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NSW Advice compensation lawyers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by JosephTheRider, May 20, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    I had an accident while riding a bike late last year. Some idiot has pulled a SMIDSY on me. Bike was a write off and broke a few bones. It has been identified the other driver was 100% at fault.
    Now my injuries are starting to settle and I am looking into the personal injuries claims with CTP in nsw.
    I am wondering if anyone has dealt with no win no fee lawyers and their service. I done a bit of googling and some has been given with very bad reviews claiming the fee was huge at the end. He claimed he won the case but most of the payout has gone to the lawyers.
    Has anyone tried to deal with the ctp insurers themselves and is it worth the risk of getting screwed by the insurance company.

    Any advise would be fantastic.

  2. I have ambulance cover, it can save a lot of money.

    With health insurance, I don't have it. I screwed my knee a few years ago, needed surgery, I was "my own insurer", after we (the specialist and I) decided to have the surgery, a Thursday, had the operation the next Monday.

    Cost me less than $2000 after medicare, and was a tax deduction as I had spent more than $1500 dollars on medical (amount may have changed now). I had to pay in advance for the hospital, day surgery.

    Doesn't take long for $2000 in premiums with health insurance, I'm well ahead.
  3. I am trying to seek some advise re compensation lawyers. Wandering if anyone had the experience dealing with them? Or would suggest to stay clear from comp lawyers.
    I've lost about 15k income during the injury recovery. green slip is taking care of the medical bill.

  4. Hello nice to make your acquaintance.
    Go see a lawyer, find out what their terms are if you don't like em go elsewhere. One of the good things about no win no fee is that they wont take your case unless they think they can win it. Ask for a free initial consultation as well, some might even offer it and take everything you have relating to the case with you.
    Unless you know what you are doing, and it sounds like you don't, then a lawyer is the way to go IMHO.
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  5. I'm currently going through monaco lawyers. I don't think u need to worry about the no win no fee issue as the green slip insurance company has already admitted liability seeing as they are paying for your medical bills. Do not deal with them yourself mate. Bad idea. Even on a small claim a lawyer will get u more $. Maybe alot more $ if your injury hits the threshold or effects your future earning capacity
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  6. Can't help sorry.

    Specialist area and one I don't do. It is time and labour intensive...I hate dealing with insurance companies.

    You need to be very clear about lawyer fees. In NSW if a matter is likely to run over $750 we are required to give full costs disclosure and fee agreement. You should be very clear on the fees and ballpark figure before you sign on the dotted line

    No win no fee doesn't mean no costs at all especially if you lose.
  7. ^^^very true, big difference between "fees" and "costs"
  8. And then there are the fees for the winning team if you lose... No win no fee can still be expensive.
  9. Thanks guys for clearing things up for me. It sounds like I really should start talking to someone.

    Cheers guys,
  10. For the guys that have used a lawyer, was it worth it in your opinion?
  11. I am coming to the end of my case. I haven't got the lawyers bill yet. From my understanding Qbe will pay about 2/3 of the lawyers bill and I pay the rest plus a small % of the total payout figure. I had my upper humerus ( and no it wasn't that funny) shattered and now I have 18 screws, 2 plates and a broken off drill bit in my arm. My case way WAY bigger than I could have imagined. I am so glad I rang Monaco solicitors. I am getting a $ figure for the following.
    * pain and suffering seeing my injury made the threshold
    * psychological damage
    * future and past lost income
    * home care for rest of my life
    Do not attempt to do this on your own. Early on I thought that if Qbe offered me a couple of hundred grand I would sign off on it. After going through this I know see that I'm am entitled to maybe 3 times that amount or more. My lawyer tells me so many stories of people ringing her after they have accepted the insurance companies measly first offer and she cannot help them.
  12. cool. i had a consult with one lawyer today and another one tomorrow but the 2nd is saying domething about getting the claim done now as the laws are changing regarding motorcycle accidents.
    JustusJustus Now anything about that by any chance?
  13. Ok, I've had a few beers, but isn't there a specific system for CTP claims? You don't need a lawyer.
  14. U don't have to have a lawyer technically. U can try and do it yourself and go up against the Ctp lawyers and seeing you know diddly squat about what your entitled to they will laugh their asses off when u accept an amount that may be 20% or less of what a decent compensation lawyer would have got u.
  15. Bruised egos are not part of the ctp scheme. ctp is for genuine medical bills.

    If you want to sue for other shit, then you will need a lawyer.
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  16. If I'm incorrect, let me know where, don't just dislike. It will be educational for all.

    My understanding is the CTP system is a controlled system specifically for medical expenses.

    Anything over and above that and you will need to sue.
  17. Whatever u want to call it "sue" or whatever. Nothing is " controlled ". If u are not at fault in a motor accident then the green slip insurer of the at fault driver is responsible. Qbe is already around 200k down on the costs of my 4 operations and 31 days in hospital. My lawyer told me so many stories of how these Ctp companies approach injured motorists like myself and say " c'mon down to our office and we will give u a cheque for $50000 to cover the wages u lost while u were injured" they hang up and pray to god that u are stupid enough to come down and sign for the cash because so many do. Sometime afterwards their friend tells them they should have got some legal advice and phone a firm like Monaco. Kelly then tells them there is nothing they can do as they have already signed. She asks them about their injuries and shakes her head thinking how they just got a fraction of what they were entitled to.
  18. CTP is for medical and financial loss
  19. Ok this was my thought too, so we have conflicting views. If it is just medical and financial, I can't see why you NEED a lawyer. Collect the bills, file a claim.

    Unless you have ongoing problems of course.