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[ Advice? ] DT175 Road/Trail; in conjunction with MotorHome?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by carver, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. [ Advice? ] DT175 Road/Trail; for use in conjunction with MotorHome?

    Heya Guys,
    can anyone give some advice on suitability of this bike?

    A colleague of mine is currently looking at purchasing a Yamaha DT175 Aggie-bike.

    The bike is going to be placed on the back of a MotorHome.
    Intended use is for trips into town (ie; trips to the General Store)
    and exploring trails (ie; site seeing, at low speed).

    Can anyone advise on suitability of this bike,
    or suggest similar/more capable bike?
  2. Re: [ Advice? ] DT175 Road/Trail; in conjunction with MotorH

    Here are some general specs (not binding);
    - Road Registrable; Road/Trail
    - Pillion Capable
    - Big Frame; Light Weight (for mounting on the MotorHome)
    - 2 or 4 stroke doesn’t matter
    - Year?; looking at approx. 5 years old model
    - Low K's; Good Condition (of course)
    - Price; $1000 - $3000

    (thanx in advance)
  3. :) It's a good little smoker/stoker/stroker....
    If it's one of the rare agg-versions, it's NOT ADR'd and registerable. All other versions are registerable (what you want for the trip to the milkbar/ local roads).
    No good 2-up. Apart from that...light enough to manhandle it onto/ off the Motorhome. Runs fine to about 100kmh/ good fun on dirt, light.
    Cheap to own/run/repair/ 2.hand parts.
    Just about nothing that couldn't be fixed with a piece of fencing wire/duct-tape in a pinch.
    Good choice. Maske sure of a cover when on the motorhome, the paintjobs are fairly thin and flimsy....rust sets in early.