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Advice for buying new jacket, pants, boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by calamari, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. Hi folks, first time caller, long time listener...

    I am planning on doing a bit more riding and as such, am getting some new gear (jacket, pants, boots). Primarily i want it to keep me safe in a spill, and alternatively last a few years (in the case that i don't spill).

    I tried on:
    Jacket - Dainese New Delmar,
    Pants - Dainese Pony Leather pants,
    Boots - Dainese Torque Pro Out Boots.

    I liked them all, and am thinking of getting these particular items, although i could be talked around if there were comparable/better brands. I was talked out of the Alpinestars by the sales guy, but my first question to the forum is :
    Are there other brands i should be looking at?

    Also, with the strong Aussie dollar ($1AUD = $1.05 US!!), i am contemplating ordering from the US, but am having difficulty finding Dainese stuff on sites that don't charge excessively for shipping. So my second question to the forum is:
    Is there a US site that stocks good priced Dainese stuff with a reasonable shipping price to Australia?

    (i have looked through the forums and cannot find an answer to these specific questions)

    Your collective knowledge/wisdom is appreciated.

  2. Why Dainese in particular?

    Will you be doing any winter or wet weather riding?

    What sort of riding will you be doing? Will you need leathers specifically, ie, track?
  3. +1.

    Dainese made great gear up until they closed all their italian production a few years ago. Nowadays well... ... at least it looks good :)
  4. Hey Guys,

    To tell you the truth, I decided on Dainese due to two (superficial) reasons.
    1) MCA (in the city), had Dainese and Alpinestar, the guy recommended Dainese, and there weren't many/any other options.
    2) It looked good.

    I am completely open to getting a different brand, just want to know the decent ones (and if there are any places i can try on the gear locally).

    I won't be doing winter / wet weather riding where i can avoid it, and i am mainly a social rider (so if it rains heavily, i won't take my bike). I guess i prefer leathers for the safety aspect, and i won't really be doing too much track riding (although it would be nice to have the option.) :)

  5. in that case, don't go for dainese. you're paying for the brand rather than the quality. it's what a lot of the squids buy to look fully sik bro.

    the guy at mca's was just trying to get more money out of some dude with his wallet in his hand.

    i'd personally get something like this for a jacket so you can do longer rides, it's got a liner to be warmer, can remove it for summer, and if you do accidentally get caught in the rain its waterproof etc:

    pants i'd get some hornee or draggin jeans and then get some wet weather slip ons to shove over the top if it was to rain or was cold (wind resistant), or i'd get something that kinda does it all, like...

    boots, get something comfy and waterproof with lots of protection.. like

    gloves are a different kettle of fish - can get almost any type of decent gloves for under $120 for the riding you'd be doing, with absolutely decent protection - don't go buying racing gloves just yet, as you won't be taking it to the track. probably best selecting all your gear, and then wearing your new jacket while trying on gloves to see which is the best fit under or over the sleeves.

    good luck - don't go getting ripped off.
  6. Hey mate

    Just brought the astar tech 1r. It is Definatly a great jacket. Was tossing up between that and the delmar. Action currently have 2010 dainese for $550.

    Tech 1r breathes extremely well while riding during the day, keeping nice and cool. At night you can still feel the cold air but the 3d bubble liner keeps you warm. The jacket is very aggressively cut compared to the delmar. It is very comfortable while riding and the stretch panels help in that department too. Would definitely recommend a full gauntlet glove as the cuffs are quiet snug.

    MCA is currently the major importer of dainese to australia. They operate under a different company so might be hard to buy dainese off any other dealers.

    Check out revzilla as they offer great prices. Shipping is quiet expensive but was delivered extremely fast and there service is excellent with return policy ect.

    Riders discount seems to have great prices too, but I've never purchase from them yet.
  7. Have a look at the motoport Kevlar gear - with the dollar so high, it is good value.
  8. There you go calamari, chuchu91 has given you good info to find your leathers locally. With the dollar being so high it makes more sense buying it from US online sellers (riders discount, motomummy, revzilla, solomotoparts etc). Go to a local shop try on the jacket or other clothing to determine your size then order online with peace of mind.

    As lc said the salesman was just trying to get more money out of you. Recently I went to a bike shop to check out some parts when a new female learner rider was buying gear and the salesman just kept on making her buy the most expensive items for her 250 bike. She wanted to colour code the jacket to the bike (red) which is fair enough. In the end her gear price was close to $3000. If she's got the money and has no issues this is fine but with a bit of initiative and research that figure could have been halved if bought from o'seas.
  9. for the money you are spending you'd go close to getting a set of custom leathers, which might be better bet.
  10. I agree with you in the point of going to a local store and trying it out. However if your there and your mind set is set on buying online, don't waste the saleman's time asking question, getting them to get you a whole bunch of different gear, size and colour, try it out and then just walk out at the end of the day to buy online.

    I do support buying online with our dollar so high, but you might be able to still get a better deal locally. With my astar jacket, I paid porbably and extra $20 buying it at a local retailer, but i was able to take it home straight away, continue a good rep at that store, and have the piece of mind that if something did go wrong i could return it and go though warrenty. For an extra $20 i definatly think that was worth it.
  11. When I'm sizing up at stores I try to never waste the salesmans time as I am able to try on clothing without requiring assistance or asking questions. I'll do my research beforehand, ask online then only will be in & out of the store in minutes.

    I'd rather buy everything local if the price was right and still give the first bite of cherry to local sellers. Even if locally it is 50-100 more I'd be willing to buy here but when you can save 300-400 on a basic jacket I'd rather save and buy online.

    How much did the tech 1-r cost you? They're advertised for AU949 here and US649 in US. I got mine for around US500 including postage.
  12. I brought mine for $670, but that was because i was purchasing two at the same time so a deal was done. They are currently going for about $750 now retail in Australia
  13. That's a good price on 2 jackets, well done.
  14. HAHAHAH that would be a ridiculous price for both, they were $670 each
  15. I know it was for each :)
    All the prices quoted in this thread thus far have been for each.
  16. Don't want anyone to get too excited :dance::dance::dance::dance:
  17. Hehe true that. I got happy when I watched the last few motogp's seeing Casey and co donned in 1 piece tech 1-r suits that are the exact same as ours as you know you are wearing good quality protective gear in the event when you want to try out your flying skills.
  18. Time to get some pants to match the jacket

    completely hijacked this thread, my bad

    Think of it as product review calamari
  19. Sorry mate, it's all cunning marketing.

    Most of the GP riders are wearing made to measure, kangaroo hide suits. The only thing that they share with the stuff in the shops is the pattern.
  20. Close enough