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Advice for fairing repair...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by AhrimaaN, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Well I'm really really angry at myself as the other day I was trying to squeeze my bike out from behind my housemates car in the garage (won't be doing that again in a hurry) and somehow the kick stand folded itself away and by the time I noticed it wasn't holding I didn't have enough weight behind me to hold the bike up.... and kersplat. (!!!FUGG!!!)

    Enter one smashed indicator, scratched bar end, slightly scratched can and gear lever and peg, some minor hairline cracks and a bunch of quite visible scratches to the fairing, where the beautiful lion head decal is on my Aprilia RS125. I suppose I am lucky that I didn't wreck my front cowling, or a mirror in the process. And I'm also lucky I had a spare indicator so I could get back on the road straight away... but my pride has taken a major hit and now I'm (yes very shallow) hating being the guy that people look at and go haha mate you tosser you dropped your bike. :(

    Here is a pic of the damage:

    and here is what it should look like:

    Now I'm aware that the damage is really minor, but it really makes me feel guilty everytime I get on the bike. Also the plastic in the fairing (and the vinyl) has white inside, so it shows up quite easily, i've tried colouring it in black etc hehe but not really getting far with that.

    I'm genuinely tossing up ordering the oem decal (if I can) and sanding and repspraying that panel, as it would be pretty easy being that it is matt black to get a good finish.

    What scares me is the cost, and the fear that the correct decal set might not come with the orange bottom decal for that fairing? Has anyone ordered aprilia fairing decals before? Do they come with every decal on the panel? - also do they come with both sides decals or just one side? if both that's great as I'll do both sides to get them matching perfectly (and there is a tiny scratch in the other side that was there when I got the bike)

    Unfortunately it appears my RS decals are kind of rare and thus there are no aftermarket rip offs in the same style.

    Does anyone have any smart ideas about how I can get my bike to look it's best again? I'm not concerned about cost right now - it's a labour of love. In fact this is urging me on to modify the bike a little more as I know I want to keep it for a few years rather than just upgrade once I am off my restrictions.

    The bar ands I figure I will get painted black again with the levers sometime soon when I could be bothered. It's crazy that no black ones are available after market to match! And I'll keep an eye out for a new prake lever in the meantime for cheap on ebay or something.

    BTW if anyone is interested I'm 24 and thus have a fair bit of road driving experience, just not on a bike. So yes, I may drop the bike again, but I'm tempted to get some oggies now to minimise anything that might happen.

    So my options are:
    - Try and fix it as best I can without getting new decals etc, and then just living with it. Perhaps ordering the decals to put back on when I want to sell the bike again down the track in a couple of years so I don't lose too much money from it.
    - or Ponying up and sanding/spraying it and reapplying decals myself to get it looking mint again, as a definite cost. (and a nice handy project to do.
    - any smart ideas that you may have to patch it up

    Thanks for any comments! I'm just really upset that my new pride and joy is now not so shiny and clean :(
  2. first of that sucks dude
    2nd u wont get a nice matt finish at home without some serouse gear.
    u should be able to order each decal individualy
    from memory the plastic on those is a softer PP type or simmilar (havnt had one come in for a while) so its harder to repair cracks if theres any

    If money is not an issue have u priced a new one from apprilia.
    Get a few quotes from repaires.

    And last i cant see that much damage if it was me id live with it.
  3. I just checked out those pics and from what I can tell, those small scuffs wouldn't be worth spraying the fairing again, that would cost you a few hundred and then theres the decals to order!

    If you can't live with the small markings, just search araound and order the lion sticker (probably cost a crazy amount being an aprillia). Maybe take the bike to a sticker shop and see what they can do, they may be able to make an exact replica of that bottom part where its scuffed. I ordered all my Honda stickers from a sticker shop and saved over $400.

  4. Well the complete decal kit for the main fairing, both left and right (doh) is about $380 just for supply. Tempting, but not that tempting. Even though it was my wish to keep this bike mint! I see little point in buying the decal when the underlying plastic will still be a little bit damaged = worth me putting the effort in (and cost) to respray and re apply the whole panel.

    A1 motorcycles are going to see whether they have just the lion head in the spares area as they say they have odd decals around from warranty repairs, and part them out for cheap. If I'm lucky they'll just have the left-hand lion and I can go from there, and live with a few minor dents/scratches but a nice shiny decal.
  5. might aswell throw em 250 and get the panel resprayed aswell