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Advertising in threads

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by smee, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. It has come to our attention that many threads have been spammed recently by fly by nighters who cotton on a thread and suddenly free advertising and spamming.
    IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and will be dealt with by a permaban which takes a full second.
    DO NOT DO IT or refer it to anyone who does.

  2. Here ! Here !
    Netrider has enough ads bringing in the dosh already ! Almost cannot read the posts for all the flashing adverts, bit of a shame.
  3. Damn! Now what am I going to do with all that snake oil?
  4. Diddums! Did oo have to wook at the big bad fwashy pictures? :-({|=
  5. If they were flashy pictures of girls I wouldn't mind.
  6. So I can't share all those offers with NR?
    I got this wonderful offer from a gentleman in Africa who wants me to help get rich - you can tell from the following extract that he's a genuine and honest person.

    Firstly I must solicit your strictest confidence in this subject. This is
    by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential and top secret. A
    member of the Special African Conference (SPAM-CON) who was part of
    the federal government delegation to your country during a trade
    exhibition gave your particulars to me. I have decided to seek a
    confidential operation with you in the execution of the deal described
    hereunder for the benefit of all the parties and hope that you keep it top
    secret because of the nature of the business...
  7. PM me your details Tony, I'll throw in half.
  8. Can the mods give an example?


    If someone posts a topic asking for help is it against the T&C's that I then post up saying "its blar blar from blar motorcycles, give me a ring I can help". Im not being a smart arse but would like to know what the rules are so I dont getthe mods/Jason off side.

    .......plus do the rules on posting such info change if you are paying for banners on NR? I know my banner expired last month but Im about to have another put back up soon.


  9. what about little tits pete?
  10. what about yours pete, pretty cute for an A cup ;)
  11. Was going to get them waxed last week but by the time she'd finished on my back there was no way on earth I was going to let here do the front too, so yes I do have a nice A cup but boy there hairy.
  12. It's the obvious spam Pete,
    Your workshop isn't obvious spam.
    We've cleaned up quite a few theads recently where people with 1 post are offereing all sorts of business deals etc trying to circumvent the t&c's
    Other spammers will just blatantly spam within a thread.
    Seems a new trend.
  13. im good at finding them :)
  14. Eat at Joes fine dining establishment
  15. ...little tits? Me too! :)

    Back on topic: Helpful spamming posts will definitely be removed - but if it's me removing them, I'll ask them whether they want to consider fitting into the community or buying some advertising.

    The typical "we hav or yu erectronic gadgets for yu, cheep cheep" type posts... will get banned ASAP.

    Pete, Jason's prolly got a thought on the topic, but since you're a member and have been a paid advertiser, I reckon you've earned the right to pop up from time to time in an appropriate thread to say something like, "that sounds like an X. PM me if you feel like dropping it into my workshop".
  16. btw i have some gadgets cheeeeep just shooot a pm n ill sort u out moite.