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Advert cards left on bikes...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ngalbrai, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Really annoying, as if we dont get enough junk stuffed into our mailboxes we now have to remove junkmail from under our seat straps/wherever they are stuffed.

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  2. Guess these scumbags don't know what happens to people who touch bikes uninvited. Don't touch my bike, don't touch my willy.
  3. well i have a different one for you.

    with my car, the wiper blades wont lift up because they will hit the bonnet, you have to ask the car nicely to lift them up for you.

    so when i found that someone had forced the wiper blade up to shove a piece of paper under it, and chipped my bonnet in the process... i was rather pissed to say the least... luckily they left a convenient piece of paper with a business they work for and a contact number under my wiper
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  4. In most places you need a council permit to advertise this way. Contact the council and see if they have the required permit. If they don't, you can guarantee a local government bureaucrat will make the companies life a misery for a while. I would think you'd also have grounds for interfering with a motor vehicle if you spoke to the local LEOs if there was damage.
  5. Do you not think that is just a tad dumb? What sort of car is it? And here I was thinking that Microsoft were the kings of making things stupidly and unnecessarily complicated.
  6. its a current A4.
    i am guessing by tucking them under the bonnet, they dont get in your way visibly, also less drag.

    can be a little annoying when washing the car, but apart from that you never really need to lift them up.

    there are plenty of other quirks that i find much more frustrating with the car, like the push button hand brake or being front wheel drive. but in saying that, it is the most comfy, solid car i have driven. and for a 1.5 tonne lump, it really gets going and can hold its own in the twisties :)
  7. My old Toyota Aristo had the tuck away wipers, looked better and no turbulence from them.
  8. Last one I received was specific to motorbike riders. I didn't mind that much and thought what they were advertising was interesting.

    I also had a freakin' parking ticket that day too...so definitley more pissed about the ticket than some junk mail.
  9. What would be your opinions on the matter if the material left for you was important info for motorcyclists about law changes, etc?

    What if it was in the form of a paper DL flyer with a hook cut in the top (like a hotel do not disturb sign) and was simply hung on your handlebar?

    We ask because we may have need in the near future to communicate with motorcycle commuters in the city, and this would be an effective way of doing it.
  10. if my seat strap hasn't been molested, and there isn't sticky fingerprints all over my tank, I am more than happy to see bike related info distributed this way. I really like the idea of some sort of bar hanger or paper hook as it would mean nobody had to reach over and try and force something under the seat strap etc. The reason other advertisers give my the shivering fits, is that on more than one occasion I have come back to my bike to find finger prints on the tank and burnt rubber on the headers from some dickhead standing at the front an try force ads for crap bands and dodby curry joints under my seat band.
  11. Interesting comments, as I have a bunch of Icicle Ride flyers that I was considering handing out at coffee stops plus maybe leave on the odd parked bike!

    How would you feel about finding a ride leaflet on your bike: good, bad or indifferent?
  12. Well I was pissed when work spammed our bikes with rule changes for parking for like a week, but that was partly fcuk the rules, and partly because there were no bins or anything so it was either litter or carry rubbish around. If it's something bike specific and actually worth reading though, that would be ok.
  13. I got a card from a local bike shop placed in my fillercap last week.

    I tore it up (hoping he was still arouind to see it- I must of just missed him) and threw it in the bin.
    I'ts like getting harrased by salesmen while walking down the street, or door knockers- I"M NOT fcukING INTERESTED.