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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fallen, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. after a bit of searchin about and riding numerous bikes i have bought a honda cbr 600 from a dealership for $5700 its a 94 model with 37 000 on the clock and not a scratch to be seen anywhere... its really been taken care of well and feels like a nice tight bike... its got a sports pipe on it for a bit of extra growl, not bad for my first road bike!! thanks to everyone who helped with their advice!! whilst its not a bargain by any measure i know its roadworthy and hopefully trouble free for a while to come!


    gday to you all, am new as new can be to this great forum...
    am liking the looks of it and its friendliness...

    i am considering buying one of the metioned road bikes and i'm looking for some advice/experiences to help with my decison....

    i havent actually physically gone and tried these bikes yet so that is still on the list of things to do...

    ok so bikes- SUZI GSXR750, KWAKA ZX6R, HONDA CBR600??
    my budget is $5000 so that places me around 1990-95 models...
    i want something with lowish k's 30k-40k....

    me, i'm 6ft3in, 110kg. the bike is to be primarily used for weekend use (usually on the highway doin 100kmh for an hour) and a bit of weeknight riding (zippin around town)..... also it has to be comfortable for a female pillion passenger of 70kgs for longish trips...

    so anyone out there able to help me out!? what bike do you own and like/dislike and faults to be aware of?? what would you reccomend for me and why?? also some links to professional reviews would be great!! i have printed some off of bike point but they are for newish models...

    any help would be greatly appreciated guys and girls!! thankyou heaps in advance and hope to see yous on the road!!

  2. I was in the market for a similar bike about 5 months ago. Ended up getting a '96 yzf750R in that price range with 33 000k's. So that is potentially another bike to consider, as well as yzf600R's. I'm shorter (5'8") so not sure how it would suit you.

    As you said - you really just have to try them out and see which one best suits your needs.

    Good luck with the shopping!
  3. Re: ADVICE? GSXR750? ZX6R? CBR600?

    mate general comments ..on all three
    your budget might be ok for 90-95 versions
    but low kms ?? 30-40,000kms...a 10-14 yo bike with 30,000...nope
    why not consider the ZXR750 or ZX7r as well
    would fit the budget

    your height goes against you with these bikes
    long trips will cripple you. I have mate 6'4" who rides a 2000 ZX7r
    and that bike is too small for him, he looks like he is riding a pocket bike
    and comfortable for a pillion???
    a sportsbike ...comfortable is an oxymoron
    your pillion WILL require lots of stop, these bikes are uncomfortable for pillions

    the bikes you have chosen have no real quirks or faults
    all well regarded


  4. Welcome to the forum Fallen you didn't mention your location or riding experience which may help us to advise you better!
  5. i got my 96 YZF600Rfor $4k with 20000 on the clock. its awesome on long trips, has a wide, soft seat and a great riding position for touring. my GF has done a few hundred ks on the back and thought nothing of it so i guess its pretty comfy for her too.

    its not as quick as the 750s but easily as fast or faster than my mates CBR600 of the same vintage. i also reckon the thundercat is the best looking mid sized sportsbike of the time, its very distinctive. cant be too bad a design either, they havn't stopped making them and really havn't changed much on them either....
  6. Re: ADVICE? GSXR750? ZX6R? CBR600?

    You seem to like your sports bikes.

    I'd prob consider a GSXR750 (try and get the first injection model) or a ZXR750 (both great bikes). Sports bikes and comfort (esp. pillion) don't usually go together.

    I ride a ZX6R which is a good compromise between sports and comfort and would recommend a ZX9R but I think it will be outside your budget, you could have a look round though.
  7. Re: ADVICE? GSXR750? ZX6R? CBR600?

    I would agree
    I have quite a few (tall) mates with 9R's and their partner (gf, missus)
    gets on the back and does distance stuff
    might be outside the budget though....

  8. wow! thanks all for the feedback so far, i'm enjoying the reading!

    my location is brisbane, and previous experience has mostly been on trail bikes, from a young tacker out in the bush to mates 250's and so on whizzin about town....

    the ZXR750 is a great lookin bike, thanks for the tip off! i will make sure i try one out on my quest as with the YZF600 and YZF750 great lookin bikes also...

    i've been a sports bike fan for a while, mainly for just the performance and thrill of acceleration and so on, so comfort for me or the pillion passenger isnt the highest priority, but of course still important!!

    thanks again for all the info so far and keep it comin in!!!

    ps- yeah the ZX9 looks a bit of alright too but out of my budget unfortunately!
  9. Although it is a great bike...I probably wouldn't suggest an Across meets all your needs although you could pick up an import with low K's well within your budget. :D :D
  10. Just a consideration - most bikes have a maximum recommended gross weight (rider + pillion + gear).

    Assuming the listed weights are without gear, you'll probably push towards 200kg two up (you quoted 110 + 70 ->gear?). Check the manuals, but I think quite a few 600's don't support this weight on spec.

    I'm sure they'll take the weight ridden sedately, but you are pushing it beyond the engineered tolerances.
    The bigger bikes, with stronger frames and brakes will generally support higher gross weights. I'm sure there are exceptions, but worth considering.

    Best of luck.
  11. I am 6ft tall, although quite a bit lighter than you (!!) and had a '92 cbr600 for about 3 years. I found it an excellent bike for me, although when I took my ex or any of his friends on the back, it was only ok. If I were you, I'd look at a slighter larger than 600cc bike for pillioning. I ended up buying a comfortable 900cc instead of perservering with the 6's cos they were just not giving enough with the extra load. Even 750 would be a better option....

    :D :D :D
  12. The ZX9 is great for a pillion as the seat is wide and comfortable.

    You mentioned that it might be out of your budget, but haven't they come down a bit in price since the ZX 10 came out?
  13. I have two friends who own current model Suzuki GSXR-750 and Honda CBR600 F4i models. Both are about 5' 9". They handle the long rides (600-700 km) OK.

    I've ridden both their bikes. They are both small feeling, but the 750 has more "substance" to it. Both have lots of zip, but the 750, naturally, is torquier and easier to ride.

    As for taller riders, I have two friends who ride Honda CBR250RRs. One is 6' 7" and the other's about 6' 2". They've handled overnight trips with us no problems.

    And I know of a couple who shipped their GSXR-600 over to Europe and covered about 20,000 km in 3 months on it.

    So, you CAN tour on small bikes (there's a chap in aus.motorcycles who recently toured on a Honda postie bike - a heroic effort, I thought).

    It all depends on the personal feeling for each bike. I couldn't bear to ride any of the above mentioned bikes for any length of time. I prefer the sports-tourer types, like my CBR1000 or Blackbird, etc.

    I s'pose that the OP will have to take each bike for a decent run to see how he feels about them.
  14. yeah not really a fan of the ACROSS ashes, but thanks none the less! and yeah to nalasrob, i had considered the weight limits of the bike, so before buying the machine i would be checking the stats... with the info so far i think i would be leaning more towards a 750, as i would like something able to cope really well with the pillion on board.... i've been checking out the trading post and online and the ZX9 is still a couple of thousand outside of my reach unfortunately, so i shall be keeping my eye on the kwaka ZX7 and ZXR750, suzi GSXR750 and yamaha YZF750 i guess, and the others too of course..

    what are some of the best bike shops in brissie to find these bikes of this vintage?? i can always search online but i'm sure there must be some better then others that you guys and girls know of..
  15. I would take a CBR600 or YZF600 - good compromise between sports and comfort. or the ZX6R for a bit more grunt.

    I wouldnt bother with a GSXR unless you are going to a track (especially not for freeway droning)

    You sound like you're looking for something like me so I would recommend a 1996+ YZF600R (mine had 24k kms) for $5k.

  16. ZX6R. Brilliant bike, loved mine to bits...........well until I rode a twin.

    You can never go back to a 4 after riding a twin.

    I have a ZX6R in the garage for sale :)
  17. androo, sounds like you got yourself quite a bargain! congragulations! how do you find the bike with pillion aboard? a bit too sluggish? and why dont you reccomend the GSXR750 for the highway droning? after reading some reviews on the bikes last night the YZF750, ZXR750 and GSXR750 were lookin all pretty good.... whilst pure acceleration is awesome i just gotta find something comfortable for me and pillion (as comfy as they can be anyway on a sports bike) with enough get up and go for when they are aboard... hence i dont want to buy a 600 of some time and regret not stepping up to something torquier and larger....

    am still keen to hear from others on the performance, ride and handling with pillion aboard on one of the mentioned bikes!! thanks all for the info so far!!


    ps-anyone with one of these bikes for sale in brisbane, gold or sunshine coast region, feel free to let me know!
  18. got my YZF (same as androo's) for $4k with 20000 on the clock. its a bloody awesome bike both for single and pillion use. i weigh 80 kg and my GF weighs 55 kg, the performance drop really isn't that much. its mostly the handling that changes, i didn't notice a major difference in how the bike accelerated except right on take off. hell, it still pulls a small power wheelie at around 50kph :twisted:

    these YZFs have a first gear that is too tall for the kind of power delivery so i have now changed the front sprocket, feels a sheetload better now :D. you'd really have to jump on a few bikes and see what you like, riding positions and bike sizes vary so much and some things are much more comfortable for some than others.

    oh, and dont get put off by the brake and gear lever positions on the YZF, it can be changed. i know that they're too high up as stock for someone around 6 foot. and the stuttery take off is normal as far as i know, and is easily fixed with an $18 new front sprocket....
  19. Just with a quick comment on the yzf750 - I weigh 80 kg's, the wife 50 and the bike has no problems holding the two of us. The yzf 600's look to be more comfortable for a pillion than the 750, but have never tried.
  20. Go the ZX or the CBR, both great bikes but it is finally upto you mate. Take both for a spin One will stand out from the pack.