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Advice, Bike Purchasing, Strategies?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by karl, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Hi to all, in paticular the great guys I have met on NR group rides.

    Since I probably cant go bike shopping today (ANZAC day), I would like to seek out some advice on my shopping expedition. Firstly a bit of history, I am 34, had a zzr250 and loved it. I am looking at faired or semi faired sports tourers ER6F, FZ6S, VFR800, SV650S, CBR600F4, VTR1000F, etc. I have read a lot of opinions, so not looking for bike suggestions, I plan to go and have a look at all of these bikes next weekend and narrow the search then do the serious searching. I am looking to spend around $10K but will stretch if I fall in love. A few of these are available new in that ballpark, but I prefer to let someone else loose money on the new bike prices and am looking for near new, 2004, 2005, 2006. So here is my question:

    Can i get some experiences of various forms of buying a bike new and second hand in terms of my negotiating power. For example.
    1... Buying new, I think I can expect to negotiate roughly 10% off new price or 10% of extras, ie free onroads and or accesories for RRP. So new ER6F, FZ6S, SV650S may be in my ballpark? Anyone bought these new recently?
    2... Buying Second hand from dealer (I have no experience). Can I also expect a decent negotiating margin? For example, I have seen VFR800 near new for $11.5K at shop, can I expect to haggle down close to $10K?
    3... Buying second hand Privately. I have a bit of experience here but any tips appreciated.

    I know experiences will differ widely but I would appreciate some general advice / experience paticicularly with these bikes, I know you are out there. All the best
  2. I think if you're buying new, getting them to pay ORC shouldn't be hard at all. I'm aiming for the er6f, and at 11k ride away (about 10k without ORC) I hope to buy an 07 model early next year for 9-9.5k. I'm probably dreaming but I've got mad haggling skills :grin: :grin:
  3. Thank Jared,
    Not too many er6f for sale privately at the moment. One of the only things that worries me about them is 15.5L tank. I know they are economical but I dont like filling up all the time.
  4. as far as private sales go. give em a low price and keep haggling, bring a deposit with u and flash it in their face. Offer to pay cash on the spot, find faults with it including an eastimate of what the repairs are worth. check the redbook price if its lower point it out. get prices of trading post ebay (if they are lower and point them out) kick the tyres a few times