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Advice for new rider

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Mel82, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Hi there,

    Im very new to this site. Just wondering if any of you gurus out there could help me out on a few things.

    I brought a Hyosung GT250 about 6 months ago (dont hold it against me!) unfortunately I havent riden it as much as Ive wanted to and to date have only done 600ks. Is it a problem i havent taken it in for its first service?? Im about to organise that soon. Does anyone know a good mechanic in Adelaide that wont try and rip me off because Im a girl ;o)

    Also, im moving to the Gold Coast in the New Year and would love to get any advice on how to get my bike up there. Im not confident riding that far so any ideas would be really appreciated. Is it expensive? oh and 1 more thing, How long can bikes be left without them being started as well?

    Thanks for any help you can give me...
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  3. Welcome to NR. As for the first service it needs to be done @ or around 1000 k's, Some say an oil change @ 500k's. When u move where r u going to in Brisvagas? I towed my bike to Qld. I bought it from Sydney when i lived in Melb & had it shipped down there by http://www.allwestmotorcyclecarriers.com.au/contact.htm Ladies name is Jennine. Cost me a couple o Hundred $$$$$ but it arrived in one piece. They will pickup from S.A. & Deliver to Qld. If memory serves me correct (HA) it would have cost me $385 from Melb 2 Qld
  4. Thanks Buggarr, Im not sure exactly what suburb im moving to, around the gold coast area though. Driving up there in the new year and will suss it all out then.
    So when I go Im leaving my bike in SA until I know where Im going. Can it just sit without it being started for a while or will it not be so good? Hopefully i will find something quickly but Im heading up to see my family in North QLD for a month first. Will it be ok? I had this shitty scooter that i couldnt even leave for 2 wks without it killing the battery.

    Anyway, thanks again guys for your help on couriers.
  5. No it souldn't be left that long (4-6 weeks). the most i have left my bike without starting it was 2 weeks and even then i had problems.

    I'm about half way between Bris & the Gold Coast in Redland Bay.

    We found this place online. But we had family up here so they could go & have a look 4 us (We r from Melb). We Just specified wot we /I wanted and that's wot we got. If u like i can give u the name & # on the Agent that we used.
  6. Pay my ticket back and I'll ride it up for you :grin:

    Seriously, give it a go yourself. Plan to do 500ks a day and do it in 3 1/2 days easy. As far as leaving it, disconnect the battery and it will take it better. Also, put it on a trickle charger before you leave to make sure it was fully charged. Fill it up with fuel right to the top, that stops condensation forming in the tank which can cause problems. If it has a fuel tap, turn it off before you leave.
  7. Um for someone who has only done 600kms on this bike and previously ridden a scooter I wouldn't be recommending a trip like this. It is a new bike so I wouldn't think you should have any trouble leaving it for a month but as bandit says, a trickle charger will ensure that your battery stays charged.
  8. Thanks every1 for your advice, its has helped me alot. And yeah, 600kms and a previous scooter doesnt give me enough confidence to ride up by myself. Id rather just get it sent up.
    Thanks again, and happy new year!!