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Advice/Info on these items for 2001 CBR 600 F4i

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by jho, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking at a 2001 CBR600 F4i
    its got 55000kms and requires the following work, based on what the seller has told me.

    -new front tire
    -chain and sprockets replacing
    - Major Service

    how much am I looking at spending on doing the above (rough ball park figure would be good)? as I'll have to factor these into the purchase price.

    thanks in advance


  2. $250 for the front tyre, $200 for chain and sprockets, $400 for major service. I wouldn't pay anymore than $5,750 for the bike (presuming it's in otherwise good order, has regular services, lots of reg).
  3. Thanks mouth..

    the bike is going for $6000ono.. , reg until jan 2006, supposedly no scratches on the fairings, and hasn't been dropped. Thanks heaps for the heads up.

    Oh.. another thing, is is alright to get a bike with 55000kms? is this considered high?.. I"m not really too familiar with bike km's as I am with car km's, when are the major services done for bikes, and what is the usual lifetime on an engine before a major rebuild?

  4. It's getting up there. Honda engines generally last a bit longer, but 600's work pretty hard. Bike prices generally drop off after 30,000 kms. Which is a shame because a lot of bikes can do much more then this. I can't imagine you would get past 80 without an engine rebuild.

    Also all the suspension bits would be pretty rooted if they havn't been replaced/well maintaned. Check for any freeplay front and rear

    I don't know what these things sell for, but it would have to be one of the cheapest ones on the market for those k's. It doesn't sound like that good a deal to me but I could be wrong.
  5. 55000 isn't too high. It is a 2001 model which puts this at around 15 000 k's / year. My estimate would be about 150 000 k's before needing a rebuild/new engine provided it is serviced regularly (oil, filters, etc.) (this is what I expect mine to do, and have been told by others who have done it that it will if looked after)

    The other thing I would point out is since it needs a new front wheel it probably won't be sold with a RWC. There may be other 'hidden' issues that will need to be cleared up. There may not be, but is some food for thought.

    Redbook price: http://www.redbook.com.au/mcycle/price.asp?key=HOND01VR
  6. OK just realised it's the F4I, not the F, so maybe I was a bit harsh about the value.

    I still think 55 is a lot. Bikes tend to end up at wreckers and cheap bike places once they get to 50. You may have trouble getting rid of it if you do more then a few k's.

    These days you only see BM's Guzzi's and Hardleys with more then 100,000 on the clock.
  7. Does the requirement for a RWC apply to WA?
  8. I would have assumed they have something equivelant, but not sure... You would need to check with your equivelant of vic roads.
  9. Just quickly, got a word back from the owner, was willing to go down to $5k, as I did the ring around and was quoted between $1000 to $1300 to get the items fixed/replaced and including the major service.

    Given this, would you guys think this is a reasonable price, to even consider taking a look at the bike? He's bought it brand new and had it serviced regularly bar the last major service.
  10. Sounds good to me (but I am no expert on Honda's, let alone that specific model). If you are not comfortable with the mechanical side of things (and don't know anyone you could take along who is) - ask if you can arrange to have a mechanic inspect it at your cost with a mechanic of your choice (probably cost about $50-$100). Then you will be sure what is good and bad with it, and make sure there are no hidden issues.
  11. Yup thats what I intended to do, but I guess I just didn't wanna look like an idiot who'd pay that much (or little) for a bike.. cos Ive sorta lost touch with the bike market, I didn't really have much of a clue what the values of bikes were like, espeically for the high km ones.

    but I guess if the general consensus says its alright, then I'll go take a look at it.. Won't hurt I guess :).

    once again thanks all for ur help! very much appreciated!..
  12. Just A quick update.. I bought the bike for $5000. It checked out well, the body work was good as new. Had been dropped once at the traffic light but was fixed under insurance and everything that was scratched was replaced.

    thanks again for everyone's input...
  13. So, send us some pictures, you know what a VISUAL lot we all are!!!!
    Any four stroke engine, with strict servicing, should last. You really need to talk to a qualified Honda mechanic and get some accurate feedback as to past experiences with the model etc.
  14. If someone says that it hasn't been dropped it almost certainly has (see Sig for details).

  15. hehehe i seemed to have noticed that :).. but at least all the "dropped" parts have been replaced.. so looking at it u can't tell.. i guess he was being nice and honest? hehe..

    I pick up the bike tommorrow night , but be rest assured I will definitely Post up some pics :)..
  16. Hi guys as promised here are the pics.. sorry for the crap pics.. but its night time! :)


    here is the only main damage where the seller had forgotten to take his bike lock off and took a chunk out of the mud gard. But the bit was dremel'd so it looks better..

  17. Hiya mate,

    Congrats on the purchase!! I also went through all the same questioning process as you while buying my bike. In the end, a mate of mine bought a 2001 F4i with 18k's on the clock for $8,600 and I paid just a bit more for my 2002 F4i with 4k's on the clock and a micron exhaust. The guy had only used it for w'end riding and I had my mechanic look it over and he said the bike still had all the original factory parts on it.

    So I think you got a bloody awesome lookin bike for bargain price!! You may have trouble re-selling the bike cuz of the high k's but damn nothing wrong with the price whatsoever. Enjoy the bike. It's a very nice colour - ALMOST as good as my yellow/black! :p
  18. Cheers d3s1b0y

    yeah, I guess thats one thing that did come across my mind when I was looking at it, the trouble I would have reselling.. but I guess when it does come time to it (and I'm guessing it will probably be for a while yet) I'm hoping that me keeping it in good nick will offset the km's that are on it , even if I was to let it go for like 3 or 4k which I think it should?.. i really wouldn't be losing that much anyways..

    but yeah I love the f4i's.. very sweet bike indeed! :)
  19. Nice bike jho..nice car too :D
  20. exactly mate! you should get 3-4k for your bike easy when it does come time to sell. matter of fact the bike i was originally lookin at buying was the same colour and model as yours with 11,000km on the clock and the dealer wanted $10,400 + orc !!!!

    So you got yourself an absolutely bargain. My handy hint is keep all your receipts/invoices for anything you do to the bike. This way come selling time you got a 'history' to show the potential buyer.

    Just out of curiousity, do you hear any change in the bike's "usual noise" at 5,000 rpm?? I get a very small shudder thing going on at around 5,000rpm and if i change to a higher gear it goes away. Hmm.. must be just me getting paranoid! :D Enjoy your bike mate, like i said - looks awesome!