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advice for complete newbie..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jusblaz, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Hey all netriders,

    I'm one of the mature age riders that have finally taken the step at getting my L's last weekend and now looking at getting a bike to learn on.
    Have been going through bikesales.com.au and the such to look for something great but at the same time inexpensive for beginners, But always get side tracked and end up looking at the "i want one' bikes.
    Ultimately i would upgrade to something new after i get my P's. For now i think i need a good learners bike around the $3-$4K mark? Any recommendations?
  2. scratch that.. found the search button and discovered heaps of info.
  3. congrats and welcome, you sir get a gold star for being one of the rare few newbies who has found and mastered the search function on this site:eek: (y)

    cheers stewy
  4. I vote for making this thread a sticky as a shining example of interwebs usage!!

  5. you sir deserve 100 internets
  6. Thanks all..
    After doing a bit of reading through the forum, i would like to settle for a 250. My only problem is which one.
  7. +1 Vote for the VTR250, although if your doing a lot of freeway work, or weigh any more than about 80kgs I'd get something with a bit more poke.
  8. out of a the few 250 i have ridden i am another for the vtr250 probably tops the list, if you are looking at faired bike both the gpx and zzr are probably in the pretty good value range now, the new kwaka also seem quite robust aswell though haven't had a chance to take one for a spin
  9. a vote for the gpx250.
  10. Sit on it .. no, really .. sit on em and get the one that feels it fits you best !
  11. I love my GSF250 Bandit (Suzuki) been a great learner bike for the last 18 months. 2 weeks to go till im off restrictions and hoping i can get some cash together for an upgrade (Not looking good) But i've put just over 10,000km's on it and paid 3k for it. Little heavy on the Juice compared to some other 250's, but its been a great servant.
  12. Virago 250 - still made new (called Star now). Lightweight, low seat, reasonable power for a 250cc as long as you arent a heavyweight. I did 10,000 klms on mine in a year before upgrading and I had no problems whatsoever. I know some people dont like the Viragos but they are worth a look for yourself to see what you personally think.
  13. Advice on this forum is awesome. Will be going out on the weekend to sit on em..
    As im over 80kgs, buy 2kgs. haha, might need to get something with a bit more poke as MrBling suggested.

    Like the new Kawasaki's, so will give that a try, but a bit out of the budget range.
  14. Try a 2nd hand CB400. They are an awesome learner bike and have sufficient power to go. You won't outgrow it as quickly as you would any 250 and also they have a very good upright seating position which is perfect for your back & posture.
  15. You did not! Troll!!!!!! Troll!!!!!

    Just kidding, welcome aboard. ZZ-R250 is a good choice, old proven design, not terribly exciting, but a good reliable bike. I'm surprised none of our resident grease/spanner/road monkeys have suggested this... Pretty similar to the GPX, I think they have the same/very similar engine?

    $2-5K should be enough to pick up a good one.