year...89 :)
  14. I would have though you couldn't sell a 250 for love nore money in NSW since LAMS come in.

    I certainly wouldn't buy one if I was starting out.
  15. {pedantic git}Technically, they were only *built* in one year, but they were released and registered in Oz over a couple of years. I guess they're all the same age, but that one that wasn't regoed for the first time until 1992 might have been ridden for up to 3 less years.{/pedantic git}
  16. Spend a little more and buy a bike that isnt' nearly two decades old. Five or so grand should see you onto a VTR250 2-3 years old.
  17. $5K could see you into a good cond LAMS approved GS500 maybe 03/04 year. The GS has a bit more poke than the average 250 so maybe you won't get bored with it too soon.

    All in all but it's you who has to be comfortable with what you buy. I'm happy with my bike. Sure I'd love a Trumpy 675 or a GSXRCBRRZXR??? but they just arn't practicle for what I'm doing with a bike at the moment. So just listen to everyone then make up your own mind...

    Cheers, :beer:
  18. oh is it?.. noted.thx :idea: