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Advice for 500cc plus LAMs bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lamchop, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm in the market for a 500cc plus sports-tourer and I'm after a some advice in the types of bikes to consider.

    I'll be doing short trips around Melbourne CBD (moving from NSW in a month), plus longer trips to seek out riding tracks around VIC. And odd rides back to Sydney.

    Would prefer a fully faired bike, though not essential, and would prefer to later take pillions.

    I've got about $6000 to spend, plus a few hundred more for gear.

    I can't imagine having cash to upgrade regularly so the bike I buy would need to last a few years.

    I'm after used and don't care about age as the bike is in decent nick. I'll be learning everything I can about the bike to do my own maintenance.

    I'm 5'10.

    I've long considered Suzuki's GS500, and have recently sought out GSX650s though the kms tend to be around 30,000 (bikesales).
    The SV650 looks great (though maybe out of budget) as does the CB400.


    (Thanks to boingk)

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  2. Dr650 ftw, rest are overweight pigs
  3. Honda 650 Deauville

    650cc V-twin, it's not restricted, and comes with a lot of equipment.
  4. GS500 is a great learner bike, though I'm recommending people strongly consider ABS on their learner bike which limits your choices considerably. But I had a GS when on LAMS and it did the job nicely... but I did lock up the back wheel a couple of times and give myself a fright!
  5. I would say locking up your back wheel a bit is good when on your first bike, because it teaches you not to rely on the back brake. If you had ABS, it would not lock, and you would not learn to focus on the front brake, because the rear had never let you down.

    I feel ABS on a learner bike can reinforce poor riding practices.
  6. I don't disagree, but my thinking is that most *learner* riders have enough going on simply learning the mechanics of riding safely and surviving traffic.

    ABS is NOT a substitute for good braking technique, but it can save your arse when you panic and stomp the pedal.
  7. an under rated bike for touring. probably one of the best lams tourers, restricted bikes suck ass.
  8. Kwaka Ninja 650RL? - perfect for the requirements.
  9. Although - this is actually closer to the truth.
  10. Found a couple of Deauvilles around $6k, this one on ebay and this on bikesales .

    There's a few CB400s that are less than $6k and they get a fair bit of praise. Anyone ridden the 400 who would vouch?
  11. Or the Yamaha XJ6 faired LAM's version.
  12. Second for Kwaka 650L have one myself and its plenty powerful enough and has good riding position and is quite forgiving my poor technique. Also has ABS as standard on the new models and does actually look alright in the faired version (don't listen to what Jem says...his bike is nude!).

    Cheers Spocky
  13. Kawas 650 looks pretty awesome. Spocky reckon you'd be happy riding it for a few years, after flicking the restrictor off? It would be my sole vehicle for a while

    I checked out the BMW f650 too, this one's $4500. I know Beemers to be pretty reliable, though I wouldn't mind spending a little extra cash getting a kawas.


  14. I had a 650 Deauville for a couple of years a fantastic LAMS approved sport tourer
  15. Actually if you have the cash, this is another vote for the Ninja 650L (or the naked equivalent if you prefer, the er-6n). My brother has one and loves it (I review it here: http://twowheelthrive.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/ninja-650l.html) and my only criticism of it is that it's hard to get crash knobs and accessories for it at the moment.
  16. A good F650 BMW is a good bike - $4500 is very cheap for a good one. Very reliable, great handling and excellent commuters as well.

    If you get one with touring panniers, heated grips etc you'll have a damned good bike.
  17. KTM LC4 Adventure yummy
  18. Yeah no issues. I am pretty heavy though so will be going up CC's once off P's.

    Can't really fault the bike to be honest as a learner. Very forgiving and quite a bit of fun. Easy riding position and enough technology to stop me from being too much of a tit!

    Comfy for about 250km on standard seat and have done 430km days but brought Airhawk after that as the nads were a bit sore!

    No issues since then.

    Not going to derestrict mine as I will be going up in capacity once off P's as stated and probably worth more as a second hand LAMS.

    Cheers Spocky
  19. I went to the dark side and got a Yamaha Tmax 500 as my first ride. I was very attracted to the comfort and storage space. I also like the many options for placing my feet down and also like the fully faired weather and wind protection.

    It has turned out pretty well, have ridden nearly 3000 klm in the 3 months I have had it and really enjoy it.

    The only negative is the shit you get on boards like these for riding a scooter, lol.

    I am now looking for a second bike and am considering a Ninja 650RL or maybe a new Vstrom DL650, need to take them out for a ride and see what suits.

    My next bike will definitely have ABS, anything that can potentially save me from death or injury is at the top of my list.
  20. Get the GS500. Great bike, cheap to buy and run, good to tour on, decent range, decent power & great resale.

    When you're through your restrictions you can get something better. Until then, use the savings to get decent gear !!
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