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Advice for Adelaide to Newcastle via Great Ocean Road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Joshua5000, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Hey there,

    Looking for any advice people have on my first long distance ride on a Scooter, I ride a Aprillia Scarabeo 200 and I think it will be comfy enough for the trip but regardless I need the Scoot when I arrive in NSW and have no other real way of getting there. I'd also like to visit a few different people on the way in different cities along the way,

    So the rough plan is to leave Adelaide early December, ride along the Great Ocean Road through to Melbourne camping along the way in a Swag. Spend a couple of nights in Melbourne then head towards Canberra where I would stay for another few nights and then head to Newcastle to arrive just before Christmas.

    A little bit of context for ya'll. I'll be leaving my long term partner in search of a new adventure and spending some time with my family. Ive never been on a long ride and as I think about it writing this the furthest Ive been on it would be a trip to Elizabeth a few times for work trips so this is going to be a huge plunge into the unknown.

    Im going to be on a very tight budget for the trip and I guess in my head im budgeting about $30 per day including food and petrol. Is this in any way realistic? Im happy to find dodgy free camping spots along the way and will have accommodation in Melbs and Canberra. advice on camping would be greatly appreciated. I recently won a really good swag and even though its really big and going to take up a lot of space on the back of the bike I see it as the only option as I dont have the cash to buy another one.

    My next major concern is the roads. Now my scooter is pretty nippy and can keep up with the flow at about 80k's once the traffic gets any faster she will start to struggle. I think I'll be fine all the way through to Melbourne but whats the plan after that? How do I get to Canberra? Im happy to do the trip over 2 day if need be but what is the situation with highway traffic or will my little scoot keep up?

    My biggest concern would be the stretch from Canberra to Newcastle. I've driven this trip a few times and am comfortable navigating Sydney but my scoot is not going to handle F3 to Newcastle. Any recommendations? Whats the old pacific highway like?

    So in closing what advice do you have re camping, route options, or preparations I need to do for the scooter? A;so budget wise and any troubles I could run into? How long should the trip take?

    If you think im totally crazy and think I'll never make it please speak up and if I get enough reasons not to take on the adventure Ill store the scooter and book a flight home just before X-mas.

    Thanks for any advice anyone has.

    Safe riding

  2. 80kph is a big problem IMHO. The rest is all doable but that would worry the crap out of me.
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  3. Yup the 80 limit is interesting, maybe stick to non-motorway. If you do this it will be epic! That far on a scooter. Holy crap! I would suggest strongly that you try doing a few long days trips over the next couple of months to try and understand what you're setting yourself up for. Beetling around town on a scoot is one thing, but trying major long distance with eff all speed is going to be bloody hard. So you need to work out how many km's you can realistically do in a single day. If you find that even 250km is a problem, than I'd scratch the whole idea. Interested to hear how it goes though.
  4. I think this is your biggest concern, IMHO. What funds do/will you have available for repairs, if any are required. What will you do if you're broken down half-way between?
    Probably closer to 60km/h - 70 km/h with that big swag on the back and clothing/cooking stuff you want to take.
    I'd certainly be testing at least 100km in distance with the scoot fully laden, before venturing out for the 2+ week adventure.
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  5. Thanks guys,

    So my scoot does 80 very comfortably with enough get up to overtake comfortably. It will sit on 100 no problems (especially as I weigh 60Kg's soaking wet) it just starts to get the wobbles if she picks up much more than 100 and I dont feel like sitting flat out will make for an enjoyable trip.

    Staying off motorways like the F3 is pretty important. I think ill be fine from Geelong into Melbourne on the motorway but yea. Very nervous about the Canberra to Newcastle link.

    Fiscally, Like I said about $30 per day including fuel would be achievable. There will be back up funds for repairs and such which hopefully don't pop up but I would expect some kind of issue and can budget around $400 for this. Extreme situations would result in emergency costs going onto a credit card. Having not been on a trip like this just dont know 30 a day is realistic. I would defiantly look at joining the RAA or NRMA or whatever its called in your state.

    Thanks for the advice. Im now much more worried

  6. Mate I'd try and make your budget $50 a day at least. You've actually got to eat and drink you know ;)

    And you'll get dehydrated unless you keep your liquids up. So maybe save some extra now to give yourself a little more budget fat.
  7. Take it easy and take it slow. There are plenty of good secondary roads. Camping in State Forests and many National Parks is free. i once did Renmark to Thredbo and back on a BSA Bantam. Maximum speed 60kph. It was fun!
  8. I ride open road with a 1980 cb 250 rs. So this is what you can expect.
    Open road riding is totally different to riding in the city. Your bike may keep up in the city and even do 100 km/hr with some ease. But now take the same bike and put it out on the open road with no wind break and with a big wind on and you may find yourself flat out, down a gear and just making 80-90 km/hr. And in these conditions I have had my bike returning 18 km/ltr. So with this alone is going to put a lot of presure on even $50 a day. So lets say you covered 500 kms for the day and you got 5lts/100km. That is 25ltrs @ $1:50 = $37. In the city my 250 returns 28km/ltr.
    Would I do the ride you are planning. You bet your bottom dollar.
  9. All good advice above, I agree that your budget is probably too tight.


    Do the Coorong, Mt Gambier, GOR, Melbourne, Healesville, Black Spur, Mansfield, Whitfield, Jindabyne etc NSW part of the route needs work. That's about 2300km


    Are you mad to undertake this trip? - YES
    Should you attempt it? - YES

    Given time and care you can do it but if you take the route I suggested there is some spectacular roads but they are steep in spots so you will be using fuel and be down the lower gearing range.
  10. Fair enough, my concern was that you didn't become a mobile chicane with semi trailers doing 100kph bearing down on you. I agree with the the general consensus that 30 bucks is light on, but also that you should have a crack at it, far to few people are game to have a go, you will have good and not so good days but it will be an adventure and one that you created yourself.
    Go for it and may the motorcycle gods smile on you and your wee bike.
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  11. Would be worth taking a spare 5L fuel container at the very least as well
  12. I think a Bantam is my dream bike.
  13. I

    This is something I have been thinking about. I think in the end I probably wont need it but seeing I havnt had the Aprillia on open roads I have nothing to reference re how much fuel I will use. I was thinking about just taking 2L however with 5 I think i'll just be a whole lot less stressed. Im thinking of buying some pannier bags so maybe one will have to carry petrol.

  14. Thanks, does anyone have any experiences with camel packs and full face helmets. I think some of my questions seem so stupid but the difference between a $50 per day budget and $30 budget is the decisions I make now about what gear I buy and if I wasted $60 on a camel pack I dont use is very much the difference.

    Thanks so much to every one who has replied. I was kinda hoping for people to reply and tell me I was stupid and not to try this but now im thinking its very much achievable.

    Thanks again
  15. I've never used a camel pack on a motorbike. Plenty on the mountain bike, but a lot more effort and sweat lost there lol!
    Frankly, I wouldn't think you'd need one, even on the scoot it's not an endurance race, and regular stops every hour or so will help you to fight fatigue and keep sharp on the road. So use those breaks to top yourself up!
    Tight budget solution - rather than buying drinks all the time, carry a 1.25L bottle of water that you have packed easily accessible. Refill whenever needed. Buy the odd Gatorade on sale at the servos as well.