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advertisement no motorcycle content (warning some vids are graphic)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by sbb, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. interesting vid, that is relate to motorcycling. trust me.

  2. Re: advertisement

    Well, it's not really a high impact ad.. I don't even know who the chick is...

    If you want brutally real ads, check this out .. it's a compelation of ads run in the UK

    or.. check out the "driving distracted" campain currently being run in the States..
  3. Re: advertisement

    Couldn't watch any more of that after 2.30...
  4. Re: advertisement

    Terrible I know - but I reckon the message would get across to people if more countries followed suit and put these on prime time telly.
  5. Re: advertisement

    they shoud air this compilation!!!
    disturbing can make some difference..

    Some is better then none!!
  6. Re: advertisement

    About half of those are from NZ. Here's a different example from when they tried a slightly different approach 10 years ago:
  7. Re: advertisement

    Showed this on a PC gaming forum a few years ago, late teens early 20's "demographic". Not a single one took it seriously, most laughed at how "fake" everything was. It was a better reaction than they had to the "moon walking bear" add though.

  8. See that second one is actually a good one, even if i wanted to scream 'someone think of the children!' a few times at it. Could have done without the ghosts though...
  9. Personally, I don't think the cartoon would be as good as a real life version. I don't think I could take a cartoon one seriously.
  10. none of it does much for me.
    they should just show the real thing.
    no actors, no make believe.
  11. and put some funky background music to it \\:D/

  12. Doing some work with the SES can show you the reality of bad driving...
  13. I've been there for the real thing on a few occasions. The last time was that I happened to come across a man who'd had a heart attack behind the wheel and slammed into a telegraph pole. It's a weird feeling when you realise that you you are trying to wake up someone who isn't actually there. There's no pulse... but you just have to check again, because of course there's a pulse... there has to be... why wouldn't there be a pulse? F***it where's the damn pulse.... F***!

    Then there was just me. Standing there in the dark with only a dead man for company and the irritating bonger from his dashboard, telling me that the door to his ute was open, while waiting for the Police to arrive.

    The ads are awfully brutal... If only people would learn from them before the reality catches up with them.
  14. Re: advertisement

    It may not be real but Its all about the the timing my almost 18 year old son will be going for his L's this christmas and im going to make him watch this thanks SydMadAss
  15. one of the girls i went to tafe with did work with st johns and the ses.....

    she didnt beleive i walked away from my last accident, especially without serious injuries.....
    now i look back... neither can i

    still yet too hear of another person doing this to a car's rim
  16. Re: advertisement

    I don't blame them. I wouldn't take it seriously either. Showing that to young drivers and expecting it to make them think about their driving is just a joke.
  17. Shyt - that's bad mate - how did the accident come about??
  18. It's amusing that the VW logo showed up at the end. A greater proportion of Golf drivers are fvckwits.

    As for a high-impact video about the consequences on distracted driving, this is well done:
  19. Unfortunately it's often only the real thing that brings it home to most people.

    When you turn up at the scene of an accident that your child's been involved in, it's hard to describe the impact it has on you (and them). The relief when you see they're OK mixed with anger at the situation they've put themselves in. It is unfortunate that it takes a real life situation to drive the message home and devastating that many don't walk away to spread that message.
  20. There's plenty of the real thing on bestgore.com. Just don't dare go on there if you have a week stomach or are prone to nightmares!