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Advice for selling motorcycle

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bodyfann, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Sorry for being slightly off topic, but I cannot post in the other forum.

    Since I need to relocate overseas in 3 weeks, I need to urgently sell my motorcycle (Kawa Er6n) bought new just 5 months ago.

    Due to the urgency I am considering reselling it back to the dealer where I bought it. Are dealers usually buying them back? If yes, what percentage of the bike's market value would be fare for them to ask?

    Any other suggestions? Is eBay something that I should consider?

    Many Thanks,

  2. at a first offer you will get around 30-40% of their resale (which is higher than private market because they might offer warranty or do some shit to the bike)
    i was offered $3,500 on R6 i just sold as a first offer from a few places, got a dealer up to $4,500 after a heap of negotiating which included me buying a new bike from them ended up selling the bike private for $6000 with no rwc. some dealers were selling same bike at $7-8 as advertised price on road.
    so if you're just getting rid of it without getting something new, don't expect to get much, you'd be better off selling it cheap private
  3. stick it on Ebay with a reserve price... but dont make the reserve price too high... also a "buy it now" price

    put it on bikesales.com.au or bikepoint.com.au ... either one will get it put on both sites for $50

    state that you are going over seas etc

    going back through a dealer will see you lose out big time...

    if you get a buyer off of bikesales before your auction ends on Ebay then just pull it back off ebay... also state that its also for sale via private sale and reserve the right to pull it at any time due to sale...

    i just bought my new baby off of ebay out of brisbane... aint she sweet :grin:

  4. How much are you looking at selling it for?
  5. Ouch, selling a brand new bike after just 5 months of ownership.. prepared to lose alot of $!

    ER6N can be bought new for 8-9k ride away new if you can barter well, depending on how good the deal is. Since they can be bought new so cheaply, you're going to lose alot.. That said you should still be able to get close to 7.5k for it if you sell privately. More like 6-6.5 is you sell it back to the dealer.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try anyway to talk to the guys at BikeBiz and see what they offer.

    Firetiger, you got yourself a real beauty there, do you want to trade? :wink:

    Virtual_circuit, I'm trying to get 8000$ which should be the market value according to Bikesales.

    If I cannot go anywhere near that price, I may even consider shipping it over to the States, where I am moving.
    Actually I'll open a new thread to see if anyone has experience shipping to the US.
  7. Thanks Phizog, numbers always help.
  8. I went today to BikeBiz and the initial offer was quite low ($5K). Considering I bought the bike there they may be able to go up to $6K.

    So I've posted some ads around and I'll be happy if I can make $7-7,5K.

    I have also contacted a few freight companies for a quote to ship it overseas and if it is less than $1,5K-2K I may consider this option.

    19 days to go. If anyone is interested send me a private message :)

  9. Sling NR $10 and you can officially advertise it here :roll:
  10. I'm happy to do it, but I see it takes 2 weeks to get your membership approved and I am running out of time.
    Is there any way to speed things up?