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Advice for a harley owner friend

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by matt232, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. I've got a friend who has just come back from 3 years overseas, she has a HD XL883 and as a result of the bike sitting around the battery is dead (i.e. chargeing won't help the situation it has been tested and confirmed to be cactus).

    Not knowing much about the HD world I'm hoping any HD knowledgable people could help with:

    1. Recommend a good battery to get. She has been recommend to get the official HD battery for it but its pretty expensive and I'd guess there would be other alternatives out there as well.

    2. The best place to purchase such a battery so she isn't getting ripped off.

    3. Best place (on or offline) to get advice on her bike.

    If anyone even thinkings of recommending Peter Stevens :evil: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil:

  2. She is based in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne so local places would likely be an advantage as well
  3. Best advice??

    BUY A HONDA!! C'mon Matt you should know that :p

  4. garners in nrth melbourne should be able to help.
    they're into hardlys i think.
    failing that theres a battery place on rooks rd.
    thy're near the train line in nunawading that does bike batterys
  5. Take it to a batery place or buy one, probably just lost it's charge more than anything, once that happens to a battery they won't charge up or do anything.

    The other way is simply shelling out the cash.

    HD's would be the same as a BMW et al.

    Might be cheap but once you need to service it or get parts your going to be shelling out the big bickies.
  6. Pay the money, it is worth it!
    HD is in no way in the same league as Honda!
    Stick to HD!!!!!!!!!!
    Stick to the best!!!!!
  7. Turn it up. Talk about a BULLSHIT marketing ploy.
    I was in Peter Stevens a while back and I saw HD spark Plugs (Well Spark Plugs with HD on it). WTF :!:
    As if, they make there own spark Plugs, just like as if they make there own batteries. They out source it and who ever makes there products badges it up.


    But hey I will more than be happy to stand corrected with any benchmark specs.

    Cheers 8)
  8. Pretty much my train of thought. They have to be rebadged and if another cheaper (and probably better) battery fits in the slot then that would be the way to go.

    Thanks guys and blackgixxer that battery place sounds like it might be a goer.
  9. Before your friends head is filled with any more "magic and caramel papers"
    go to www.sportster.org .........nuff said :?
  10. try geelong harley much better than peter stevens
    70-72 Mercer street
    i am going to geelong tomorrow if it fits in my saddle bag i can bring one back.
  11. seems you didn't finish your sentence Marty, allow me.

    you can either save money or give the money to someone far more deserving of it.
  12. yep. marty is on track. I would NEVER give any of my bike's to peter "bastard" stevens for anything. but i bought my suit there and my gloves.
  13. what time does the cricket start? oops...on yer bike...its about to begin :LOL:
  14. The spare parts dept is the best of what PoS has to offer but its still only mediocre service.
  15. An old trick to restart a dud battery is to seal it up completely, that is cover all breather holes and overflow outlet. Turn it upside down and shake it like buggery for about ten minutes, then wack the multi-meter on it. Usually it will have some charge, then you uncover the breather holes and slow trickle charge it until the acid solution boils. Should be ok for a few more starts.

    Failing that try Vic Motorcycle Wreckers in Heidelberg they often have 2nd hand batteries.