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ADVICE: bike stolen, recovered, should I fix?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by horto15, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Had my 1992 Suzuki Across stolen a few months ago it was recovered about a week later and I finally picked it up last week. I bought it for about $2600 about 2 years ago.

    Damage: all the fairings gone, ignition stuffed, clutch lever missing, no mirrors, front indicators, front windshield etc, boot smashed into so now pretty stuffed (workable but has a hole so water would leak in), rear fuel lid bent (workable but bent), licence plate gone.


    Bike shop said they got it going (jumped it) and it sounded to be running OK (but is a bit of an unknown) I'm guessing clutch probably stuffed? Anyway they said $540 to fix the ignition and put a clutch lever on, $180 for new mirrors and indicators then it is road legal just looks like a bomb haha! The looks don't REALLY bother me but resale possibilities do.

    So say $700 to fix it up. I honestly don't think I could sell it for more than about $1K?

    So my question is - is it worth fixing up, or am I better off putting that $700 aside, pulling the useful parts off and selling them (say $500) then taking the $1200 and putting towards a new bike? I have no sentimental attachment to the bike and really I just want a cheap bike to get around the city (Hobart) nothing flash.

    So.. appreciate anyones thoughts.... thanks!
  2. 700 to fix it and sell it for 1k ?

    so you make $300 for stuffing around

    not worth it

    save the $700 and sell it in bits and pieces and you should make at least a grand on it

    that way you will have $1700 in your pocket not $300
  3. yep, no point throwing good money after bad; strip it, sell the bits, save the proceeds to buy a newer bike (and a big dog :LOL:)
  4. If you're selling it as parts, I'm (very) interested in the wheels/discs/sprocket carrier. PM me and we can come to an arrangement.
  5. There's an Across engine on Ebay at the moment for 500.

    Your mechanic jump started the bike with no clutch lever? Wow.
  6. Move on with minimal outlay.
  7. At least you got the bike back, so you can get something for it.

    I'd stick 'em on ebay like this. Bars $50 each, clocks $100, forks $200, shock $50, wheels $300, engine $500, radiator $50, front fairing bracket $50, rearsets $50 each, headlight $100, taillight $20. Then there's a few little bits you'll find along the way to top it up, like the triple clamp. You might even be able to sell the frame if you get lucky. Get stripping, take a photo of each part and flog it all off, no point waiting. Sounds like you might have sold the wheels already, that's a great start!!

    The engine and frame will be the hardest bits to sell, mainly because you can't drop them off at Australia Post.

    Good luck and have fun finding your new bike!!
  8. Thanks for the advice guys especially bunabaroo - and PatB no worries you can definitely be first in line for whatever you want, just let me know.

    The clutch cable is still there just no clutch so guessing they just pulled this out to start it (hopefully lol)

    So looks like my best option is to part it and sell it off in pieces, would it be better to put it on eBay or here on netrider - maybe ill put it on netrider for a couple of weeks and then eBay with anything left over?

    Thanks again guys
  9. easy, put in neutral then start (only the later ones needed clutch in)

    I rekon part it out cos theres plenty of good stuff that people will jump all over on ebay.
  10. 'Snot hard to bypass the idiot switches on most bikes anyway.
  11. Hi guys,

    Am I better off putting this stuff on eBay or am I better off signing up for a netrider membership and putting it on here? Whichever will get it gone quicker is the better option!

  12. Both within a day or two of each other, netrider first :)
  13. OK cool, I have just signed up as a netrider member, just linked my account waiting for it all to be updated! I'll put it up tonight but won't be pulling apart til Sunday... a bit sad really but oh well got to move on. This is also my 100th post! woohoo